Several use of electric vehicle batteries

Electric vehicle batteries are commonly used in 48 volts 12 or 20 security, except for supply rides, there are still several kinds in daily life.

Several use of electric vehicle batteries

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  1. Power supply lighting. Summer is here, some don’t want a small partner, go to a barbecue stall or a snack booth, but there is no electric vehicle battery, buy a 48-volt LED light, or add an inverter, I will change myself, you can illuminate it, and now you are full of streets.

  2. phone charging. Sunny summer, I went out to travel, I took pictures with my mobile phone, but I found that the mobile phone reminder is under electricity. This is not, there is a 48-volt mobile phone charger. At this time, they will be used, unplug the battery plug, plug 48 volts mobile phone charger, OK, full of blood.

  3. Small electric baffle is powered. With 48 volts, it can be made with a strap, and a small item can be used.

  4. Field emergency welding. With three pieces of battery, less coarse battery line, even the electric welding tongs, can emergency, but pay attention to open heat dissipation, prevent boiled lines and battery drums, not recommended, or use specialized battery electrical welding machines.