“2015 China Children’s Down Jacket Top Ten Brand Outsourcing Board” Glory Notice

“2015 China Children’s Down Jacket Top Ten Brand Selection” was hosted by “Brand Ranking Network” (www.10brandchina.com), Effect, Effect, Century (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. This activity is based on the development of a stable large enterprise, driving the development of industry brand development, to promote national brands as the theme, open to all industry, this selection is unusually hot, not only attracts nearly half of the children’s down jacket brand and distributors Participation, and also by Sina, Netease, People, Xinhua, China.com have been highly concerned with more than 70 well-known online media. It is a large-scale authoritative brand selection activity in the domestic children’s down jacket industry. CCTV, People’s Daily and other authoritative media are more competed. This selection, not only became a grand event that the children’s down jacket industry leaders gathered, but also a great opportunity for many domestic excellent brands to express themselves. After tight online voting, qualification review and consumer goodwill evaluation, 2015 China Children’s down jacket top ten brand selection activities perfectly curtains on January 11. The outstanding enterprises and brands of “2015 China Children’s Down Jacket Top Ten Brands” list are as follows:

First place: Balabara Zhejiang Senma Clothing Co., Ltd.

Second place: Parba Parba (China) Children’s Products Co., Ltd.

Third place: Good boy Good Child International Holdings Co., Ltd.

Fourth: Anneer Shenzhen Anneer Co., Ltd.

Fifth place: MOOMOO Shanghai Metersbonwe Cloth Co., Ltd.

Sixth: 1001 Night Hangzhou Mingsheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

Seventh place: Li Yingshi Shanghai Li Ying House Baby Products Co., Ltd.

Eighth place: Ajiebang Ni Zhejiang Ajiebangny Clothing Co., Ltd.

Ninth place: 泉州 Green Clothing Co., Ltd.

Tenth: 当 上海 上海 当 子 儿童 用品 有 公司公 公司

First place: Zhejiang Senma Clothing Co., Ltd. (Barabara)

Barabala, China’s famous leisure brand Sen Homa owner, China Senma Group, created in Hong Kong, with children’s wear leisure as the entry point, with “high starting point, high-grade, low price” as its business development strategy, “pragmatic, development Innovation “is the business philosophy, with” leisure, fashion, sports, health “urbanization, high recognition of market and consumers.

Barabara is one of the representative brands of the Chinese children’s clothing industry. In the domestic children’s clothing industry, Balaba is the first to use “virtual business, brand chain” business model, and become the first person in the virtual business model of China’s children’s clothing industry. Since its inception, the company has implemented brand strategy, from all over the best in the brand image, product design, market development, sales service and information management. The company and the brand have achieved a number of achievements: obtain the title of “China influence children’s clothing brand” in the children’s clothing industry, the 10th “Chinese Cup” International Children’s Wear Sednation, “2006-2007 China National Clothing Brand Annual Award” potential award, and for many years Entering China’s clothing industry sales revenue, profit margin, total profit “three” top 100

“Balabara” is positioned as a children’s clothing brand of urban public families, with children’s life culture as the core, with “rich children’s beautiful life, opening free growth world” as the company’s mission, advocates new growth philosophy of “freedom, unrestrained” children, unique The brand concept and brand culture have attracted the widespread concern of consumers. The slogan “childhood” has been familiar with many consumers.

In the product design, Barabala has established an international standard of design, and cooperates with world-class clothing design companies to obtain international costume trend information in real time, develop hundreds of classic style every quarter, leading Chinese children’s costumes.

In the product supply, play the advantages of virtual business, make full use of China’s world-famous clothing production capacity, working with a large number of domestic excellent processors and suppliers, establish two major supply and production bases in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta. Powerful supply system, advanced scientific management, high quality awareness, rigorous technical team, to ensure the long-term quality level of Barabara children’s long-term.

In the market operation, adhering to the win-win concept of the Senma Group, the Shui Dafu full, actively serves and guides the franchisees, attaches great importance to channel value-added ability, encourages the franchisee company to operate, and improve the overall strength of the franchisee.

In the brand image, Barabara is one of the children’s clothing brands in China to carry out large-scale advertising in CCTV. It uses a creative brand public relations promotion and all-round advertising, combined with “more open shops, open the big store” strategy, quickly Improve brand awareness and reputation.

Barabala continues to manage innovation, accelerate the integration of clothing industry upstream industrial chain, and actively promote the Chinese children’s clothing brand while comprehensively enhancing the core competitiveness of the company.

Barabala is not only a children’s clothing brand, but more an advocate of children’s fashion lifestyle, promoters. In the future, Baraba will seize the rapid development of the children’s clothing industry, realize the “Wanjia Store, Tensill Brand”, and strive to become a derived brand in China and the world’s children’s clothing industry, and ultimately becoming an international first-class child supplies kingdom.

