Artificial fur bag, environmental protection and fashionable! Japanese pending winter most popular bags

In many Japanese wear, you can discover the monopic of fur bag. These bags are all Japanese brand of checkered artificial fur, not only the environmental protection is also very in line with the fashion demands in winter. Today, a good card is specifically introduced to use the 25 daily wear of artificial fur bag.

Black fur bag winter shape

Jeans x black fur bag

This is an artificial environmental protection fur bag from Gu.

Black fur bag is a very popular single product, it is easy to match any winter fashion style, from pretty to leisure.

Add fur bag, denim trousers and pilot jackets to increase cute.

The inner black sweater and handbag are unified to make the shape look more unified.

Gray jeans × black fur bag

GU’s artificial fi tote bag is a stylish single product, with a silver ring on the handle as a decoration.

The bag, hat and sneakers use black combinations to create a sense of matching.

It can achieve the perfect balance by wearing a beautiful windbreaker on a popular winter sweater and cowboy trousers.

Tight jeans x black fur bag

Mini size Uniqlo ecological fur bag.

Fur bag usually gives people a neat impression.


Upgrade to the stylish style with guineah.

With pointed high heels, the completion of beautiful casual wear.

Color color x black fur bag


A4 size Uniqlo artificial ecological fur bag is also a popular single product, practical and easy to match.


This stylish high-end winter dress is mixed with design skirts and handsome locomotive jacket, fur bag gives people a soft impression.

Monochrome costumes with peer berred, complete unique and beautiful leisure look.

Leopard text skirt x black fur bag


Stylish leopard skirt with uniqlo ecological fur bag.

Uniqli leather bag with zipper design is simple, can be used as an accessory for winter clothing.

Sweats wearing inside will bring a sparked sense of shape, with plush short jacket, which is a fashionable age.

Gray fur bag winter match


Dress × gray fur bag


Gray fur bag, popular color, cute and adult woman’s calmness.

ZARA’s recyclable ecological fur bag uses a strap design to create a feminine atmosphere.


A ecological fur bag is placed in a beautiful dress of the floral pattern to enhance winter feelings.

The focus is the unified feeling of Berets and gray fur bags and casual fashion.

Pleated skirt x gray fur bag

ZARA’s ecological fur bag is simple or used in winter commuter costumes.

The focus is also that you can use it as a shoulder bag design.

When you add fur bag to an adult pretty shape with a non-collar coat and pleated skirt, it will give people a soft impression, but will not be too textured.


Elegant winter look, with white and gray color shapes.

Torared skirt x gray fur bag with


ZARA popular ecological fur tote bag can be used as a simple highlight of Winter ladies.


Medium-sized blizzling bags are easy to use in winter daily use.

A excellent product can be used in a variety of scenes from beautiful winter commuting to vacation and urban modeling.

Environmentally friendly fur bags and tights are grayed, showing a unified and beautiful look.


Leggings x gray fur bag shape

This is the artificial fur of Gu, putting a popular winter casual wear, including UNIQLO long leapshell and pants.


Fluffy textured fur bag adds a cute impression to the winter shape. Generate harmonics by uniform leggings and bag colors.

Monochrome style with a wake-up lattice scarf.

Tights X gray fur bag


Popular Zara ecological fur bag, easy to use from winter to spring.

Increase fur bags in simple winter simple dress with high-necked sweatshirts and uniqlo black tights, will enhance seasonal feelings.

With white sneakers, increase the brightness of your feet. Recommended to women who often visit the street.

Navy Blue Peel Bag Winter Styling


Tight Jeans × Navy Blue Persons Match

Navy blue fur bag, a popular color with noble and mature.

Use artificial fur bag with a fashion drawstring design as a winter leisure shape, can improve seasonal appearance.

Small drawstring bags will be very suitable in winter outings.

Quilted jackets and locomotive jackets are stacked and create a fashion look.

Camel wide leg pants x Naval blue fur bag

Can be carried in two ways.

The popular naval blueprint bag is easy to match any color winter mount, so it can be applied to a variety of shapes.

Loose leisure LOOK, with wide-leg pants and long cardigans, then match the fur bag, you can wear a good experience for your winter.

