One shoulder bag, revealing a smooth shoulder, sexy while not lack of elegant and intellectual

The model of the picture wearing the shoulder bag is a popular network red style dress. Don’t have an unique detail, which is far more than the ordinary basic paragraph, which will give you the personal image to increase the intensive. This dress is really a lot of girls, I want to show my good figure in the autumn.


This word-collar bag hip dress is a good choice. Its shoulders can just expose a smooth shoulder, showing elegance, and the most important thing is that this dress is very older. The super long sleeved style design can be significantly long, its high waist line slim, can do the waist natural, really super pull the waistline, make you a new generation of little gum.

The most unique thing is that this dress starts to do wrip design from the lower position below the chest, and this fold has always been extended to the skirt, and in addition, make a small dresser, very similar legs, especially At the walk, the fork is one of the one, and the more appeared of the goddess sexy charm, let the whole dress look at all.


The cotton fabric of the clothes is very flexible, extremely comfortable, and it is very breathable and delicate, and it doesn’t feel tightly bonded because of occasional edema. The color of the skirt is simple and elegant gray. It doesn’t need too much modification, and gives people a high-level sense.

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