A bottoming shirt = 7 sets! The third piece is fried

Spring is a colorful in our impression, in order to get more adapted to nature, proper skin care is loved by most girls.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

For example, in recent years, “hanging belt” is just right to combine pure and sexy, and the little cuteness of the white skin can try this colorful sling.

(Cr.red@jj 啾)

Of course, if you want to meet most people’s wearing demand, you have to be this basic color, spring is still slightly cold, just casual suit jackets or knit cardigan is enough!

U1S1, such a basal can not be bought, the texture is still in the first place, intimately granules, dig all kinds of hanging tape, and finally there is an eye of the eye, that is, this golden velvet lace small Sling.

Advanced, energetic

Even if the texture of the coat is not in place, I will give you a half.


Lace + small V collar, emit sexy charm!

I said that a sexy woman is inseparable from the lace, I am completely agreed with this sentence.

Lace self with mysterious and charming charm

, More sensible, if you have a small child, if you have a small child.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

This small suspender is in the neckline design, which is naturally transitioned directly in the skin and sling. If you remove it, you will be like the right.

It seems deliberate and dead.

In addition, the neckline of this small sling is a just right V word.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

Will not overtime, nor is it low.

At the same time, open the neck lines appropriately

I quickly hurried the whole half of the whole body.

I don’t know if you buy a hanging strap.

I don’t know if I want to wear a bra!

Wear, the whole person has become bloated; don’t wear, some sings have no chest mat, small chest is lining, and the clothes are loose.

This golden velvet sling solves this little troubles, it itself comes with the chest pad, no extra wear of BRA, bending, and low-heading,

It is also very good to have the ability to have a chest.

It is safe to wear.

Look at this charm of this death, even my girls can’t help but look more!

Have to say, the golden velvet fabric is really high, and there is a blessing of lace side, naturally disseminated sexy charm.

It is simply a “ceiling” in the pure city!

This design is also a doctor.

It is a tight pleats

The advantage of this is based on its own body, whether it is fat or thin, it can be supported, and further tightened the waist line.

I don’t think much, I don’t have to worry too much.

It will not give the feeling of tiger back the bear waist.

From the side, the back looks, it seems that the whole person is very uniform, very good ~


Light luxury gold velvet, this dead senior feeling!

Many people think that the velvet material is rough, and the touch should be less comfortable, then I can only say that you buy the quality.

Good golden velvet fabric, smooth, soft surface,

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

Pingering is like a cloud

It is a material that is suitable for doing underwear.

And also owned

Modal’s dreamer, cotton breathable …

It is just like the body’s second layer of skin is naturally comfortable.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

I once again became a fabric of the European court. Nowadays, the darling of the fashion circle is often used in a variety of show, is there a inexplicable senior sense.

When I got the real thing for the first time, I already felt an unsuitable texture.

Delicate, soft,

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

There is a warmth of tentacles.

Then tender skin is also completely unpleasant, save your sensitive muscle ~


Even if the lace is not fine enough

Look at the performance under these 4K HD lenses, the rigid seams,

There is no feeling of roughness.

Even the tools come to the face, there is a strong sense of suffocation, forced disorder, no words!

You are afraid of squeeze easily pleasing

Then you may misunderstand the velvet fabric, which is itself very difficult to wrinkled.

Just a little change, it’s not a change, it is still flat.

What is the most surprised, it’s an inner,

It is not easy to static electricity at low temperatures.

It is also too opposed to my appetite!

You are afraid of falling in water

现 现 现 测 测: even

Fully immersed in the water

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

(Note: I have a washing detergent.)

It still shows that water is clean, so everyone can be washed.


The classic wear of those years, is you get!

// Match a dress

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

The v-collar sling itself has a French style, so it is matched

Equality with a French dressing dress

It is particularly good, and the horse turns into the French girl.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

If you want to strengthen this sexy, you can choose the knee skirt to the onk to the thigh, it is simply fascinated.

Want to walk the joy of the girl, this sweater is absolutely your dish.

Here, the length of the skirt can be shortened, for example

A word skirt, bag hip skirt

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

, Revealing the legs of the line, more smart.

If you want a temperament commuter, then your suit is definitely the first choice.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

The matching suggestions given by grains are preferred to choose this wide suit, wrapped in the inner and skirts, like a long coat, and a very big woman’s style.

It is also stronger for the body’s modification.

The inside is tight + thin, the outer is wide, compared, irregularly

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

It is even more likely not to open your eyes.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

Who said that the skirt can’t build a sports style, I am not satisfied.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

The elegance of the gold velvet and sports short skirt may feel awkward.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

Here you focus on the choice of accessories

, Is it a lot to feel like a baseball cap with a co-color?

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

Some relatively cold areas, you can add a shallow color windbreaker jacket with a colored color, and have a level of level.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

The style is also gone in the direction of more cool.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

// Match pants

The skirt is good, but we can’t cut the charm of the trousers.

Songs with loose sports trousers are very home for casual wind

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

, The little cute like Korean wear can be worn, and if you are afraid, you can add a hollow sunscreen, enrich the overall wear.

I strongly recommend it to yourself with your own body.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

Take a small sexy in the waist, the atmosphere is instantly taken ~

I like street handsome wind, with a tooling, can unwind the buckle of the hidden body, and expose sexy small sings.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

Get rid of the thickness and dead plates of this clothes itself.

This time the golden velvet lace strap has prepared three colors:

Black, gem blue, girl powder.

一件打底衫 = 7套穿搭!第3件美炸了

Let the little cute to find different styles, you can also choose the color of uncommon challenges, create a different yourself.