What kind of bag is suitable for autumn and winter? This quad-style style may wish to try, a hundred fashion

Successful modeling, in addition to the joint cooperation of the shirt and the dressing, some small details should be dealt with to ensure the preference of the fashion. The bag has become a “weapon” that can show exquisite in detail, with decorative effects, and significant practical effects. If you don’t know how the autumn and winter bag should be selected, try these four models, and there is a set of fashion.

1, saddle bag

Aesthetic bags can make the exquisiteness of the shape, can also be used as an accessory, so that the entire wearing hierarchy is more obvious, and there is a progressive effect. There are many types of bags, how to choose a fashionable and time-useful type? I can try a saddle bag.

Its entire bag shape will show a circling, especially at the bottom of the bag, creating a moon tooth shape, smart, highlighting, highlighting women’s soft beauty.

The saddle bag has countless choices in the material, taking into account the overall temperature of autumn and winter, it can be appropriately changed in the entire material.

For example, this brown saddle bag, which joined the form of lamb hair on the entire bag skin, instantly created a more abundant level, so that the color of the bag is also very diverse. The whole is the main tone in brown, and it also covers the properties of the match.

Saddle bags frequently appear in the fashion show, thereby visible to its popularity and trendy feelings. As a must-have in the street, it does not taste it.


This saddle bag takes a colored design in color, and the whole is a light gray, joined the white bag with a white bag, which brings an elegant style. The entire size of this package can be used to place the items used in everyday use.

2, mini saddle bag


If the saddle bag is maintained with different sizes, the overall painting wind has some contrast. Common mini bags, if you take the form of saddle bag, the picture will be more cute.

For example, this white saddle bag, color natural classic and resistance to wild. With the conjunction with the saddle bag, you can also make the small and delicate feelings of the package. The link of the chain allows the mini saddle bag to show a little luster, look good.

For trendy sketch, they will focus on the appearance of the bag and color as the focus of attention, and the opposite is not much attention to the practical effects of their own.

The mini-form saddle bag can be advened by the fashion people, such as this white saddle bag, adding the Miqi pattern lock embellishment, the golden graphics can make the entire model with a slight precise. With a long windbreaker with colors and bags, show the unique eyes of women on the details.


The saddle bag of the mini-designed saddle does not have a large “belly”, so the space available is limited, and only small objects such as lipsticks can be filled to have a slight practical performance.

This wine red saddle bag does not have too much restrictions in color, like to build an elegant dressing girl can be used to match the white dress, coat wool coat, can also be superior to temperament.


3, jacquard

A bag that is easy to match the clothing, many ladies will first think of black classic clave bags in their minds. In fact, since this bag is popular in the entire street, it will not be too eye on the style, so some identification is missing.


If you want to keep the high-grade feeling, you can take a jacquard. The intensive jacquard packing point is the appearance of the entire bag, but also makes it a lot of high levels, so that the “worth” of the bag is increased.

The bag with jacquard texture will be made in terms of using the crowd, and the young girl does not have enough gas farms to support this bag, but will make the image to form a violation with the bag.

With years of experience, with years, you can easily make this bag out of the lottery. For example, this jacquard can be used to match the windbreaker or a small suit, which is a very set of commutex, which can also visit the bag from the bag behind the girl.

The jacquard bag will form a consistent texture stitching in the overall appearance, but in size and the design of the strap, it is also covered with different patterns.

This jacquard bag has a large layout, but it will not be cumbersome. The entire bag shape also has a significant three-dimensional sensation, which can be used as a storage item as a storage item. If you don’t want to cause a high and low shoulder because of a shoulder backpack, you can also take a handful way, and the effect of a pack of two backs.


4, tassel bag

The junction package is also a bag that has a rigging stitching, which will borrow some splicing forms in the lock or appearance to make the entire design more strong.

Like this wine red griller bag, it is mainly the process of golden sequins in the locked area. The embellishment of the entire package is not too much, but the joining of golden tassels has better played the role of the brocade.

This article is compiled by Cheng Mingcheng, only represents personal opinions, the pictures come from the network, if there is any infringement, please contact it. I hope that my professional interpretation and unique insights can help everyone, and more topics can continue to communicate or vomit in the comment area below.

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