2016 Chengdu Group New Year banquet information summary, red apricot, chari, intercontinental self-service, 8 miles in the hospital!

There is still a month to get a month.

Is it a chicken frozen, happy, 嘿 look forward ~

While looking forward to the year-end award

Do you have a lot of vacuum?

Is the family reunion of the New Year’s Eve to start planning?

Ok, then I will say the year banquet, you generally choose:

A, accompanied by a strong Chinese New Year atmosphere, do a table meal at home;

B, save trouble, don’t want to be numb again, and eat it directly and return home.

In fact, now, a lot of group banquets have chosen to eat outside, and they will save things, they don’t have to get rid of the brains, choose a taste, environment, service, and price. Enough.

[2016 Years “& New Year’s Eve]


Traditional Restaurant

Redpricted wine

Chengdu local old-name authentic Sichuan restaurant, all aspects are not bad, the level of dishes will not be abnormal, the taste is good, the price is medium, and it is quite suitable for family gathering business banquets. Features: Bean soup, red apricot chicken, squid fans, etc.



Jinhua Store: Wanda Plaza, No. 68, section, Jinhua Road

Northern Shop: Wanda Plaza, No. 1 North of North Road, North Road


Zijing Store: Comprehensive Building, Qinghua Fang No. 2, No. 137, Ziwei East Road

Pearl Store: No. 7-9, 3 Section of Jianshe North Road

Sheep West Store: Block E, Jinchengyuan, No. 289, Hanzhong Road

Years banquet information: There is no special new year meal package, according to how many people are free, there is no minimum consumption, Feng Fu casual, the hall is full 100 back 80, and the package is subject to a settlement coupon according to different consumption.

Da Rong and

Decisive mid-range Sichuan wine building representatives, the local people should have heard, the environmental atmosphere is the gantry, suitable for the banquet invitation to dinner. Recommended dishes: open door red, stone pot triangle peak, abalone vegetable tofu, Rong and onion beef chicken, Rong and first bones.

Yipin World Flagship Store: Yipin Tianxia Street 277

Shahe store: Maximi Shiyun Scenic Spot on Mason Bridge Industry Museum in East, Second Ring Road


Zijing Store: No. 68, Zijingnan Road

Shuangnan shop: No. 46 Qixia Road, Wuhou District

Chengbei Store: No. 2, No. 21, North Section, North Second Ring Road, Jinniu District

Years banquet information: Cooking, 1288 yuan / table, binding (2 tables and above), both juice and other beverages are given.


Old Sichuan Cuisine, if there is no god horse in the environment, the people of their own people will be appropriate, the price is not expensive, the amount is still, the taste is in the rules, and there is a coupon activity, calculating the price ratio.

Wannather Store: No. 13, Yeng Street, East 3rd Road, East Road, East Road

Storma Shop: No. 4 Road, Sanshi Duan Duan Road, Jianshe North Road

Jinsha shop: No. 10 Huang Zhong Road

Qinglong Shop: No. 158, Shunchun Road, Qinglong

Year banquet information:

1 ~ 4 tables, the amount of 10 yuan return 50 yuan, 30 yuan tea husband coupon;

5 tables or more 899 yuan


Table 49 yuan; 999


Table 49 yuan; 10


Table 49 yuan;


Table province 109 yuan;

Book 5 tables or more group banquets can enjoy 59 yuan freshly squeezed juice.

Hotel self-service

Buffy feast

All open kitchen, clear field production cooking process, more than 500 kinds of global buffet food, Chinese and Western food, various cuisine, seafood treasures, Southeast Asian food, the best soup, broadly burn, iron plate burning, Chinese staple food, Guangdong Tea, Western Dessert, Soft Drink & Wine, Four Seasons, etc. More than a dozen special food areas, there are black peppers, delicious steaks, balances fresh abalone, pretzers, all-style seafood, original papaya stewed snow, ha Senidus ice cream and other delicate dishes are unlimited.


No. 1, Oaks Square, No. 666 Jincheng Avenue, High-tech Zone

Self-service lunch or dinner: 30 full price team enjoy a discount of 20 yuan per full price; 80 people have enjoyed a full price of 30 yuan per full price.

Another: Enjoy team discounts, do not enjoy other discounts in our store, do not use the store membership card and the voucher checkout;


Sunday, national legal holidays and special holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day) team reservation do not enjoy team discount prices.