Second place: Parba (China) Children’s Products Co., Ltd. (Parba)

Babu bean, well-known cartoon brand, has always led the Chinese children’s clothing children’s shoes market, product coverage from leisure, sports, retro, fashion, leather, outdoor, and unreasonable products, creating children’s industries legend.

Babu beans (English name Bobdog), this is born in Atlanta, loves to travel, and loves the fantasy dog. It is warmly welcomed by the market. It is very fortunate to become a child and The favorite cartoon brand in the parents, is definitely “the most popular brand”, “the best brand of consumers”.

The Papan product style continues its personalized brand image, emphasizing the color of the product, using creative, autonomous, arbitrary play color, let the child can enjoy the multi-elevation in their own imagination world, while matching Simple and smooth version of cutting, natural and excellent process manufacturing, a comfortable environment for children’s healthy growth.

Integrate into a fairy tale, happy spiritual concept. Babu encourages children to use imagine as a magical wand, and draw life into a happy and dreamy fairy tale world, always full of singular fantasy journey and a beautiful naive ending.

In 2012, Jialt and Babu Beap (China) Co., Ltd. became the only all-round strategic partner of BobDog global partners in China, leading international famous cartoon brands – “Parba” in China The new process of the region.

In 2001, Jilter Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating planning, research and development, production and sales. It is located in China’s brand capital – Jinjiang, is the first children’s shoes development company in Jinjiang.

The company has a high-quality, specialized design, marketing team, and has established a complete business management system. With “management standardization, product series, brand internationalization” is the business objective, with “quality first, customer first” as the company’s purpose, adhering to the “unity, hard work, pioneering, innovation” enterprise spirit.

With strong research and development strength and brand operation ability, 2012, Krt is signed with Shanghai Babu Children’s Products Co., Ltd., signed a 20-year strategic cooperation with Shanghai BobDog China Children’s Products Co., Ltd., andcomes BobDog. Global partner China’s only full strategic partner leads the internationally renowned cartoon brand “Babu” in China’s region.

Third place: Good Child International Holdings Co., Ltd. (Good Child)

Good boy international is one of the world’s leading children’s durable products, headquartered in China. We take vertically integrated business model. The Group’s core capabilities are R & D, design and quality manufacturing, brand, marketing and sales of infant products, such as strolles, children’s car safety seats, home products (ie crib, safety doors, high chairs and baby seats) And children’s toy cars (ie fixed event centers, tricycles, electronic cars and scooters, etc.).

Good children have more than 13.000 employees worldwide, including 9 research and development centers around the world, manage sales, marketing and distribution offices in 11 countries. Good children have more than 13.000 employees worldwide, including 9 research and development centers around the world, manage sales, marketing and distribution offices in 11 countries.

With global layout, localized operations and powerful brand building capacity, we are in a leading position in children’s products industry. Every day, thousands of parents rely on our quality, reliability and performance.

Good children are building a “global ecosystem” leading industry industry industry. We have been integrating our business in America, Europe and Asia, to achieve the surpassment of our current core competencies. We have been known for reliable large-scale, one-stop manufacturing capabilities and excellent research and development capabilities. We are providing leading, updating and enhancing our knowledge and facilities for the world’s running.

In a good boy, we have stimulated every colleague, so that they thrive in a environment full of entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, passion, respect and trust. We strive to cultivate everyone, let them grow up as a person or as a team member. With these foundations, we can actively face the future, guarantee growth.

Good boy international self-brand combination includes international top names, such as “cybex”, “GB Good Child”, “Evenflo ‘,’ Exersaucer ‘,’ ROLLPLAY”, “CBX”, “Urbini”, “GeoBY”, ” HAPPY DINO Xiaolong Happi “. All of these brands have localized operations and powerful global layout. We are still continuing to expand.

Fourth: Shenzhen Anneer Co., Ltd. (Anneer)

Shenzhen Anneer Co., Ltd. is a self-developed design, mainly engaged in high-end children’s clothing business, with “Annil Anneer” children’s clothing brand. The company is “different comfort” as the product theme, pursues quality fabrics and comfort, is committed to providing comfort, safe, and exquisite children’s clothing products for the majority of children’s consumers. Company products cover two categories of big children’s clothing and children, including tops, jackets, trousers, skirts, down jackets, home clothes, etc.

The founding of the company’s independent brand “Annil Anneer” can be traced back to the founder Cao Wei, Wang Jianqing, the “Annil Children’s Wear Store” founded in 1996. After nearly 20 years of entrepreneurial innovation, “Annil Anneer” brand is high-quality and novel, the style is simple and novel, and has won the extensive market recognition, and has developed into one of my country’s well-known children’s clothing brands.

