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The evolution of the shoes is like a complicated ideology change, which is our evolutionary epitome.

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Tvroom is a US actress Laa Turner cleaned up the upper (taken in 1939)

Not completely simple history

In several civilizations, the stone people on the Alcatera Prairie are “wearing” high boots, the earliest evidence of human wearing shoes; the first pair of shoes in human beings, there is no inference, decades ago, in Xinjiang landland The “sheep skin woman boots” unearthed in the river was born 4000 years ago, and the “first pair” shoes found in human beings. The archaeologists have been introduced to the hunting method and food source of the landlord.

Clothing can reflect a nation’s civilization. The Beta Shoes Museum in Toronto is the world’s largest footwear museum, which shows the shoes that are unearthed during the ancient Egyptian pyramid. It looks like today’s sandwich slippers, but the footsteps of the footwear are not agree with them. Any contact, “In different civilizations, two similar shoes may have a completely different use.” The pair of sandals woven by reed grass and papyrus, completed the summer application of the first foot in the history of human history, such as the design of the neck of the general sleeve, giving a sense of modernity.

The “sandals” in ancient Greece, inherited Egypt, but showed a change in life. The material of the shoes begins to be comfortable with a hemp or felt, and the leather on the foot has also begun to appear a routing and ornaments. At that time, people have a new understanding of the United States, even if the wagon is used, there is also a practical decoration such as laces.

Although its shape is simple, it represents some identity, king, clergy and nobles to put it on the foot. It is indeed unlike today’s seaside slippers, playing liberal character. It seems that from the beginning, the shoes symbolizes the class, which is the difference between slavery and freedom. The archer makes “Roman Sandals” exaggerated, and advanced leather and gold and silver decorate the symbol of power.

In the same period, the shoes are also divided into categories such as “舄, performances, 屐, boots and 屣”. For the class, the comfortable performance and 舄 are civilians, and the carved complicated is the exclusive society. The products, most of the boots have been assigned to soldiers, and the grass or numbness is considered to be a criminal, and the slaves and prisoners are considered. In addition to the classification, the classification of China’s shoes seems to have intended to emphasize its functionality. In a sense, the class gives different shoes different social mission.

After the silk is incorporated into the Western Region, the shoes become truly gorgeous. Byzantine Empire is close to the East, the shallow shoes is like the cloud of the Tang Dynasty, in today’s view, this is integrated into the Eastern aesthetic shoes, and there are some similar to Laofu shoes. The jewelry on the shoes has a typical Byzantine feature, from the painting of the “Otto II’s Gospel” representing the typical medieval painting style, we can peek to the shoes wearing the churches of each level, speculating their status.

One is often mentioned, is the French “Sun King”, this man who has inhevented the high heels inherently inheaving the legend. However, in the history of shoes, the British King George 3 is a name that is ignored. During the long ruling period, he witnessed a series of military conflicts with the big European continent, where he was conflict, he will set a position in “right angle shoes” in the past thousand years, this sudden actions make a lot People start “find the position of feet”.

Perhaps it is because “the shoes are left”, let the anti-law of George 3 win with the Waterloo, the Waterloo, Napoleon. Rumor, Napoleon admire the art and clothing of the Roman Empire, especially with the front of the knee, before, before, he will polish the boots with the mixture of grease and wax, keep the necessary bright light, this kind of cumbersome move seems to be destined. The defeat. In 1815, the British army took a defeat in Waterloo defeated Napoleon, and the Duke of Wellington, who was leading the British army, only said a word, “our soldier wear the best shoes in Europe.” This sentence is not exaggerated, because defeating the Wellington and Brucher of Napoleon, and finally became a naming of two shoes, Most shoes designed by Brujar were served by the war officer. That is a kind of tongue. The ankle boots in the upper ribbon; Wellington designed a soft-stuck small leather boots, soldiers can wear it in the day, and it can easily step into any occasion at night.

Thanks to the distinction between the left and right foot, people’s clothes become rich, and the shoes have also completed evolution. The costumes of the court aristocrats and opera actors are becoming more gorgeous. The shoes on their feet present more and more obvious M-shaped. This shoe without a buckle is not used to have the name “simple and orthodox” name, so This shoe named “Opera Shoes” has become a prototype of today’s shoes.

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A group of Oxford University in the 19th century, wearing the popular Oxford Shoes at the time

Mental injection

The emergence of uniform men’s shoes is a spiritual bondage, at least its original intention.

Monk Shoes precedes to invented shoes, so it is known as one of the oldest shoes in the West. The strip and metal buckles across the upper and metal buckles are the iconic characteristics of the monk shoes. It comes from the medieval European monastery shoes, belts with metal buckles across the foot, next to feet, this iconic appearance The French designed in the 18th century is widely popular, even got the preference of the royal family.