Universal Inter Speed ​​- Paradise Island Poolside Restaurant

Traditional festivals and new year special dishes are perfect, dazzling full of seafood, Boston lobster, abalone, caviar, roast pig, grilled lamb and Brazil, let you mouth water; Various global food can make your festival full, champagne, Wine and beer are unlimited; the hotel swimming pool is free, the Spring Festival, you need to get romantic seaside style in the paradise island in the sea.

Global Center, No. 1700, North Section of Tianfu Avenue, High-tech Zone



Infinitely drink red / white wine, bubble wine, beer, juice and soft drink.

Self-service lunch: Adult: RMB228 Children: RMB128 (Monday to Friday)

Buffet Dinner: Adult: RMB 398 Children: RMB: 198 (Weekend)

Self-boasting brunch: Adult RMB398 Children: RMB198 (Monday to Sunday)

Chinese food

Jinxiu Ankang Group Nature: 2888 / Table

Ruyi auspicious group all-round feast: 3888 / table

Fugui Mandang Group Getting: 5888 / Table

The above price is 15% service fee, 10 people dining

Tang Palace

Hong Kong famous Tang Palace brand, mainly pushed new Cantonese seafood, classic Hong Kong style tea, breast pigeons praised the outer skin crispy every table! Lobster soup tysometers are super delicious, and there are various Hong Kong-style small shrimp dumplings, burning goose crisp, sandbags, roses are also super!


2nd Floor, Fuji, No. 48, No. 48, Renmin South Road


Year banquet information: 2888/3888/4888/5888 yuan

The table is not, etc.

Ruiji Hotel

The 500 Tmm Alias ​​Banquet is the first choice for large group banquets. The wall-covered luxury embroidery silk and dazzling crystal chandeliers have no significant distinguished classics. Suitable for all kinds of large gatherings, enjoy the happy atmosphere of the end of the year in the spacious space.

No. 99, Team Street

Low-key exquisite – Banquet Chinese restaurant banquet in the restaurant from RMB 388, 588 yuan to 888 yuan / person to choose from.

High-end luxury – Yunfu Yunfu has 888 yuan / person.

Century City Intercontinental Hotel

Recommended dishes: Jin Yu Many Tang Lao Pig, all the plaques, delicious, the outer coke, the color is full! Meaning your fortune, auspicious.

Intercontinental World, Chengdu Century City, Century City, Chengdu High-tech Zone, Chengdu

Fugui Flower Banquet / Auspicious Banquet: RMB 2888 / Table

Golden Monkey Spring Banquet / Jin Yu Mandan Banquet: RMB 3288 yuan / Table

Pengcheng Wanli Banquet / BBK GBP: RMB 3888 yuan / table


Wufu Tuen Banquet: RMB 4288 yuan / table

Happy family: RMB 4888 yuan / table

(The Banquet is suitable for 10 people, you need to add 15% of service charges)

Holiday Inn Century City – Huafu Chinese Restaurant


Recommended dishes: red waist peas and abalone. After some cooking, the rich sauce penetrated into the abalone, the abalone spurted the taste plus soft red backou, the nutrition balance, the aftertaste is endless.

2nd Floor, Holiday Inn, Chengdu Century City, No. 208 High-tech Zone, Chengdu

Golden monkey into the treasure feast: RMB 1288 yuan / table

Ling Mark Surffan: RMB 1688 yuan / table

Hou sued jade food feast: RMB 1988 / table

Worship will Feng Hou Ban: RMB 2588 / table

(The above table is suitable for 10 people, 15% of service charges per table)

(Swan Lake Community Industry Maintaining 8.5 fold)

Shangri-La hotel-

Porch Palace Chinese Restaurant


Annual discount never had! Whether you are in Chengdu Shangri-La Hotel Rong coffee, enjoy the international buffet, the Xiangguang Qingyuan, the lobby bar is appreciated, or the Mooney’s carnival, as long as the accumulation of the catering consumption is 1000 yuan, you will receive a cash coupon worth 388 yuan.

Shangri-La Hotel, No. 9 Binjiang East Road

· The New Year group banquet every table of RMB 2,288. (January 7 to February 6, 2016)

· The family is a banquet every table, RMB 1,888. (February 7th to February 13, 2016)

(15% of the above price)

Tianfu Lidu Sheraton Hotel

Specialties: red fire scorpion crab, flavor on the tip of the tongue, radish mutton soup pot, mushroom fried chicken.

