2021 Top Ten Da Nets Red: Worship by the film, was killed, blocked, blamed them too “wonderful”

Text / gold wrong knife channel


Although it is an internet,

Net red world, ordinary people are usually difficult to understand

They are too wonderful.

The wonderful people who can’t encounter ordinary people, the ordinary people can’t do the wonderful things that will not come out, they will be around around the nets and play a good play for the audience.

In 2021, the priest was still in the past, and there were all fresh things, let the audience mood and sorrowful, five flavors.

Therefore, some people have reached the peak of life, and some people have been played.


Race brother: Push the hospital door, you can watch the cow ghosts


A bowl of tile 3 dollars, no price increase in 15 years, let Shandong University Tour are hot.

The life of the ramen brother is no longer calm.

When the most fire, the ramen brother pushed the door, and he can see hundreds of nets, they all set up mobile phones, live broadcast 24 hours.

For fire, they don’t have anything. Selling the funeral father, the farce of the wedding, and one is then one.


In the face of the lens, the ramen brother has become a later thing.


It looks always awkward, and laughs.

But in the end, the ramen brother still can’t help.

“I don’t believe in the Internet, I don’t want the anchor to play from my door.” At the end of the year, after the death of the bodies, the hair brother was released, and the net red left, gave him a calm life, “you Think about my mood now,

Can you sympathize with me, I hope you will go.



In the past year, the ramen brother did not earn any money. After the death of Psychedrel, he said that he should make money and put the three children of the big brother.

What he can think of is to open a chain, continue to sell three dollars. Countless netizens pinch him.


He said,

This year is like a dream, I hope that this year is just a dream.


“Will you search for me?”

Young people are getting more and more superstitious.


Tao white, a blogger who has been deep in the constellation of many years, suddenly coming out this year, rose 600W + one week, a month to rise!


Unlike ordinary constellation bloggers, Tao white features are not in the judgment of constellations, but analyzing different constellation behaviors and psychological activities.


For example, “Libra never takes the initiative to talk to people” “Libra does not have ’12 points must go to see the premiere’, and tomorrow is also the same.”

When Tao is white, many netizens will call “real” “Listen to stupid”, “said that I personally.”


Therefore, a hanger was born: “Do you want to search for me?”

It means that if you have a good sense of a person, you should know how to understand the personality characteristics of the other party, and Tao white is the best way to understand.

Many people have ridiculed: “Is there still a constellation now?”


As everyone knows, the young people are not only for the constellation, the koi, Tarot brand, and the historical eight characters.

They are not superstitious, just in the tide of 996, play workers, and inner rolls, hoping to be less anxiety.

Sun Yining: Let Wang Song’s incarnation “licking the dog”

It is not Sun Yining, who dares to imagine the “national husband” Wang Si Cong will also love so humble.

When pursuing Sun Yining,

Wang Song has an all kinds of earthquistence.


The most famous is that the saying: “Bao, I will infuse today. What kind of liquid is lost? I miss your night.”

Back to Wang Si Cong’s Sun Ning, the same golden sentence, let the netizens shook.

Wang Si Cong, who was buckled to “licking the dog”, spoke in a circle of friends: “My fuck is not a dog, grass.”


Between night, the net red Sun Ning was red.



For Sun Yining, it is not entirely a good thing again.

Her past was smashed, and her words were staring at people.

In September 2017, there were merchants to explode Sun Yining used promotion to fake money.


The original process is that the merchant sent the product to Sun Yining. She took a few photos, promoted, and ended.

However, the merchant pays the fee, but she is not promoted, nor does it return to the product, and it is a stealth. Later, I was found in a friend circle, and the back is a package of merchants.


The incident was exposed, Sun Yining was silent until this year was coming.

After retreat, Sun Yining is in the wheat,


Mock up the anchor of disabled people

“What kind of people can broadcast? Scared me” and attracted a sound.


Different, this negative to her did not affect her.


High Quality Men: I have more oil than you eat.


Become the “greasy” becomes a net red, Xu Qingen is the first.

In one

“Human high quality men’s high quality women”

In the video, Xu Qingen is in a suit, and the strange makeup, claiming to “human high quality male, one of the few high-net values”. “


Many people have finished watching the video, seriously suspect that he is just a foreign star.


