When the kitten was found, he had been holding a bottle. The owner wanted to give it to it, but it is very unhappy.

A few months old children have more “love only a few hours”. When they wean, they are a very uncomfortable process. Even if they are not unable to force the child to wean, after all, it is also to meet the child’s nutrition. need.

Not only will people go to the time, but even the small animals have to wean. Just like this kitten, it especially likes to drink milk, if the owner does not give it to eat, it will have been quarreling into a bottle.


This little cat is called “Rocky”, Rocky has strong reliance on the bottle, but because of this, it is fortunate that it is fortunate to survive, or we may never see this cute little figure.

The first time Rocky was found in the wild, when it was holding a bottle to sleep. If it is not surrounded by no one, Montreal will think that Rocky should be a kitten of others.


At that time, Luoki hugged the bottle, like special cute, Montreal wants to take Rockey’s bottle, but Rocky has always hugged in his arms and is not willing to let go, and is still dissatisfied.


However, Rocky’s voice is very weak, it seems to work hard to let himself live. Montreal found that the Rocky state was very poor, immediately hugged back to his home.

At this time, Rocky is very thin, Montreal even thinks that Rocky may not be able to live, but he doesn’t want to give up so quickly, so he started 24 hours of care.

Montreal did not take care of the cat’s experience, but he has always taken care of the child as the only child, and immediately went to the store to buy a bottle and suitable for the kitten drink, to keep warm, feeding, picking, etc.

Montreal is going to feed Rocky every two hours, sleeping Luoku in his arms at night, and there is no surprise to prevent Luoji, this night Montreal did not feel relieved.

I finally passed overnight. At the next day, Rocky became a spirit. Next, Luoki has died for three weeks of milk, Montreal wants to wean it, but it will be called every time Rocky eats a bottle.

Montreal wants Rocky to learn to eat solid food, but Rocky is unwilling to eat, Montreal finally compromised to let Rocky continue to drink milk.


In order to give Rocky milk, Montreal thought a lot of ways, he put the milk into the bowl, let Luoki first learn to eat in the bowl, but Rocky is still holding the bottle.

Montreal finds Rocky, as long as you find a bottle, you will not eat food in a bowl, so he hides the bottle. Just starting Rocky, Rocky is not used to there is no bottle, which time it often calls loud.

But hungry, it will still go to eat the solid food in some bowls. Gradually, Rocky is no longer so dependent on the bottle. Although occasionally seeing the bottle or it is called two, but as long as Montreal doesn’t give it, it can only be done, and it will not be a bottle as before.


The kitten encountered in the can’t really be bad enough, and I want to eat, and I am afraid that it is hungry. This kind of mood is really contradictory. Do you have problems with difficulties in causing cats with cats?


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