No. 15, paragraph, the people

Year banquet information: 888/1288


/ 1688 yuan


Value Restaurant

Tianfu shopkeeper

Decorative simple atmosphere, play with traditional Sichuan snacks with classic Sichuan cuisine, snacks can be equipped with a single point! Three layers, on the first floor, eat snacks, the second or third floor private room is suitable for the business banquet, please gather the gatherings of the absolute support of the gods, the focus is free of parking. Focus on panda play bamboo, handmade miles, pine mushroom bag, handmade silver silk cake. Sweet water noodles are also the old taste in memory, hot dish preference soup round hot chicken, small fried moves, salt back to the pot.


No. 1, Building 8, Shuijinjie, Jinshi Street

Year banquet information: 799/899/999/1299

Yuan / table is not, etc.


Chengdu Drunken Beauty Garden Music Restaurant! There is a step-by-step restaurant in the scenery in the scene, and you can enjoy the delicious Chuanji with a breath of the rivers and lakes. A professional stage with projection and advanced audio equipment is ideal for the company’s annual end of the package party and a friend’s dinner! Specialty: Hua floral blossom, shallots, three-stroke peak, sheep scorpion radish, etc..

Hua Zai Plaza Store: 4th Floor, Horizon Plaza, No. 99, Tin Street

Huaun Vientiane City Store: Vientiane 3 / F, 312

No special group banquet package, can be tailored according to the number of people! 60 ~ 70 boring, no minimum consumption, half-pack forms need to be booked in advance!

Idyllic impression

Sichuan, farming culture, old taste in memory. The environment is very nostalgic, service special enthusiasm, the amount is very consolidated, delicious and affordable! Sour vegetables and fried dumplings, back to the pot, the idyllic chicken, etc. are bestsellers, cost-effective, healthy and delicious authentic earth dishes!

No. 410, East 4, Second Ring Road, Longzhou Road (next to the Jinjiang District People’s Court)

Year Banquet Information: 498/598/698/898 yuan

/ Table is not waiting (snow is brave free drink)

8 miles

The year-round rice, the courtyard is more tasteful, the courtyard, the old Chengdu people have gathered. Today, this Sichuan Hospital has almost disappeared, but Chengdu people like to sit in the courtyard, drink tea, and eat habits have not changed. Take a group of rice in the hospital with family and friends, more taste.

Points the table shop: point to Taitung Street

Lingxi Road Store: No. 27, Lingzi Road



Customers for 798 or 899 yuan / table: Every table gives imported wine (Braisan dry red) a bottle, pumping a pot of tea, a beautiful fruit.

2. Book 1099 or 1299 yuan / table customer: Every table is given, a bottle of imported wine (Redro Andr), freshly squeezed, a beautiful fruit, a table of machine.


3, the customer is scheduled for 1588 yuan / table: a bottle of imported wine (Redroand) per table, freshly squeezed hot drinks, beautiful fruit, a table of machine pastels, 20 miles per table, two copies .

4. Customers who are booking five tables or more groups:

A, give an imported wine (Braise red) per table.

B, book a table of five tables, and give a table machine.

C, each table gift 8 miles of beautiful gift packs.

D, give a beautiful fruit per table.

E, give a fresh hot drink every table.

F, projection is provided free of charge.

G, free of charge of a free POP.

H, free scenario is arranged free of charge.

I, customize a lifetime VIP discount card for free


Wide narrow alley, the millennium restaurant! In the ancient yards in the early Qing Dynasty, he listened to the people, drinking a bowl, and the home is not going to the building. Fortunately! Lele! Specialty: Secret Emei Silk, listening to carbon, gold wax, etc.!

Lane 6, wide-narrow alley


10 people demand for only 999 yuan (original price 1628 yuan)

From now until January 31, it is necessary to book in advance.

Happy New Year ~ If you haven’t thought about the annual banquet? Hurry first to take this Mark! In the view of the four niles, these homes recommended above, whether you are a group year or a dinner, it is very good choice! Finally, the four mother is here

2016 New Year

At the end of the year

Wish everyone:

Good luck, good health, family happiness


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Leo girl

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