What is the gentle ladies suitable for the perfume?

1, Stra McCartney Stella


Her taste is like a wine that has been made with roses, and it has a slightly drunk aroma. The wet floral is vividly 气 气 气 气 气,, 了, 沉 沉 沉 沉 沉 沉 沉 沉 沉 沉 沉 沉 沉 沉Like women who drink alone at the table, the wine and flowers covered her heart, and hooked up all kinds of style.

2, Parma Water Veli Peony Acqua Di Parma Peonia Nobile

Sweet fruit incense and water grilled flowers, the whole flavor is bright and elegant. In this perfume, there is no feeling of light, but dignified, people who have been described as “national colors”, there is a graceful beauty, and there is an elegant temperament in the supreme.

3, 同 同 香 (Pork Ribbon) Chloe Eau de Parfum


The small and exquisite lychee rose, there is still a fresh green breath, as if it is in the Rose Garden. This lovely aroma is full of vitality, like a girl who is dancing with a tattoo ballet skirt, a thin dress is wrapped in a soft line, and has the most flexible manners of girls.

4, Popular Juliet Romantic Street Lane (Romanina) Juliette Has A Gun Romantina


Her smell is calm and soft, white flowers and roses into a group, and patchouli brings a faint medicinal. Wooden fragrance and flowers are difficult to divide, the taste is very gentle, gentle to the bones. Close to her, even the mood will become soothing. She will stand behind the woman to support your woman, and the anxiety is also primate by her.

5, Bulgari flower dance light (Purple) bvlgari Omnia Amethyste


Her forward is a very weak and short grapefruit. The powder brought by violet is like a smog in the air, and the mixture is mixed with a little green leaves. The flowers of the roses are positive, but they are not like a rose. Due to the addition of some flowers, the lipid powder became like the pollen on the flower, with a fluffy fluffy. Under the heroes, you can explore the wonderful and light cloves, quiet and beautiful, just like the main tone of the bottle, is a very elegant purple. She reminded that Dai Wangshu’s “rain lane”, the same girl who is injectable oil and umbrella.

6, Tipitak Duzan (late Xiang Yu) Eau De Toilette DO SON EDT

The enchanting of Duanese, from the extreme collision of the cold and charming, forming a chic demon. In this perfume, the gardenia is hot, the petals are blown by the evening wind, and a small rain makes it with some water, which is more weak. It was originally thought to be a cold flowers, but I met a sapphire. It is like a charming that is unintentionally revealed, cold and charming, and the enchanting is the extreme.

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