4 models of the pearl sweater chain, which one do you like most?

In this monotonous winter day, a pearl sweater chain will make you the most beautiful landscape in this boring winter. The pearl sweater chain is fashionable, and the effect of different styles of pearl sweaters is also different. Just out of the hairy hairy chain is stood out in numerous people. Next, let’s take a look at the 4 style of the pearl sweater chain ~

Long double-layer pearl sweater chain


This sweater chain seems very simple, double-layer round pearls, there is no match, but when you put on sweaters, then match this long double pearl sweater chain, you know that you are a pursuit of delicate women. If the single is a sweater, it is very ordinary, there is no highlight.

Short clapher pearl sweater chain


This short-section clavicle pearl sweater chain has long been popular, many stars, models such as models have begun to wear this short sweater chain. Not only can you show your neck lines, but also match the clothes of the V-neck. The match of this pearl sweater chain is really good, especially in the middle, adding the embellishment of the flower shape, it is absolutely.

River Pearl Sweater Chain


For the pearl sweater chain of Jiangsu, everyone should be unfamiliar, a simple tassel, the long chain, swaying tassel, very suitable for winter sweaters, with such a sweater chain, will give people a bright feeling I broke the mediocre aesthetics, which fully improved the female gas field.

Tiantian Pearl Sweater Chain

The word star is still often seen, such as gold bracelets, K gold necklaces, etc., will involve full star. And our pearl necklace also has a stars. The number of pearls in this star sweater chain is not much, the fashion, the delicate and delicate Tria Star Pearl Sweater can support the scene in any occasion.

Dai Anna once said that if a woman can only have a jewelry, it will definitely be a pearl. Pearl Wenzhi is round. Auspicious euphemism. Excellent. So do you have a pearl sweater chain ~