But this does not prevent him all the net.

That is also rapidly out of the photo posture of the sideways called “Human High Quality Take Guide”.


The tiger’s live broadcast even gave him “seeking a special special”. Xu Qingen also said that Harbin beer also invited him to shoot video advertisements.

For a time, the network is full of high quality men / women.

Everyone seems to say people, can’t control actions and expressions.


Net red “Fair’s love sang”, through Jay Chou “gives me a song” with “greasy learning”, but also push the imitation show to a climax, a video praised 365W.

Even the star did not resist the temptation of the traffic, and the next live will be rectified.

All magic, as Xu Qungen started cutting the leeks, abrupt.

High quality or poison traffic, it is coming soon.

How students: the child of others, and apple


In today’s “net red” gradually became a derogatory term, He’s two times of the classmate,


Timely disorderly.

Once, it was a 18-minute remote conversation with Apple CEO Cook.


Another time or with Apple. A video of the classmates called “I did Apple Abandoned Products”, got over 10 million playback at the B station.


In this 8-minute video, he made a “Sai Bopel desk”.


Not only the table is transparent, when the mobile phone is put, there is a “electronic cat” will be automatically moved to the mobile phone.

Every hour, the table will automatically present a glass of water, remind you to drink more water.

After completing the get off work, you will automatically draw the words “getting off work”.

Cool and ground, so fans still don’t leave even if they don’t update their months. Once updated, you must go to you.

Interestingly, many people will compare with another UP master “big slam”.

The two were born in the same year, graduated in the same year, a founding studio, dialogue Cook; a new construction site, the day of the year.

Netizens feel that there is a life in Rome, and there is a boy horse.

Everyone wants to be a classmate, everyone is alive into a big slam, but everyone should have a dream of my classmates.


Havel: 2021 first big flicker

In 2021, there was a net red, separated from the wall, or from abroad to China.

And the reason for the fire is quite out:


In Valencia, Spain, a man named Haville woke up in the hospital, gone,

I only remember my name, and the account password of Tik TOK.

Surprisingly, he said that the world they live is 2027, no one. Mobile phones have WiFi, can only communicate across time and space with our 2021.

In order to prove that he is telling the truth, he showed the netizens of the street without one person.


There is no high speed.

Later, he went to the usual situation and no one in the case.

For example, if it is an epidemic, there is absolutely a busy hospital day and night.

Even the emperor walks into the police station, the fire station.

These video is released afterwards.

Even so, most netizens still don’t believe that he gives him a score of the European Cup, let him enter the museum. China netizen’s proposal is:


When I came to Tiananmen, I believe you.

For such requests, Havir has never responded.

However, this is not a need. Not long, his video has been found by all kinds of bloggers, such as a drone.

In fact, there is no need to reveal, perhaps no one from the beginning.

It’s just to look at it.


Crama, Lao Chen: a sentence scared

“Hello, I am a rebracematic, what are you an aest?”

When Mai Mai, I wore a police uniform, I said this.

It can always scare the opponent, think of “commit matter”.


Once a male dress, a male dress, Mai, Lao Chen mentioned the so-called beauty chat scam, and the other party missed the old Chen in hint, scared immediately dropped the fake set, squatting and said: “Big Brother, I don’t I know that you are doing this, the big brother I didn’t cheat people. “

Of course, Lao Chen is not a scary, but: “Can you download the ‘national anti-fraud center’ app?”

Before this, he has been distressed to maximize the promotion of anti-fraud. Since the paragraph is hot, the trouble is gone.

That time, Lao Chen is top flow,


The anchors rushed to connect with him, Lao Chen even did a live broadcast of the wheat.

When the live stream is turned, it becomes a swain propaganda point.


Some anchors have also made a record with Lao Chen, “I am too powerful, 4,000 online online, I will let them download the national anti-fraud center app.”

However, the named Lao Chen soon had new troubles.

Some people questioned the rationality of his “wearing a live broadcast”, some people suspect that he has commercial purposes, and even someone report him to the unit.

Questioning is like a tide, and Lao Chen helpless announces a stop.

Fortunately, the rumors did not smash the old Chen, and he returned again.

Report old Chen, afraid not a real fraud?

