11 file adjustment, comfort again upgrade: NetEase sequentially selection 3D hanging waist-based ergonom

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Sub-healthy young white-collar workers are more and more, especially the waist problems caused by the 996 office workers, etc., almost standard. In the face of this occupational disease, the most fundamental solution is to reduce the sedentary time, but there is too much difficult to achieve, so a comfortable body engineering chair is the best solution.

For workers, the chair can really be called your own second bed. The ergonomic chair has always been more hot in recent years, but the effect is a bit, and I have to tried it. It happens that NetEase is strictly selected to upgrade the 3D hanging waist with 11 file adjustment capabilities, and the NetEase body engineering chair 3.0 version, the writer is also strictly selected by the engineering chair), the author also immediately bought this product, After a while, I feel very deep, let’s share the actual experience with you.

Simple installation, one person can get


On the first brief introduction, NetEase is strictly selected as the home brand of NetEase. At present, NetEase has strictly selected 8 major categories such as home, apparel, food, and washing. Controlling process production links provide consumers with high quality, cost-effective commodity and services.

Strict selection of the engineering chair also inherited this demanding service concept. The first generation of computer chairs quickly seized the market with excellent ergonomic design and quite affordable prices. Nowadays, it is now struggling to upgrade the ergonomic chair, this time updated The new 3D hanging waist is functional, and the whole machine body and mesh has also been replaced, and the cow is the chair all over the body, and it can completely meet the personalized demand of the people of 150cm-190cm.


The delivered delivery is a large and heavy carton, the component is full, and it can feel the sincerity of the manufacturer in materials. The outer packaging is simple, labeled “gray + white”, the lower left corner is the trademark of Netease, the right side is the bricks of this chair, the side is the various parameters, specifications, materials, etc. of the seat.

Packaging adopts thickened corrugated box packaging, product transportation is good, unpacking, all parts are very good. In order to facilitate transportation, the sequestration of the engineering chair is divided into a chair main body, seat cushion, a five-star frame, a headrest, mute and a gas rod, etc. in the box. There are also screws and installation tools.

It is worth mentioning that each component is individually packaged using a bubble film while separating with cardboard, preventing friction and collision during transportation. The instructions come with a very detailed record of the installation step. It is not complicated in the process of overall installation. It will not be expanded in detail. It can be easily set in 5 minutes or so.

Product details: Sound use of materials and highlights

After installing, this NetEase is strictly elected the highlights of human engineering chair appearance. The first eye is expected to be worth the value is still very nice, and the black + silver design of many brands is different. It is necessary to choose the simple, exquisite, gray color, but also give a young and technological effect. NetEase is strictly selected by the engineering chair and the high-level design techniques will be misplaced, spliced, and colored, whether it is in the office or ordinary family without a feasibility.

Of course, the value is just the surface, and the quality can play a truth. The following focuses on several product details:


1) airtight special net seat cushion, chair back


The back and seat cushions are high-elastic breathable mesh, breathable, especially the summer will not sweat, and when sitting and relying on, there will be a certain amount and rebound, and the fit will be better. The other seat is widened, and the body curve is added.


2) Lifting headrest


The headrest of the seat also uses a high-elastic mesh, in the style and the back, the seat cushion is consistent. The headrest design is 32cm widened, and it is very comfortable to see it. Supports 5 cm lift adjustment, and 35 ° adjustment.


3) Plug-on waist

The seats like I have missing this design, so that I have to find a few small mat matures, the cushion is often uncomfortable. NetEase is strictly elected body engineering turning chair to solve my pain point. The lumbar area of ​​the seat is particularly large, both sides and the middle there are great radians. After adjusting to the appropriate height, it can complete the entire waist, plus the elastic force of the mesh, the waist is supported while being supported while being supported. .

The waist also supports multi-speed lifting adjustment, which can be manually adjusted to the height of 6cm, and the perfect capture of the point you most want to support. In addition, it can also adapt to the movement of the waist, the waist can follow the left and right floating adjustments before and after the waist, no matter what kind of sitting, it can provide complete support.


4) 4D handrail design

Some people may think that the chair handrail is not so important, but when you sit in a desk day before the desk, maybe you will understand the soreness of the arm for a long time. Of course, everyone’s office posture is different from habits, anyway, I am comparable to this feature. 4D handrail design surface is PU material, more skin. It can achieve high and low, left and right swings, 90 ° flip. The high and low adjustment simply open the folding buckle under the armrest, it can be said that the seat is the most functional, but the most resursored ergonomic seat.


The handrail can be used to flip this feature in 90 °. If you want to push it below the desktop, you don’t have to drop the height of the office chair to the lowest, after 90 ° flip the armor, it is convenient for the desktop.

Functional experience: 11 file adjustment brings a lot of happiness


Generally, the transversion chair can be adjusted, but this sequest the engineering chair supports 11 file adjustment, which is more powerful. For example, the headrest lift, the back of the chair, the armrest, etc.


In addition to the adjustments mentioned above, the adjustment of the chair is also hidden in the adjustment rods on both sides. The right adjustment rod knob under the cushion is adjustable to adjust the body weight. The plurality of patch lighters can increase or lower the seat (height can change from 150-190 cm). According to your own height or the height of the desk, adjust the swivel chair to the appropriate height to keep the right comfort.

The outermost diaphragi of the left hand side can be used to fix the angle. Its maximum elevation can reach 135 degrees, which can achieve a semi-lying effect. Especially after the fixed angle of the left adjustment rod, it is not necessary to cause the center of gravity, and the visible point, etc. is very reasonable and safe. The dial inside is the adjustment of the seat cushion.

Adjustment is relatively simple. You can remember how this chair is adjusted after you have used it.

Legs (lying Shubao) part is usually accommodating inside the chair, pulling out when you need to use it, then you can use it. There are many other brands in this design. The pull-out foot is adjusted, and the work of the rearwardly angle can make this engineering chair instantly become the artifact of “Ge Youliang”, lying on the top to see a movie to relax is also very OK.

In terms of security, the sequential engineering chair specially selected the TUV certification 4 level gas rod to ensure the safety of the user’s daily use.

And The chair suddenly slid very far away, so I can’t hear any sound at the time of sliding, and I am quite praise for office scenes that require a quiet environment.



For a whole, the selection of the engineering chair is not just the upgrade of the value, or a lot of hard strength improvement. 11 file function adjustment, 4D handrail design, brand new waist and headrest, foot trail, demonstrated humanity, effectively improved the comfort of the user. Although the current electric business standard price is 1899 yuan, the actual coupon actual to the hand is only 1499 yuan. It can be said that it is very cost-effective.


In terms of weight loss, the price of thousands of yuan is sequentially selected by the rival.


After this time experience, the sequential engineering chair is comfortable to sit and be comfortable, which is more healthy than the general ordinary office and chairs, more in line with the concept of ergonomics. For most sedentary and office parties, the friends who have demand may wish to consider this NetEase strictly selected 3D hanging waist and rope chair.

PS: If you need to buy, please click Https://u.jd.com/oqnyafu

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