Can children wear children’s sunglasses?

“Children can wear children’s sunglasses, but don’t have more than two hours.” Guo Xiaohua, Engineer Guo Xiaohua, Optical Testing Center, Wuhan, said that children’s cornea and lens are clear than adults, so it is more susceptible to ultraviolet rays. If you don’t pay attention to sunscreen,Damage children’s corneal epithelials, and cause burns to retinal macles.

To tell the children to see the sun directly; 12:00 pm is the strongest, try to avoid outdoor activities; wear a wide side cap, parasol, or wear suitable sunglasses, but not all children are suitable to wear sunglasses..When purchasing sunglasses to your child, go to the regular glasses shop, choose the regular tag.Try to choose the plastic frame, the frame size and face match match.

Source: Changjiang Daily

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