Oxford Shoes (BROGUE) and BROGUE, was born in the 16th century, which is the work equipment when Scotland and Irish work in highland areas. After the Duke of Windsor put Brock from the country, they entered the England gentleman class. There have been such a record -17th century, whether in indoor or outdoor, it is tight and high. In the middle of the 17th century, a black boots called “Jackboot” gradually occupied the mainstream. However, the Exford University students who are alone don’t love the “stretched foot” shoes, and they want the “binding” under the foot to be easily taken off. After the improved Oxford shoes, there is a M-shaped head, and the space is left on both sides of the body. The shoes are tight, and the 3 to 5 pores can be tied. The Spanish architect Gaudi once said that the straight line belongs to humanity, and the curve belongs to God. By hundreds of years, each curve and pore decoration added above the Oxford Shoes are more accurate, no matter what is the difference and details, when you use the lace to enclose Oxford Shoes When the enclosed lacing is tied, the shoe wing will become a whole piece, which is the biggest difference between it and Derby shoes and a response to the initial binding.

According to the “History of Shoes”, the 3rd President Thomas Jefferson is ladied in Oxford Shoes in the lace. At that time, this pair of shoes were still very fresh in the United States, so Jefferson caused a sensation. . Jefferson didn’t want to be uncommon in the fashion field. He is only 1785 to 1789, and it is affected by the new revolutionary spirit when he is a US residentary government. They think this is more “democracy”.

The British put the shoes out of the shoe. Always, conservative, courteous, respectable women are the guidelines of the British gentleman, in the Ridge movie “two big smoke guns”, four street blending like the head in dim street, they are wearing The thick windbreaker, only a trip tube and a pair of shoes under the corner, that is the only information they want to reveal to others – we all wear shoes. Large-scale production creates the UK’s working class. The workers are isolated from the upper class, just a pair of shoes. Side shoes have a special ceremony, which is a symbol of mixing in high-end occasions. In the movie “Dang Rogue”, the director Paul McGan shaped a killer who admires senior European fashion, even if it is necessary to force the clothes and shoes to neat clothes when they are fueling, so I will temporarily forget myself from the bottom. identity.

In order to shape this “gentleman” feel, in the UK novel, the shoe store often describes a place with a story. From the movie “Ace Agent” to the British drama “Shoe Branch”, there is no exhibition of the British in the dress, and when they go down the shoes or laces, it will generally reveal a unknown Mission.


In the other film of Gay Ridge, the actor Ben Nio Del Toro played a “four finger gamblers”. In addition to good fortune, he still has another hobby. Custom-made suit and shoes. Traditional British shoe stores will ask you four feet in a month, from the start to finally grind, take 60 days. The shoeher is like a private feet, if you have changed a shoe store, that represents your life is also changing.

In addition to the British, the US black group has a more paranoid favorite, especially Jordan shoes. After Simpson (OJ Simpson), it is no longer an idol in the black group until Jordan’s appearance, the sneakers with the airmail sign seem to be highlighted with a group and the culture it contains. It is a material that transcends the spiritual symbol, and it seems that everyone wants to get something from the moment we put it.

P. J. Tak of the Houston Rockets seems to be because the shoes enter NBA becomes a player. On Instagram, people call him “shoes king” because all information in his homepage is related to the shoes. On the NBA Story, he tasted the rare limited amount, or the classic sneakers that were suspended. Sometimes, he was still changing the shoes in rest, that is his “good luck”, he thinks his own ball Start in a single step.

In 2016, Jordan went to the game to see the ball, see “AJ Marion” at the foot of Tuckatar: Where did you start this pair of shoes? Tak said: I am there, and there is a black black at home. Although Tak has always said that he does not care about “Shoes King”, and it is not for sports shoes, but on June 7, 2018, the NBA player will still give him “Shoe King Award” to him.

In Beijing or Shanghai sports shoe store, occasionally see some price of tens of thousands of limited models, purchases have said that these expensive shoes are not worn, most is used to collect. Such an example is visible globally, the shoe fans put a pair of shoes that are born for the stadium into the tide box, just to make some feelings in the heart become eternal.

Of course, some people think that the shoes are boring. When the star Barkley makes a spokes for a shoe, he said: “This is my new shoes, the shoes are very good, but we don’t get like me.” As rich, you will not let you have a basketball skill like me, and you will not let you become like me. You just have a pair of shoes, just this. “

Hidden feet

Such a description in “History of Shoes”: The color of the shoes often symbolizes power. In 800, Charlie Man Emperor became the emperor of the Roman Empire. After conquering most of the European, Charlie Man was wearing an incredible red leather shoes, with gold and grandmother green, with him inlaid with jewelry crown. . The purple red is also a color of the Royal Shoes. In the early days of the Roman Empire, only the emperor can wear a purple-red skin sandals, which embroidered with the gold line, with a golden eagle on the back. According to Roman law, whoever dares to wear the same shoes will be exiled and lost all the property. Some Roman rulers are very picky to the color and decoration of the shoes wearing the people. The emperor of the Oreliang has announced that anyone is not allowed to wear red shoes except for himself and the successor. Herrio Baruce Emperor prohibits any women’s decoration with gold and jewelery, of course, in which the highest level of women in the aristocracy.