Wickn waters × Navy Blue Peel Bag

The elegant impression can be improved by the golden ring handle in the popular naval fur.


It is not only easy to match leisure shape, but also with beautiful shape, it is recommended to use it as a leather bag in winter gatherings and leisure.

This winter model uses Oversize’s crude wool blobes and wide-leg pants.

Pointed shoes add a woman’s taste to improve casual wear.

Splicing design skirt x Navy blue peel bag

GU’s Navy Blue Signs and fur bag colors are unified to create a good winter appearance.

With a unique design dress, very beautiful and personality.


Easy to use the bag, so you can apply to the casual wear of commuting to get off work.

Continental pants X Navy Blue Peel Bag

This naval blue fur bag is also a multi-functional single product or as a shoulder bag.

The GU beige high-collar sweater and Glen grip pattern are combined.

Navy blue color brings tight feelings to winter natural colors and increases maturity.

Winter shape of brown beige fur bag

Slim jeans x brown fur bag


This casual shape uses a slim jeans and long cardigan and is equipped with island village.

Brown fur bag adds warm up to the usual dress and enhances winter feelings.

With tape adjustable length, the Messenger creates a cute appearance, which can be used from winter vacation to travel.

Leopard dress × brown fur bag

The UNIQLO A4 size ecological fur can be used in different occasions of winter leisure to commuting.

Fluffy fur buns binds to the wild shape of the leopard printprint.

With fluffy jackets and men’s boots, leisure and fashionable LOOK have been completed.

High waist pants × camel fur bag

GU’s artificial fi tote bag is added to the leisure shape, combining the wide-leg pants of GUs with UNIQLO tops.

The basic casual shape with fur bag can enhance the season of winter, so this is also a good way to get rid of the plain shape.

Put on a grilled scarf, a beautiful adult leisure shape is completed.

Flower skirt x brown fur bag

GU sweater and floral skirt, then match the guinertranes.

This is a molding of a mixed style that combines three fabrics.

Together with lady’s maddres, retro thick wire knitters and exquisite beautiful leather bags, shape is very stylish.

Easy to complete the LOOK with sneakers.

Plaid skirt X-beige fur bag match

Island Village beige artificial peeled grass tote with cute long hair. Through the design, creating a feminine atmosphere.

Stylish plaid with handsome locomotive jacket and fur bag, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Wearing the bright Loyifiu shoes, exquisite winter match.

White fur bag winter match

Velvet x white fur bag


The fur bag of Island village uses a fashionable handbag design.

Combined with the gray velvet trousers and locomotive jackets of the Uniqlo, add a white leather bag to add brilliance.

Purple the purple knit in the inside and add color to monochrome shape.

With sneakers make it fashionable.

Jeans X-white fur bag

A high-end fashion style, white shirts of the island village with stacking.

Handsome leather and jeans match, brown dress and white fur bag, add natural breath.


Wear beret, put on sports shoes, ok.


Wash jeans × white fur bag

In winter leisure styling, ZARA’s white fur bag adds brightness.

This model uses a Nordic pattern knitted and denim trousers.

Put on a darker pink jacket to add a lovely feeling for your casual.

If you add a white fur handbag, a simple shape will stand out, which will be a stylish dressing skill.

Wide legs x white fur bag

The loose contour of the wide legs and sweater adds a lightweight feeling for the ZARA fur.

The warm feelings of the sheepskin coat and fur bag have enhanced winter atmosphere.

The small size of the white fur bag gives people a lovely impression, so it can be used for various scenes in winter.

Pants x white fur bag

Zara’s handbag, white artificial art material, black shoulder strap.

Fur buns with black and white color schemes are easy to match any color of any color and very useful.


This styling puts fur bag with traditional plaid pants and long-opened shirts.

The dark green pointed ballet shoes highlight this style and makes it.

What bags are you ready to decorate your New Year in the New Year? Try this artificial environmentally friendly fur bag, the price is very affordable, and fashionable. Simply add this single product on a simple winter shape, you can upgrade the shape immediately.

Finally, let’s talk about maintenance: fur bag should pay attention to moisture, please keep a dry environment. Maintenance can be used for several years, and the price of artificial fur is very affordable and worth having.