Why is there so many “fish” in the decoration of Longquan ceramics?

The decoration of the fish appeared earlier in ancient China, more than 6,000 years ago, there was a symbol of the cultivation of Yangshao culture. It is a symbol of the ancestors to pray for the family and grandchildren; during the Han Dynasty, fish pattern appeared on copper. It is often accompanied by “protecting Yisun”, “rich and professionali …” and other materials such as Tang Song Dynasties, gold and silverware, ceramics, bronze mirroes, have more fishing, forming one Common decorative pattern.


“Fish” and “Yu” homophonic, so I hope that the harvest “has a fish” becomes a beautiful wish. The fish thus has the meaning of “rich”, regarded as a symbol of auspicious.

Pisces is the most common ceramic variety in the Yuan Dynasty. Others are as large as broad traps, large bowls, large cans, etc., which are more thicker, because it is a special type of specializer that appears in the Yuan Dynasty. One of the characteristics of the Yuan Dynasty, the tire decoration, and a large number of Longquan kiln ceramics sold overseas, such as small pots, small cans, piral wash, fish-shaped drops, etc.

In the early days of the Ming Dynasty, Longquan Daleo kiln has unearthed royal boozing royal celadri dishes, and glaze showed plum blue, and the glaze layer is thick, and the work is made. Fish-decorated dragon spring kiln blue porcelain makes a refreshing, type has a molded fish pattern, tire fish pattern, scraping fish pattern, sculpture fish pattern, etc. The molded fish is the most common.


Sculpture fish pattern


The most traditional decorative method is scribed fish pattern. The squid in the Song Dynasty, vividly reproduces the posture of fish in the water. Usually, a pair of fish is relative, just like a playful play. Although the pattern layout is simple, it can make people look around.

Song Double fish ear

Even useful fish pattern. First use the mold, and then paste on both sides of the utensil. Usually the fish is glaze, although the fish is not very clear, the overall shape is very vivid. Double ear is decorated on the perforated bottle, which makes the equipment look more elegant. There is also a downtake sued furnace, and its fish pattern is clear, the fish ear decoration head is facing down, and the tail is facing, it seems very delicate.


Yuanfish ear furnace

The fish pattern in Longquan kiln ceramic is most prominent in the Yuan Dynasty, mainly in printing and sculpture. Although there are not many decorative techniques, the feature of the fish is full, and the fish-shaped types also have a large proportion. The Song Dynasty fish pattern is more scaling, or the bulls used to decorate bottles. Early scratch-style inherits the fineness and smoothness of Yue kiln, the late stage is based on vegetarians, and the two-generation fish pattern in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Song plastic stickers

The squid pattern in Longquan kiln ceramic is determined by the cultural connotation given to the Chinese culture tradition. In the eyes of the ancients, squid is the auspicious thing that passes the letter. During the difficult time of information exchange, the letter is very worthy of fortunate.


Yuan mold print four fish pattern


In the folk culture of my country, there are many legends on squid. Such as “squid Yue Longmen”, “Fish Dragon is the same kind, leaps to Longmen, Jackie Chan.” There is a golden back of the squid, leap to the Yellow River, leap up the dragon gate, and instantly become Jinlong. Therefore, in the hometown of the era and the development of the development, people often use “fish dragon changes” to express the expectations of fate and identity. Yu is a joy, flying Yellow Tengda.

Plastic stickers, four fish pattern


During the Tang Dynasty, the squid was a hundred times worth it. Because Li surname emperor and “” word concert, let the squid have a lot of noble. The history book is recorded, and the Tang Dynasty is Xingxing as the squid, and even the soldiers can also use the squid. When the people catch the squid, the people must be released, the folks also avoid the word “”, the squid is taken as God at this time.


Yuanlongquan kiln fish shaped water

Beautiful fish line not only brings a visual enjoyment, but also auspicious blessings, such as a deep cultural heritage, becoming auspicious thing that modern people pursued. With the continuous improvement of the technology, the craftsman will continue to excel, and the fish-grained decoration is more and more sophisticated in Longquan ceramics.