Is it a fashion black hole in the down vest?


With the gradual diversification of style aesthetics, everyone’s acceptance of a variety of items is getting higher and higher, even if it is more controversial, we will feel that it is not ugly, but it will not wear.

But you can see, there are some special items, because of its own “defectiveness”, no matter how upper body match is good, it still can’t change its “destruction” to the style, so that you look back.

Such single items, we will often use “fashion black holes” to call it.

Today is going to talk

Down vest


It is one of the black holes.

Speaking of the down vest, many people should pass, but it is just that the choice of clothing is just in the hands of the adults, and when you have a certain experience, it will often avoid it. Even if the “vest trend” has not been fired in recent years.

Winter down vests, like summer denim shorts, in many people’s eyes, this is the item that should not exist.

This point of view is a bit too much, and there is a certain actual reason.

Today, the down jacket has been completely changed, but the down vest is still in a familiar and strange embarrassment.




We can see the down vest as a down jacket without sleeves.

This is exactly the main reason.


To keep warm, revealing two hands down vests, keep warm and down jacket, because “integrity” is insufficient, it will reduce the style of style, it seems to be more prominent torso, The overall is not strong, not chic enough.


Therefore, many people will think that chooses a down vest, it is better to choose a down jacket.


Even in comparison with the same type of vest monet.

Whether it is a gentleman vest, or a hot function of the vest is good, the existence of the down vest will be even more weak.

It is not too obvious personality label, mediocre, fill, let it be more expanded, not so simple, not too easy to upper.

Incomplete, expand, lack sufficient style personality

It is the fatal weakness of the down vest, which makes it do not have how much trendy, and it will also destroy the overall style effect after the upper body.

Even if the model on the show is interpreted, many times, it is not so “foreign”, it is placed.

According to this, the down vest is indeed worthy of the name of the black hole.

However, if “existence is reasonable” is correct.


Then the leaves individual guess, the down vest belongs to a single product that is more practical than fashionable, and it exists. It is more, when you wear it, the down vest will bring you when you go out. Many warm protection.

Also, because it is easy to form “out of the stamping” with other clothes, it will also be more boss, it will also conveze out the clothes inside.

Secondly, like other vests, the down vest is also in the stacked style, belonging to an excellent intermediate single product choice, just wants to overlay it, not so easy.

Everything is annoying, you will definitely like it.

If you are a few people who have an emotion of the down vest, or want to try some new patterns, the destroyable down vest is not “unhappy”, at least we can make it look smooth on the eyes a little.

In this way, the down vest can also enter the female child.

First of all, we have to remember a principle. Anyone who is in its own personality like a down vest is not protruding, a single product of a mediocre, and a good style is the first standard.


Of course, “good style” does not refer to the sudden design of the sky, the opposite is to ask as low as possible.


For the down vest, there is no bright color of the brightness of its choice, such as black, gray, blue, military green, etc., which is not only better.

The deep color of the dark color can also make itself not have a personalized down vest, which can glow a little rare texture, slightly higher than some beautiful colors.

So, in wearing a down vest, you can completely come to all Black’s full color style.

Inside and outside, the colors of the whole body are roughly unified, and it can avoid the “trap” of the down vest to be easily detached. It is also more pleasing natural, but compares the all black of other clothing, it will also bring obvious three-dimensional Effect.

The above leaves also said that the Dushing jacket is generally only two, wearing the outermost, or as an intermediate layer.

Let’s take a look at the first one.





In fact, as the outermost structure of clothing, there are two forms of the down jacket, which is not a zipper?


Don’t look at this one-to-ordinary action, it’s very different for its impact on the overall style.

If not zipper, it is actually no longer belonging to the category of vest, and more like a short section without sleeves.

Since it does not have the package of ordinary jackets, plus expansion, it will make it alone, no coherers in it, this is why the leaves say it more highlights the reasons for clothing.


If you want to open a dump jacket, you ask you to complete your own match itself.


It will also be equivalent to a focus mirror, which makes it out of your original style.

Based on this matching guide, we often see, winter, many gentlemen will be outside his already uniform suit, and then put a down vest.

Although this will weaken a little gentleman’s temperament, it can bring a different style while giving you a certain warmth.


When choosing a jacket down vest, because the down vest itself should be short, it is recommended that your coat is contrary to too long, it is best to be a short jacket, like a coat windbreaker these long coats to take a down vest. In fact, there is no significance.

Instead, it will destroy the elegant characteristics of the long coat itself, and it is also high, and it is more than one.

When the dump vest is placed, it is still single, it is still the property of the vest.


But compare the dangers of other vest models, the dangers of the down the down vest are relatively large, it does not have too much light and feel, it seems to be more infested, more redundant.


Here we should put your eyes in the lower body, the pants should avoid slimming, select straight or wide legs, more loose trousers, so that the contour of the up and down can be balanced.

The relaxation brought by the pants can also make the upper body of the down vest look so much bloated, stiff.

The second wear, put the down vest as the inner layer, and wear in the intermediate layer.

This is a bit similar to our “liner”, but the down vest is obvious as the advantages and disadvantages of the inner line, it is more warm, but also because of its expansion, it will bring “big belly” after the degree of expansion “The phenomenon.

If you want to avoid this, it is more thin, not so bent style, is the first choice for the down vest.

In fact, in the inner use of the down vest, some people will wear its door.

Leaf individual does not recommend everyone to try.

If tie, including jackets, many times people can see only a simple two-layer structure, plus down the down surface is not very hard, not only there is not so simple.

On the contrary, this will also make your overall shape have a feeling of password, a lot of mediocre.

Put the down vest as an intermediate layer, open it to wear, due to the duvet texture and a lot of clothing, the most in the bottom of the bottom, the outermost coat, can easily create clear and clear The laminated structure is both warming, and it will not destroy the elegant characteristics of the jacket.


The down vest is single (outermost layer), and it is the same as the internal time.

When the outermost is single, we will ask it to spread the point, there will be a more distinctive stereotropical feeling; and when you do it, you need it “”, so you can easily natural, lying on you Arms.

I don’t know if I have finished reading, will everyone change to the down vest’s “fashion black hole” attribute?