Jingchuan Rui: Pretty ceiling


This year’s top-flow beauty net red is undoubtedly Jingchuan.

She is not a newcomer, I started active on the shake in 2018. Just at the time, she was still pure and soft, she did not warm.


Until this year, she turned to the pure look. Put on hot pants, show the thighs, occasionally black, with pure makeup, look pure and sexy.


Several simple dance videos, let her fans have risen to 20 million.

A blogger who playing hostel, just praised 20,600,000 times because of the 5 seconds of Jingchuan in 5 seconds, he won 20,600 times, and the powder was 100,000.

The flow of Jingchuan is a horror.

the other side,

People who don’t want her are not a few



For example, the clothes are exposed, the expression is blur, always spitting the tongue, intentionally unintentionally hit the ball, in the edge of soft erotic.

Jingchuan is not the first controversial beauty, and it will not be the last one.

With the embarrassment of “garage shake”;


With a hip dance, I won the ambigura K.

Every time, there will be a beautiful woman’s red, and the fire is inexplicably.

As long as you can attract countless old batch eyes, enough.

Henan Xiaoli: Xiao Li cry, all the net is anxious

Xiaoli is only a reporter of Henan Satellite Satellite Minsheng Program “Xiaoli Help”.


In November, she is a person who is distressed by the whole network.

In Anyang, Henan, an old man was bitten by two big dogs. The dog owner was on the spot, and the bite process was also monitored, but the dog owner always refused to recognize the dog.

So the old man found “Xiaoli Help”, I thought that things would be solved soon, I didn’t expect that they didn’t think that they took a dog owner.


The dog owner Wang Xinnang is a public official, facing the lens, his blunt:

Do not believe in monitoring video.

Even, he reflects that the elderly are falling, and they want to say the other party.


Obvious evidence, but


Due to the 9th program, the dog owner did not even apologize.


Didn’t solve the problem in time, I feel wronged and embarrassed.

Xiaoli cry, netizens anger, hot search.

Soon, the Commission for Discipline Inspection is involved, Wang Xin has been suspended, and the old man will apologize. The four units of the Anyang City Administration, Municipal Public Security Bureau Wenfeng Bureau, were reported in the city.


After that, many departments in Anyang opened a long time, reflecting “Dog Biting the Elderly” incident.

The most reflection is:

Don’t work without hot search?


“What can I learn?”

Zhang classmates who have been in halfway are not simple.


In junior high school decision, I have opened the car in the mine, and the entrepreneurial failed. There are two children in the family. When the most difficult time can only borrow money day, this is the day before the family.


In July last year, he began to study short video, watching movie learning and clipping.

At that time, he was criticized by the village:


Don’t look at what conditions for your home, Cheng Tian is not working in business.

They don’t know, before the fire, someone invited him to do the operator with 30,000 monthly salary, and Zhang Tong was refused. “I think it is more likely to be blocked in the village. If you really can’t go on a day, you can use this technology to make money.”

After the fire, some people advised him to broadcast live broadcast, how much it can earn, he refused, “can’t get on the tips of the wind, it is easy to turn.”

Some people have to spend 5 million to buy and break the account operation rights of the classmates, or have not promised.

Still good,

He now became “the hope of the whole village.”

The government said that it is necessary to take out 1 million to the village to repair the road, but also hopes to organize e-commerce training, “Let Zhang classmate will teach some of the skills, may have to teach everyone to form a live town.”

People in the village also changed,

Zhang classmate “The melon is so good”, I have to expect him.


“Don’t you do it behind? What is the stuff in this old poor hill? You can’t sell it. If you have a person who is like this, everyone can follow it.”

Zhang Tong, I am afraid I can’t think of it, I will be “useful”. There is also a wide range of students, but also more students.


A net red, can make people remember or worry, it will inevitably have a wonderful side.

This wonderful, may be derived from his own characteristics, perhaps from what happened around him.

For example, the coat brother, a grassroots net red can be red for ten years, his wonderful neighbors “live power”.

These wonderful, no matter how bad, there is its value, but the premise must be true.

The false wonderful, just the crowd of people who made people, only noisy in the world.

Really wonderful, can let you feel the world’s part, life is more than two lines.

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