How to choose a cartridge to choose a cartridge lamp?

With the urinary development and progress of social life, people’s demand for lamps is getting higher and higher, and they are derived from many different kinds of lamps. The ceiling lamp and the lamp are the two more typical luminaires, the drum lamp can increase the soft atmosphere of the space, how to choose the barrel light, what are the tips of the cartridge lamp, today is a small series to tell you about Knowledge of the lamp light.

How to choose a cartridge to choose a cartridge lamp?

How to choose the barrel:

1, the feedstock of the panel: generally have the following: iron, die cast aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel. The iron house is used as little as possible, mostly used in the tooling, the home improvement is recommended for die-cast aluminum, aluminum or stainless steel.

2, the head security: the lamp head is a relatively important part, and the primary raw material of the lamp is ceramics. The reeds inside are more important, both of the copper sheets and aluminum sheets, preferably use the power cord of the aluminum sheet, the power line of the lamp, should be selected using the three-wire terminal.

3, the reflectivity of the lamp: the reflective cups are common sand cups and light cups. The data is aluminum, and the aluminum will not discolish, and the reflectivity is better. Some small manufacturers will use plastic sprayed, this new look is very good, but it will dim, but even if it is dark. The identification method is to see the regulation of cutting, and the cutting of aluminum is very suitable, and the spray is reversed.

4, the direction of the lamp: If the top space is large enough, buy vertically, if the top space is small, no interval, can consider the horizontal plug, the price is not large, the extension price is more expensive than vertical.

5, downlight size: home improvement is generally 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, and the aisle can be slightly larger bit light. The tooling is generally in 4 inch -8 inch these standards.

6, panel bracket: one is that the thickness of the panel is very important, this resolution of a bottom price. The importance of the bracket wants to be a different, generally a black paint bracket, this primary look at the thickness, pinch it, does not present very serious deformed.

How to choose a cartridge to choose a cartridge lamp?

What are the tips of the cartridge light:

1. The first is the brand of the lamp, and choose a big brand after it will cut some unnecessary trouble.

2, the larger feature of the barrel lamp is that it is consistent with the decoration, which does not affect pretty, so do not reveal as much as possible.

3, the barrel lamp is more important is the lamp, transformer, light cup and buckle, caught the quality of this center.

4, the outer skin of the lamp lamp has a variety of raw materials, for example, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and die cast aluminum, etc., can be selected according to the different possible home atmosphere.

5, the barrel lamp is slightly left, and the size is resolution in accordance with the ceiling and height.

How to choose a cartridge to choose a cartridge lamp?

How to choose the cartridge and the shopping tips of the lamp light, the cartridge is often chosen in our days, and we must first understand the brands of the lamp and our home decoration. The lamp requirements are purchased. The purchase of the lamp light should pay attention to its raw materials, safety, and the service life, choose the solemn lamp of the right home.

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