As of 2014, the company has established 1,629 stores in the country, with more than 240,000 members, and the company has established network sales channels in many domestic well-known e-commerce platforms in Taobao, Tmall, Vipshop, Jingdong, No. 1 store.

Fifth place: Shanghai Metersbonwe Cloth Co., Ltd. (MOOMO)

Moomoo is found in 2011, a new children’s clothing brand made by Metersbonwe; with the strong strikes of new generation children, the new generation of parents is deeply baptized by the current fashion trend, which is more urgent for personalized children’s demand. As the expectation of parents, the child has created a stylish glamorous shape, and the new generation as a child is more likely to show yourself. Moomoo’s needs for children aged 3-12; it has created an imaginative fashion kingdom for children with fashion design, comfortable fabrics, relaxed and full-filled shops; here, the children are free to play their Maxi, let the monotonous life are full of fun, let everyone different; Moomoo children’s wear, imagination is different.

Brand promotion is gradually increased. In 2014, Zhejiang Children’s Channel “Jiu Bao Yi Mom” ​​activity created in the same type of similar type column, 2015, more than a thousand people participated in “I want to cover” MOOMOO2016 calendar Meng Baoda Search sensation city.

Moomoo children’s clothing business as a new highlight of the US state, its strategic significance is increasing. In recent seasons, children’s clothing results have gratifying, and the order volume increased by more than 60%. The store retail lasts 30% increase, and the market expansion goal is more than 1,000 stores in the next two years. Under the full support of the US state, determine the benchmark brand in the children’s clothing industry.

Sixth: Hangzhou Mingsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. (1001 Night)

As we all know, “1001 Night” is alar’s folk story. The mystery, wisdom, magic in the story attracted parents and children around the world. The “1001 Night Story” magically changed the evil king, and Ms. Ye Ye decided to issue an initiative to the global parents, giving the children 1001 night stories, and personally tell the children. I also hope that the children in my parents in my parents have, whenever and where they are, they have a magical common smart and happy. Know your love and share, harmony and joy!

In 2007, Ye Lee put a new 1001 night story in children’s wear, founded the “1001 Night” fairy tale children’s clothing. The boy of the story with girl fairy tale for the children’s happy spirit and Iei. Since then, the magical story is worn on the children, and more and more parents responded to the children’s story, the stories, the new 1001 night story with 1001 night fairy talents, spread more love and joy.

1001 Night Fairy Ten Wear, European, idyllic, leisure as the main style. Under the guidance of a new creative management and brand thinking, after more than eight years of development, “1001 Night” fairy children’s wear experienced one of the important brands of domestic children’s clothing consumers with innovative positioning and design, comfortable garment experience, and initially It laid the influence of enterprises in the Chinese children’s clothing market, and won the title of “China’s Top Ten Children’s Wear Brand” in 2013.

1001 nights adhering to the principle of “Ideological and Garment, Children’s Wear”, let the children are immersed in a childhood childhood, dedicated to building the first fairy tale brand in Earth Village, achieving the children’s fairy dreams!

Seventh place: Shanghai Liyang House Baby Products Co., Ltd. (Li Ying)

Les Enphants, belonging to Shanghai Li Ying Housing Baby Products Co., Ltd., which is taken from the meaning of “children” in French. We hope to bring your child happiness and beauty, and I hope to show the most natural side of the child, give the child a free equality space.

Peace and hopes are the concept of establishing a Ying Ying Room, and the elephant is the logo of the Les Enphants, and the pH is extracted from the phrase Les Enphants, and the creative combination becomes a small image. Touching the child’s brush to draw him happy and lovely, he seems to be a favorite play with the children, curiously open his eyes, smiling with the head towards the children.

In 1971, I took the idea of ​​professional baby supplies stores to Taiwan. In 1993, Li Yingkang came to the mainland and thrive in the mainland. The mission and responsibility of Li Yingjia is expected to provide children’s comfortable, unique goods, and can grow up with your child, regard the needs of children as the main shaft of Li Ying Room, insist on quality, heart, help China’s Mom and Dad Improve the more considerate care of their children.

Li Ying Room people-oriented culture is continuing from all over the country through various ways, and Li Ying Room has begun to continue because of human needs, and the market people will continue, but also because of the business people want better. People-oriented deep into all Li Ying Room people, becoming the fundamental of the sustainable development of Li Ying. We use the child’s demand as the dependent, rich goods portfolio and the intimate service, provide “one purchase”, a pleasant shopping environment, with the truth to respond to customers, and establish a good interaction on the basis of customer satisfaction.

