Winter chills have arrived in a noble gorgeous fox fur coat is the most popular match this year.

Golden lamb wool is inverse two short / long fur coat


I like to wear, light-colored clothes like white or beige. However, when I arrived in autumn, I still like these bright colors, the name, the seasons don’t change color. However, each piece of clothing is unique. The other side of the fabric is 100% polyester, which has the advantages of smoothness, not easy to wrinkle, so it is like a brand new dress when wearing the surface, it is like a new dress. Same, when wearing a woolen, it is the kind of warm velvet feeling, and there will be a relaxing, but also a little business feeling.


Waist seam detachable white tooling jacket

Commuter handsome tooling wind white jacket, every detail is implemented on “Yue”, not with the wave, not easily replacing. The best girl with a girl should be self-contracted and pleasant. This sentence is like a seed that leads me aesthetic going. When I have a small year, I quietly sprout. With a white nine-point tube pants, a camel V-neckweed sweater is tied. Leisure and workplace can be very good!


Fox fur fur intelligence


This year’s fashion trend is a big round, like a wave point, bubble sleeves, and doll collar, etc. very fragrant, and the big show can see their figure, and the doll collar is played by designers. In the integration of “doll collar” design, it is also a top-level shape this year. This kind of collar is sharp, and the test is also larger. There are also a lot of style, with jeans, whole With the sweetness of the sweet in elegance, we use a modern breath, we use a lace, let the collaps and the magic of the phantom themselves a neutralization, elegant and sweet collision, fresh, sweet and not greasy.

Fox fox, middle long fur coat

The loose version is self-contained, ready to walk, enough to heat enough, package hip length is also very friendly to the small child, feeling and warm, warm, Finnish color fox, great fluffy giving no negligible Press the warmth, the whole is a lazy elegant woman taste, the neckline increases the buckle, two-wear neckline, opening and closing flexible, easily H-type, slimming, can also increase the effect of the waist, daily and Elegant length, matching no pressure, designed people’s temperament and clothing texture to the best state.

Bazaar shelf

Oversize version of the locomotive station is very advanced, the version is a good look, with a tough retro beauty, huge meat is brought into the gas field 160+ height trial, the effect is especially wearing a small feel. Not a wide-sleeve port sharpener sleeve. It is not a card in front of the body, and the big lapel gives two wearing full deductions.


Lamb fur hair intelligence


First, you should remove the ribbed, wrinkled panel, and the spotted urine yellow in the day after tomorrow is not necessary. The sleeper is implicitted, and the fluff in the wool is flush, and the temperament of the garment style is like the same, Fufu insists that you have obtained ~ The quality of the big goods and the first sample you see, the two-way zipper is designed to have a concave space on the profile, and the cuffs and hem use both both stunning and flexible headers. The fetal leather leather, the collar can be turned to open is at home, and the selection of the selection can be deducted according to their own preferences.

Little mother hooded water hai coat coat

The fat is full, thick, the fluffs are smooth, short and uniform and unique gloss feelings and skin care is like the baby’s skin, and it is gentle in the gentleness. There is a floating silk flow in the light, and you can feel the nostalgic nostalgia when the hair is slipped from the fingertips. Get a semi-skirt, matching trousers belonging to a casual and temperament style, functional hooding design real-wearing classics, far exceeding entity super cost-effective! Only worthy of money! The three-dimensional exclusion is not too old, but Zhang Yang is absolutely valuable.