Has been the wedding news from Zhang Ruozhen? Eat a wave of “Fairy” bridesmaid

Image Source: Wei Wei bride official microblogging screenshot

Zhang Ruoyu and Tang Yizhen, Lin Update and Wang Likun, Han Geng and Lu Jing, in the past two weeks, “Good news” in the entertainment circle is intensive, and whether it is true and false, it is a lot of fans who have excited, some have to consider The idol’s wedding setup is equipped.


Image Source: Paris Spring Wedding Photography Official Weibo Show

Wedding wants to look good, gorgeous dress is essential. Among them, bridesmaids are also very important – neither it is too much to win, and can’t be too simple, it has become a lot of “quasi-new”.


Chen Yuxi Chen Xiao weddate, and the dress of a sweet and big bridesmaid has been widely praised. Image Source: Chen Qiaowen Weibo Show

In fact, bridesmaids do not necessarily limit unity. Traditional style, add some of the hot elements, maybe there is unexpected surprise.


Cake skirt: add some sweet

Scenes and show the 2019 CCTV Lantern Festival, the shape is sweet and cute. Image Source: Sweet Web Show

“Cake Skirt”, originally called tower skirts, the skirt is like a complicated skirt like a cake. This kind of dress is wearing a very suitable place in the wedding, it is sweet and beautiful, but there is no attack, it will not win the main.

Sequester skirt: add some retro


Guan Xiaoxuan recently a star-spotted flash dress debut “Wen Village Night”. Image source: Guan Xiaoyu studio Weibo screenshot

In the 80r, the elderly sequential elements, with vintage gorgeous texture. However, if the sequins of the streamer appear, if it is afraid that it will be too eye-catching, on the single item of the bridesmaid dress, the sequin is best used as a style, the stars point, but it can be more exciting.

Shoulder dress: add some elegance

Yang Ying participated in a brand listed on the launch conference, wearing a beveled and elegant. Image Source: Yang Ying Weibo Show

The bevel shot was taken as a bride, and it would not be too conservative. Although the straw shoulder tailor is simple, it is enough classic, compared to routine, and the casual style adds three points.

Metal dress: add some personality

Lily-rose depp wears metal tube top skirt, strong gas field power. Image Source: CHANEL official microblogging

Industrial sensation, metal colored colored colors, can highlight the wearer gas field, and it can also be “sparkling” between walking. Metallic bridesmaids are more suitable for personal temperament, like to have a distinctive personality bridesmaid.

Embroidery dress: add some Chinese style

Zhou Dongyu wore a green embroidered dress on the Spring Festival of the Chinese Literature Art Directory in the Spring Festival of the Chinese Literature, which is like “Flower Fairy”. Image Source: Zhou Dongyu Studio Weibo Show


“Flower with jade, the spring, the birds, the golden presser long feather”, the embroidery has been proud of the Chinese since ancient times, and it will often be used in the wedding. The embroidery elements in the bridesmaid dress do not have to be too eye-catching, and the refined refinement is more qualified.


Beijing News reporter Zhou Hongyan edited Zheng Yijia pro-school for Li Shihui


Image Source: Weiwei bride official microblogging, Paris spring wedding photography official microblogging screenshot, Chen Qiaowen Weibo screenshot, Jing Xiaobai microblogging screenshot, Yang Ying microblogging screenshot, Chanel official microblogging screenshot, Zhou Dongyu work Room microblogging