From sweet potato to more than 800 products, this Beijing old cannon is like food companies

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Source: Agricultural Industry Observation (ID: NYGUANCHA)

People who come to Beijing will eat Beijing roast duck. When they are Beijing, they will bring a beautiful fruit to the “Beijing Eight Pieces” of traditional pastries.


For the brand, the Beijing roast duck is only fully recognized, and “the Yangtze Garden” in “Beijing” is also popular among many tourists.

“Royal Food Garden” is a private joint-stock food company that Beijing is concentrated in the production and sales of Beijing specialty food and leisure food. It was established in 2001.


After 19 years of development, the Royal Garden has become a new three board from a private small enterprise. The country has 3,500 directive door stores. The annual sales of nearly 350 million yuan, and the overall assets have exceed 150 million agricultural industrialization giants.

Among them, what kinds of stories and experiences in the 19 years? I think there is only the old cannon of the Beijing food industry, and the chairman of the Royal Garden is the most voice.


“In fact, the Royal Food Garden is an era business.” Cao Zhenxing thought.

The veteran Cao Zhen as a food industry is very accurate to the food industry and consumer market. From the grassroots to the high level, more than ten years of experience, plus the improvement of the management theory, Cao Zhenxing has a clear understanding of the problems facing the development of food enterprises, and even makes him see the vast future of the traditional food processing industry. prospect.

In 2001, my country has set off a wave of state-owned enterprise-reform, Beijing Honglu Food Co., Ltd. Original R & D Branch – Beijing Good Day Food Co., Ltd. has also been involved in the big tide.

Cao Zhenxing scored the opportunity of the contained, with other like-minded colleagues, and received a good days of food company, and officially established Beijing Royal Food Food Co., Ltd., focusing on the small sweet potato, sugar, etc. Production and sales, especially the development and promotion of Beijing-flavored snack food.


“How to solve the sales of peasant agricultural products, and promote Beijing-flavored snack brands” ideas often haunt in the daily day of Cao Zhenxing. In 2001, it was a deputy general manager of Beijing Red Socket Group, and he saw a lot of sweet potatoes in a year, and he felt deeply sorry.

Cao Zhenxing thinks, if you can turn these agricultural products into health, fashion urban leisure food

These resources can be effectively utilized, allowing them to be wasted, and farmers’ income can be increased. This original is also the starting point of Cao Zhenxing’s personal entrepreneurial.

So, with such an idea, Cao Zhenxing rested to the deputy director of the Red Slim Group, only came to the Yanxia Development Zone, lease 30 acres of land, the sweet potato start, and then cut into the deep processing of sweet potato to meet the needs of the leisure food market.


In the past few years before the entrepreneur, Cao Zhenxing continued to ponder, together with a number of research institutes to study the nutritional value of sweet potatoes, red fruit, and make full use of the rich agricultural products, fine processing, bold exploration in the surrounding area, on the basis of the original products.

Developed unique nutritional tattans, Huairi chestnut, fruit, old Beijing “eight pieces”, 苓 饼, dried fruit and other more than 800 foods that are deeply affected by consumers.

At the beginning of 2004, Cao Zhenxing’s food company passed the HACCP international quality management system certification, and became the first company in the same industry. In April 2006, it is the first to pass QS certification in the same industry. At the same time, in order to exaggerate sales, Cao Zhenxing and South Korea’s largest food company Xijie established a partnership and became Wal-Mart’s global product supplier.

In 2014, the Royal Food Garden was successfully listed in “New Three Board”, and the road to capitalization. At present, the annual sales of the Yue Garden broke 350 million yuan, with an asset of 180 million yuan.

At present, the Yue Garden has 20,000 mu of jujube, red fruit, chestnut, sweet potato and other agricultural and sideline products planting bases, combined collation, tourism, processing into one, has developed into one of the country’s largest fruit processing and sales of food companies.


Why can you get such a big success? Cao Zhenxing believes: innovation is the key. At the same time, the flexible institutional mechanism and advanced business philosophy are the difference between the royal food garden and other food companies.

In the 19 years of development, Cao Zhenxing adheres to the “traditional + technology”, “traditional + fashion”, “traditional + health” concept, introduced high-tech technology to improve innovation for traditional technology, successfully obtained a number of new results, launched A series of healthy fashion cuisine in compliance with modern flavors.

In the product research and development, the Royal Garden has already produced generations, the generation of generations, development generations, and concepts, have enabled product to update the product.


For example, the innovation of sweet potato products. Before, the roasted white potato sold along the street, generally used abandoned gasoline barrels, not only unsanitary, but also baked white potatoes may contain carcinogens. Cao Zhenxing has developed safe, health, and convenient independent packaging of small sweet potato series products, and has gains market recognition, and sales have grown steadily. One is one of the company’s main products.

In addition to product innovation, Cao Zhenxing also pays close attention to process innovation. For example, the Beijing-style fruit.


In 2007, Cao Zhenxing formed an expert team to collect, study, organize, organize, and absorb the essence of the modern food “nutrition, health and health”. At the same time, he also introduced high-tech technology to improve innovation, improved “no residual sulfur, no additives” after the traditional technology.

It is regarded as a revolutionary innovation for fruit products within the industry.

This not only continues the connotation of the old Beijing traditional food culture, but also catering to modern people return to nature, advocating natural, green consumption concept.

In addition to product innovation, outside of technology innovation, marketing organizations are the heavy guns of food companies. In this regard, Cao Zhenxing is well versed, using channels + multi-class ways to shoot the market.

