The big foot, more and more markets quietly rise “sell big shoes”

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Wenzhou Net News “My child seems to be long before, and then began to grow up.” “The child’s feet are too long, can you grow high in the future?” “The child’s classmates come home to play, take off the shoes really A pair than a pair of big “… In recent years, many parents have found that there are more and more children. Have a parent: the child’s foot is a lot more than yourself. The reporter has recently visited that the child’s foot has become a common phenomenon, and the shoes distribution on the market will also be adjusted.

Parents: big feet in a year

Xiaoshu read the sixth grade of primary school this year, there is 182 cm high, and the shoes should be wore 44 yards. “In February last year, the shoe code wears 41. Now we have to wear 44 yards.” Music’s mother Wang Fengmei told reporters that the middle and small stories have been long, “shoes change, a pair of shoes Up to half a year, the shortest is only two months. “

Wang Fengmei said that he is less than one meter, and the husband will be nearly one meter. “Maybe the children are nutritious, often exercise, and it is better.”

There are also some parents worry about buying shoes because of their children’s feet. “The 44-yard shoe is difficult to buy, the mall will always be out of stock.” Ms. Li told reporters that her child will wear 44 yards in the second, and the body is 175 cm. “The child is fast, but the change of height is not so obvious, I am always worried that he is not long in the future.”

Survey: The best-selling size in the ball shoes is getting bigger

“The same paragraph is a price, sometimes some big size is better.” Ms. Ms. Citizen Tang was inqui 44 yards of sneakers without discount, Wenzhou’s first hundred goods store Nike counters Lin Sufang reply. Lin Su Fang did five years in the sportswear sales industry. She felt that the best-selling size in the shoes in the past few years is getting bigger.

In addition to Nike, some of the stores of Li Ning and Adidas counters have the same feelings. “Now some primary school students, although the one is not high, but the shoes should wear a big code.” Li Ning counter, Chen Xuepee told reporters, the previous 39 yards, 40 yards of the women buying the most, in recent years, 41 ~ 43 yards are more popular .

“There are many girls who buy 39 yards shoes, but this code number is not much distribution, and if the shortage is out of stock, the shoes will be sent to consumers.” Lin Su Fang said that in the traditional distribution method, the tail code number distribution is the least, the middle code number distribution is most.

In order to match the purchase needs, some stores will adjust the distribution ratio according to the sales situation. Wenzhou First Failure Adidas Counter is introduced, sometimes the ratio of both sides to the middle code will be adjusted from 1: 2: 3 to 1: 3: 2, increase the distribution of large size shoes. “Adi also has a different style, the maximum number of codes has 48 yards.”

Doctor: Bone age judgment is more accurate

Zhu Sipin, the second hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wen, said that the development of the limb is related to the development of genetics, environmental, diet, and genes. In the past few years, with the improvement of living, you will become a normal phenomenon.

“The height will affect the length of the foot, but the football does not necessarily affect the height.” Zhu Sipin said that the size of the foot is basically fixed by the general child’s adult. He suggested parents, in the process of child development, to change the size of suitable shoes.

For the “long first long feet”, Shen Xinsheng, deputy chief physician, deputy chief physician, the deputy chief physician of the Junior and Western Medicine Hospital, is part of the parent’s parent. “Under normal circumstances, the bone development of the human body is synchronized. There is no location in which one is long.” Shen Xinheng said, maybe because the foot pair of comfort is high, the shoes are small, and immediately It will be aware of the longness of the foot, but it is not so keen on the change of height.

“According to the degree of development of the bone bone, it is an important basis for judging the height.” Cai Chengsi, the Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, Chinese and Western Medicine, believes that height is more accurate than the length of the foot, and the bone age will be more accurate.

Data: There is also a height of the feet.

“After 00, after 10 after 10, the high sizes are really a lot.” Ye Jinna is the Chinese teacher of Wenzhou Juvenile Swimming School, with more than ten years of education, she feels higher and higher in recent student.

Last year, Wenzhou Education Bureau Physical and Virtue Department issued a “2017-2020 Wenzhou Student Height Data Analysis Report” in 2017 ~ 2020. The report shows that the average height growth in Wenzhou City in recent years is obvious.

Data show that during 2017 ~ 2020, the first grade of primary schools will remain stable in the first grade of primary school, and only a weak growth amplitude. In 2020, the three-year male, the average height of girls reached 174.18 cm, 162.31 cm respectively, an increase of 1.77 cm, 1.67 cm respectively than 2017.

Cai Chengsi told reporters that the boy usually began to develop from the age of 11, 13 years old, 14 years old, to the peak at the age of 14, is 17 years old, and is basically shaped at 18 years old, and the girl’s development is more than boys two years. “Sports, diet, sleep, and mood will affect the height of the child.” Cai Chengsi said that parents can use the cycle of growing their children to help them grow up healthily.

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