Many customers know Li Yingtuo from Les Enphants Baby, the powder and elegant and delicate style have attracted many young mom and dad entering the world of Li Ying. From the bottle pacifier to the baby stroller, from the cleaning skin to grow up training, from underwear to bedding … from the mother to the baby, and the baby growing in the baby, you can find the best supplies best in Li Yingjia. Diverse brand selection, rich merchandise portfolio, so you can easily enjoy one-stop shopping. In addition to the development of its own brand, Li Ying Room has also continuously introduced internationally renowned brands, from children to big children, classics from the United Kingdom, romantic leisure from France, noble from Italy, fashion avant-garde from the United States, all styles … Li Ying Room It has been developed into a large-known brand, and meets children’s clothing kings of individuals in all ages.

Eighth place: Zhejiang Ajiebangny Clothing Co., Ltd. (Ajienny)

Zhejiang Ajiebangnie Clothing Co., Ltd. is a Chinese style children’s clothing company established in 2007, integrating design, production and sales. The company’s core brand “Ajiebangni” was founded in 2003 and opened its new brand “Mini AJBN” in 2014.

Ajiebangny is guided by the design concept of the world’s trend and the style of clothing, focusing on quality, fashion, comforting; at the same time, it is an optimized cultural heritage unique to the Eastern children’s costumes. Integration, truly surprise contemporary children’s confidence, handsome, brave, strong, up and not losing, smart, smart, childishness. After years of development, “Ajiebangni” has become synonymous with “quality fashion” in China’s children’s clothing industry.

“Ajiebangi Fashion Children’s Wear” is not only a dressing concept, but also means a lifestyle – not deliberately pursues luxury, and paying more attention to the pursuit of children’s quality. The product sales network has been accepted all over the country, and it has been successfully entered into Yintai Department Store, Wanda Shopping Center, Wangfujing Shopping Center, Bai Sheng Department Store and other domestic first-line shopping malls.

The company uses “childhood, future type” – shaping Chinese children’s high quality life model, and achieves the second year of Chinese children as their own responsibility, actively enterprising, constantly developing …

Ninth place: Quanzhou Green Clothing Co., Ltd. (嘀)

Fujian Green Group was founded in 1992. For more than 20 years, under the government, the social community is concerned, continue to develop, continuously transcendence. There is now five major production bases, 170,000 square meters of garden factory, more than 2,000 employees. It has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 International Environmental Management System Certification, OEKO-TEX100 International Ecological Textile Certification and State Textile Safety Certification, and won China’s clothing double hundred companies for 11 consecutive years. The Group’s “Dadida” brand children’s clothing, children’s shoes and infant children’s products and other children series products, sales networks throughout the country, and exported to Europe and America, Japan, Middle East, South America and other more than 30 countries and regions.

Green Group “嘀 Dadida” brand has received three major awards, export products issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. In 2012, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the “China’s well-known trademark”, and won the “China Top Ten Children’s Wear Brand” and “China Top Ten Baths”. It is invited to participate in the “Infant Children and Clothing Standards”, “Infant Children’s Textile Products”, “Safety Technical Specifications” and “Textile Product Breaking Residue Detection Method” and “The Test Method of Test Methods” and “Textile Product Breaking Residues” . After more than 20 years of development, Green Group walked in the forefront of China’s children’s clothing industry.

Tenth: Shanghai Yuwang Cat Children’s Products Co., Ltd. (当))

Shanghai Dangdang Children’s Products Co., Ltd. is a brand children’s clothing enterprise integrating children’s clothing product development and design, production and sales.

Shanghai Dangdang Children’s Supplies Company has 12 years of children’s clothing brand operation management experience and children’s clothing apparel production experience, and the company has four famous children’s clothing brands in China’s top ten famous children’s clothing. The company’s existing marketing center, product design R & D center, production center, information management, financial management and other business centers, in Shanghai, Guangdong Shantou, Hubei Tianmen, Hunan Hengyang has production base, with branch in Beijing and other first-tier cities and The marketing center is one of children in children’s clothing companies in domestic children’s wear and strong economic strength.

The company’s brand children’s clothing is a child of children aged 2-16, serving children’s clothing brands in urban public families, with children’s life culture as the core, advocating “leisure, fashion, sports, classic” children’s clothing concept,

The four brands are very different, which greatly meets modern children’s teenage diversified costumes. Product “Green, Environmental, Comfort”, pay attention to the application and development of environmentally friendly fabrics and green function technology products, design and stylish information, color new, bright, elegant.

The company uses the business model of self-operated chain, through the continuous operation of branding, marketization, and implementing corporate operation, diplint market, and management of “quality first, service first, customer first” business thinking. Each brand has a good development in the market, has been developed more than 1,000 chain stores, and the marketing network has more than 200 cities and regions across the country, and the export business is spread all over Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Form a more complete marketing network pattern. The number of opens from Shanghai Lan Boxing New store will reach 150 to 200 per year, and it will be a total of approximately 2,000 stores in 2015, which is one of the influential and creativity of China’s children’s clothing industry.

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