Not long ago, the British fourth channel played a documentary on “Red Side” “Christie Rubuper: The world’s most extravagant shoes”, in the film, French designer Rubpeto himself is like a fashion area. Outside the craftsman, he took the elements from this culture, and finally inserted on a high heel of 40 yards.

He is not the typical luxury industry. He does not pay attention to the body, not so unhappy to wear, he rides a motorcycle to attend activities, only in order to save the time of the pluck, the lattice also carries assistants. However, for women’s feet, his interpretation is more like a psychologist, he wants to shape a sexy, but use a means of completely covering. The French writer, who is called the meditation, said that there is something, in order to show it, first you have to conceal it.

Red sole shoes are shaped “female rights”, which makes many buyers can’t say that they fall in love with this pair of shoes. A lady from Shanghai purchased hundreds of red shoes in France, like collections; some people think this pair of shoes will create their own sexy and sexy brings confidence. The real charm of red sole shoes is that you know that it is red, but you can’t see it; in other words, unless you turn over the lady. The distance between the heel and the sole is the most important design parameters of Luubu, the closer to the distance, the more sexy, he frank, it is not an erotic, but the lust. This is a modern emotion.

The height of the heel is also a parameter. Many years ago, a Ph.D. Davis pointed out that the more economy, the higher the shoes of high heels. Economists who hold this view are not in a small number, they believe that women in love wear flat shoes in terms of economic prosperity and prosperity. In the 1920s, low heels and flat shoes were sold well; however, during the “Great Depression” period, low-heeled shoes and flat footwear sales decreased, while sales of high heels increased.

Of course, this index is also changing. According to a recent survey, since the global financial crisis in 2008, there has been directly positive and relevant to the economic situation of the British women’s shoes, that is, when the economic situation is relatively good, women have increased the demand for ultra high heels; the economy is relatively When you are downturn, they prefer to buy low-heel and make feet more comfortable shoes. Just like the economic loss, the red sales will often rise against the market.

People wearing shoes, shoes

Shoes are picking people. The world’s most famous pair of shoes come from “Green Fairy”, which is a crystal shoe mentioned in Cinderella’s story, and the simple story contains class, sex, power, and of course, but also shaped a kind of love concept. Later, this fairy tale product became a reality by the designer Zhou Yangjie (Jimmy Choo), he designed a high heel with 1000 Swarovski crystal diamonds. The creative director of the brand, I think all the girls have a Cinderella dream, Cinderella’s story ignited the spark of love, and the girl’s fantasy of crystal shoes is still insequent. Then, she added, the price of this crystal shoe is $ 4595. Obviously, this reality of crystal shoes are not a civilian product.

Shoes become a public consumer product, after World War II. Previously, a pair of shoes can be multi-function, which can be applied to a variety of occasions. After the “World War II”, the shoes subsidiaries began to emphasize their single function, so people have begun to buy different shoes like purchase game equipment or collection. “007” is a typical example. He was a kind of consumption guidance, telling people a pair of shoes is a life, Wayfarer sunglasses and Omega, Wayfarer sunglasses and Omega, which wear CROCKETT & JONES or John Lobb. Overlifted, in the multi-state foreign language, you can become a real man.

Lana Turner is an American actress active in the fifteenth or fifteenth or her 75-year-old, people have seen nearly 7,000 high heels collection in her home, but in Italy. In a fashion museum in Florence, a famous luxury brand Fragamo is a special shoe model for it.

Phil Knight is the founder of Nike, wrote its own history “shoes dog” (Shoe Dog), he said that the junk businessman is not selling products to consumers, but selling consumers to the product . This is true. When the shoe begins to become a cultural attachment, the pop life of a pair of shoes is shortened. As the “desire city” is the most classic line: standing on the high heels, I can see the real world, so that the feet are uncomfortable, not the height of the shoes, but desire.

On the essay “Wear Sneakers to the Barber Shop”, the spring tree mentioned that he has always wanted to be a boy. In his opinion, the boy’s standard is not more than three points: wearing sports shoes; not self-defense; monthly Go to a barber shop, not a beauty salon. He said that the so-called wearing sports shoes is mainly relative to leather shoes. He said that the days of perfecting shoes are succumbed, and it is not comfortable in that only a few times.

Once I was sitting with the cross talk actor Ma Zhiming, he wearing a long shirt, the foot is a pair of leather old shoes, and the white socks are very clean, and it is very conspicuous. Before he came to the stage, he deliberately went to the background to change the shoes of the layout, asked if he had answered, the skin is booming, the Taizhu, let the audience are not good, I feel that you are not kind.

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