Cao Zhenxing also found that Beijing’s big stars arrived in the field, and they were basically rushed to death. For example, Quanjude, Daoxiang Village. Therefore, Cao Zuxing’s large single product model, using channel + multi-category marketing organization to open up the soil.

For example, the earlier is a classic Beijing specialty snack, such as fruit, 苓, peas yellow, honey, and then developing the casual food series, there is a small sweet potato, big black beans, gangli, etc. The Royal Food Garden is the core of these star products. After the time of 19 grandmother, from 20 varieties, it has formed a parallel gutter in 120 varieties, and there is 400 million to 500 million sales in the Beijing market.

Cao Zhenxing also pointed out that the future of the Yangchao will also combine the market and developed casual foods after 80, 90 or even 00. This is also the future of the Royal Garden.


Cao Zhenxing has always admitted his farmers’ identity. In the 1960s, Cao Zhenxing was born in Jiji Village, Jiuduhe Town, Huairou District.


Therefore, Cao Zhenxing established the development concept of the Yangue Garden as “relying on farmers, the development of agriculture, and win-win”, helping farmers ‘development, solving farmers’ issues is the company’s starting point.

In the company’s development model, the Royal Food Garden is the same as the Wen’s company + the model of farmers. Cao Zhenxing established nearly 70,000 mu of raw rice planting bases such as Sweet, Chestnut, Red Fruit, etc. according to the development model of “company + base + farmers”. for example:

Cao Zhenxing actively cooperates with the long whistle camp Manchurian Friendship Association to establish jujube planting base. It has 12,000 mu of jujube planting base, implemented, unified management, and long-term resident of technical personnel to conduct professional guidance, so that the local 2200-house fruit farmer benefits nearly 3 million yuan.


In addition, Cao Zhenxing also built a thousand acres of sweet potato industrial base, planting sweet potatoes with more than 3,000 mu, reaching 2000 kg, and working with Beijing Huairou District, Hanto District, and established a sweet potato planting association.

Cao Zhenxing signed a purchase and sales agreement with fruit farmers

Guide farmers to plant “Detoxification 553” sweet potato, acquire the protection price of 0.82 yuan per kilogram, safeguard the interests of farmers, and promote local 1,000 farmers to plant sweet potatoes, the acres is 1200 yuan.

At the same time, Cao Zhenxing has funded more than 600 million yuan to establish sweet potato storage base, and stores sweet potatoes for local farmers, and please visit professional technicians to explain sweet potato storage technology for local farmers. Only sweet potato can drive more than 3,000 farmers to grow sweet potato income. Be

In the surrounding area of ​​Bridge Town, Jiuduhe Town and Hebei Xinglong, the three major red fruit planting bases of the Yue Garden Company have formed a total of 5,000 tons of fresh red fruits in protective prices. It not only completely solves the problem of local red fruit sales, but also improves The red fruit prices in Huairou and Hebei Province have greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of fruit farmers.

In 19 years, Cao Zhenxing admitted to the business principle of the company and the farmer’s mutual benefit and common prosperity. In the finished fruit processing industry, I walked out of a successful integration road.


The China Food Industry Association “China Leisure Food Industry Development Research Report” According to data

It is estimated that by 2020, the overall market of the casual snacks is close to 2 trillion yuan.

In addition, the casual food has become a red sea from the blue sea. Among them, capital has been optimistic about this area, such as a good shop, Bahr Garden, three squirrels and other Internet companies have deployed, in addition, the old brand food company continues to increase. For example, Xu Fuji, Daliyuan, Hong Kong Rong Food, Beijing Daoxiang Village, to Iraq, etc. have been laid out in the national market.

Li Jian, Chinese agricultural industry analyst, also believes that unique positioning, channel potential energy is two weapons of the casual food winning market. With the mainstream group of leisure food consumption after 80,90,000, the casual food brand that meets special needs of special groups will wait until the young generation.

In this regard, Cao Zhenxing also pointed out that food products are difficult to have a big breakthrough, inheriting, improving and innovating existing products, making it more in line with consumer demand, is a wise choice for enterprises.

At present, the Yangchao has a unique nutritious tap potato, a seven series of 800 varieties such as a seven series of raw chestnuts, rock sugar, fruit, roast duck and crispies.

Two markets across Beijing Characteristic Small Foods and Casual Foods.


Among them, the Yue Garden extends in the “Beijing-style” as the entry point, from Beijing specialty products to “Chinese famous snacks”, the next will focus on “Chinese famous snacks” series products, extend product structure from “Beijing” to “China” taste”. For example, the Royal Garden employs some R & D staff of Taiwan’s famous food companies to participate in the new product development of the Royal Garden.

Cao Zhenxing said: “In the future, we have to make a large number of” Chinese famous snacks “, truly bring together famous snacks across the country, and further promote the traditional diet culture of my country.”

In addition, the Yue Garden is changing the development, 2016, the Royal Garden, Quanjard, Beijing Daoxiang Village strongly teamed up to create a “Beijing Specialty Food Alliance” to form a food strategy alliance service to hobbily consumers.

In 2018, the Yue Garden, Deqingyuan, Shunxin Agriculture, the first agriculture, the title of 2018 Agricultural Industrialization “National Team”.

For future, Cao Zhenxing said that the Royal Food Garden will promote the company’s transformation and upgrading, and help rural residence.