2017 new child girl leggings plus velvet thick female winter wear pants children’s cotton pants baby autumn and winter

Buyer 1: Sorry, have not yet online recently, the evaluation is late ~ leggings are very thick, the price is also very cost-effective! Baby is very like, just with the high boots you bought, don’t want it ~ The above pattern is very priest and playful, in short, it is very good, I have recommended to my friends around, thank you seller, come back later!


Buyers 2: Before having a pants who bought a Patty deer. I bought two in the event again. The result of the result is much smaller than before. Two different floral elastic stresses are different. Little white rabbit, this pants is not very big. The thin child is better. This elastic force is relatively larger than the animal avatar. Daughter can’t wear, I can only give others! Although there is a little disappointment. However, this price to buy these two trousers is also worth it. All five points praise.


Buyers 3: Soon delivery, logistics is also very good, customer service has a question. The velvet in the plus velvet legs is very delicate, the baby can be worn, and the water is not faded, and it has been passed twice, and there is no good ball.

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