Wild fishing non-Raiders selected + reading floating float signal

Drifting the eyes of the fishing process, this will tell how to choose floats with rod to the object fish, how to understand floating drifting?

The vagrant’s vision is normal, and the routine wildfishing water is 2-4 meters deep. Personal suggestions are as follows:

Select the drift, take the standard golden eye reed material type floating as an example, slender drifting: slightly short, long, fine tail, drifting part of 1.5 grams -2.2 grams, the number of drift is about 15 eyes, the total length 50 cm is better.

The deeper the water, the choice of the number of drifts, the total amount of lead should be, the greater, easy to pass through the aqueous layer. The slender breeze relative to the jujube nucleus is more stable in the wild fishing waters, and the water and conductive eating signals are more timely and accurate.

It is not recommended to eat less than 1.5 grams of a plum that is less than 3 grams, because the lead is too small, and the artificially leads to the water layer to the time extension. When the primary fish species, the middle fish is added to the fisherman and fish flow, water flow, and fish collision.

Eating a small drift, throwing a rod, causing the raw wire to stay away from the center of the neck, and the fonding method will also cause the throwing frequency to slow down and capture the corresponding chance of the fish mouth; eat lead than 3 Keep off the water and quiet, in the black wind, high quiet water is easy to surprise the big individual fish, which is not conducive to giving.

Select Principle: Quickly can go to the bottom, the smaller the amount of lead, the higher the drift sensitivity, the better, there is no fixed drift, no expensive is a good statement, peacique feather, Barrop, nano-material, suitable personal look The most beautiful.


The key is that the fisherman’s drifting: reading, understanding, loves the drift, and the decision-making capacity for the size of different objects, different waters.

Fishing: Most of the fishing friends choose fishing flat water fishing 1-3 If you don’t fish, when you apply fishing in the bottom of the rock car, the fishing is selected to be 7-13 blood; fishing grass fish, squid, middle fish seeds hanging corn, using long adjustment to load gravity can be carried out, Dunk free conversion.

Wild Robei main attack time, I like dusk until the early morning or in the morning, because of the water, there is no small fish, the big object is, and the mouth is true and accurate.

Grab the mouthpiece: One kilogram is quite a small, the fish group is in the nest, the normal standard drift phase is the bait, revealing the fishing, that is, there is a moving, the slight top half-eyed is no power, at this time Most of the fish flocks in the nest, the water flow produced by the fish or swimming or rope is in the mouth of the test.

Cut the body, the more eating mouth, the smaller … This time does not fill the pole, the breathing, reduce the movement, the hand is eye-catching, the power is steady, etc. It is instantaneous to play my face …

Such a bleak like this requires a low eye of the fish, highlighting! Drifting flat, water blunt, catching dead mouth is getting, but comparable to this adjustment fish will definitely be greatly reduced.

Want to keep this breeze, the bait water ratio is soft and hard and slightly soft, hook hook door width, hook polar sharp degree is reasonable, especially the key!

If this is a breeze, fishing, the hook tip is 12 o’clock, indicating that the parties are correct and reasonable, if the pointer is less than 3 o’clock or 10 points or often the navigation rod hangs, indicates that a certain link except The problem is like hooking the hook, the bait is too hard to drift water, etc., the discharge should be checked.


The rest of the attention details: The space beans of locking seat should not be too tight, should leave one-third centimeter softness, so that the drift is more vertical, no human obliqueity; open the locking lead skin 3-10 cm, It is the so-called small slip lead to minimize resistance, so that the eating port is increased.

When the fishing is long, the original is not moving or the action, it must be immediately checked whether the original tuning is accurate, and the quality of the riftiness sometimes has problems to eat water; find the accuracy of the bottom.

In this way, it is interested in the floating drifting of the personal fishing Raiders, and it is not intended to be unreasonable.

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