75 children’s shoes test: 24 do not meet the standard, Babei, Dr. Jiang, etc.

Tomorrow is Children’s Day, I wish the children a happy holiday in advance.

Buy new clothes to children, I will be one of the six gifts that parents give their children.

At this holiday point, two consumer rights protection organizations announced the comparative test report of children’s shoes last week.

The 50 children’s shoes test announced by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee (Shanghai Shunderance Committee) show that 11 children’s shoes do not meet national standards.

The 25 children’s shoes tests released by the Shenzhen Consumer Rights and Herit Authority (Shenzhen Consumer Council) show that there are 13 children without reaching relevant national standards and industry standards.

In the list of products that do not meet the standard, there is no shortage of large-brand products, such as Nike, Adi, Babu, Jiangshi, etc.

Everyone usually gives the baby to choose the shoes, which may be affected by the beauty of the style, or only the style color can be seen when online shopping, can’t see safety performance and performance. These two test reports can provide some references to you.


Test instruction:

These two test reports, selected samples have been added to a total of 75, basically cover the mainstream children’s shoes brand on the market.


Test projects are mainly divided into two parts: chemical performance, physical properties, but also safety performance and performance.

Indicators of chemical performance test mainly

: Nimicate (plasticizer), heavy metal (arsenic, lead, cadmium), hexavalent chromium, can decompose harmful aromatic amine dyes, formaldehyde, mamaricate, N- in rubber components Nitrosyllamine.

On this basis, the Shenzhen Consumer Council adds a strong carcinogen polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon.


The indicators of physical performance test mainly have

: The hardness, anti-slip performance, small attachment tensile strength and accessibility, folding resistance, friction fastness, etc.

Take a look at what brand of products that do not meet the standard.

Chemical performance test

6 plasticizers do not meet the standard

The main material of the shoes is leather plastics, but also a plasticizer uses more product categories. Excessive plasticizers absorb intake, interfere with endocrine, affecting reproductive health.

In the test of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, there are 6 samples of the plasticizer exceed:


3 heavy metal exceeds the standard

Heavy metals in the shoes, mainly in colorful coatings or stains and some small accessories. In the test of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, three samples have a heavy metal exceeding the standard.

3 multi-ring aromatic hydrocarbons

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is the product of petrochemical, with strong carcinogenicity, which can be absorbed into the human body through the skin. At present, there is no limit to the limited number of children’s shoes polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The Shenzhen Consumer Council is based on the German certification standard – German GS standard for testing.


Among the 25 samples, 3 samples have high detection, which does not meet this German GS certification standard. It is the two samples of Dr. Jiang, as well as a sample of Babu.

Comprehensive these test results must be particularly reminded that when choosing children’s shoes, there is a clear tabs that don’t buy, the pungent smell is likely to be related to harmful chemicals remaining in the shoe.

Physical performance test

6 small attachments do not meet the standard

Small attachments on children’s shoes mainly refers to some decorative components or connectors on the shoes. If these widgets are not stressed, it is easy to fall off, which may cause children to swallow.

In the test of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, there are 6 samples of small attachments that do not meet the standard, and it is easy to fall off.

I suggest you, when you buy your baby, try to choose a clean and refreshing, no smaller attachment shoes.


13 use performance is not up to standard


The outer bottom of the shoes is too hard, uncomfortable, easy to fatigue; the outer bottom is too soft, the support is insufficient, easy to deform.

The shoes are well wear-resistant, and the wearing time is short, and it is easy to deform.

Poor resistance, easy to open.

Dr. Jiang’s test product

The anti-slip performance is not good, it is easy to slip down.

The friction is very fast, it is easy to fade, affecting the beautiful.


In the test of the Shenzhen Consumer Council, there are a total of 13 samples in these performance tests, there is one or several defects, not reaching national standards or industry standards.

When you buy your shoes everyday, you can choose to choose from the shape of these soles below.

Good non-slip performance:

Poor anti-slip performance:

21 products are recommended

In the test of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, 10 products were evaluated as “good”. As shown below:

In the test of the Shenzhen Consumer Council, 11 products were evaluated as “five stars” as shown below:

Here, you must explain that the same brand of shoes, there are many product lines and styles, not necessarily a product is praised, representing all praises, not a bad review, representing all the bad reviews.


Of course, the same brand is different, the more the number of times the bad review, the worse the brand trust, when choice, you should pay attention.


For example, a small product of this brand, there is a total of 3 types of tests in two test reports that do not meet the standard, and this brand shoes need to be paying attention.

Babu bean and Dr. Jiang’s shoes have a lot of style, and it is also very popular. However, this shoe has a poor performance in two test items.


Dr. Jiang’s evaluation is a children’s dress sandals currently not sell online.

The evaluation of Babu beans is the following, pay attention when purchasing.


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