214 models toy sampling failure involving child king, Toys R Us stores 3

Beijing News News (Reporter Qin Shengnan) April 8, according to the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervisory Authority recently released 2020 annual children’s toys in Guangdong Province product quality supervision and spot checks show announcements, 184 production of 214 models of product failure. Beijing News reporter noted, including three models of sampling substandard products or place of business involving child king, 3 Toys R Us stores in the Guangdong region.

Figure / market in Guangdong Province Administration website screenshot

Notice display, Shantou Chenghai toy factory Xuan force, product trademarks for Xuan force of a toy “Zombies” electric toy (size / model 666-1), spot checks found that the project failed projectile toys, sampling sites ( or place of business) Guangdong child king children Ltd. Houjie recreational Road shop.

Heyuan City Music Source Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a “source of national music treasure K song” e-learning machine (specifications / model LY-704), spot checks found that mechanical and physical properties as well as for packaging or plastic bags or toys plastic film 2 project failed, sampling sites (or premises) Co., Ltd. Guangdong Yangjiang River City shop king of the children of children’s products.

April 8, the Beijing News reporter made the above two stores, which, Guangdong Wang child children Ltd. Yangjiang River City shop, a staff member said that the store is no longer selling this product.

Shantou City-good toys Co., Ltd. is a “soft gun” projectile toys (size / model FJ493), mechanical and physical properties, reasonably foreseeable misuse, and projectile toys project failed. Sampling sites (or premises) for the Toys R Us (China) Trading Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Phoenix Road shop.

Reporter contacted the shop, a staff member said last year received the relevant notification had been the product off the shelf, when asked whether the implementation of the recall, she said “unclear.”

In addition, the announcement shows how the toy category phthalate content failed, including infants and guards Co., Ltd. by the Guangdong Science and Technology Industrial Co., a trademark for infants and young guards “baby musical sound and light” electric toys (Size / Type as C305); from Yiwu Kelly toy Technology Co., Ltd. under the trademark of a new Kelly plastic toys (size / model K8160).


Statistics show that in the plastics industry, primarily as a phthalate plasticizer, added to the plastic, to increase flexibility, transparency, durability and service life. Contain phthalates in soft plastic toys and children’s products are likely to be put into the mouth of a child, if left long enough, it will lead to the dissolution amount of phthalates exceed safe levels, would endanger children’s health.

Beijing News reporter Qin Shengnan

Di Yan Chen Lin editor proofreading

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