Zhang Tian loves the dust, wearing green pleated skirt with sweater, high-quality temperament

Xiaomi quotations: Zhang Tian loves the body and tall, full of youthful girl, we must practice Xiaoxi to introduce the yoga style introduced, so the state can be obtained!


When you mention Zhang Tian, ​​everyone is still more familiar, but when she just came off, no one knows who she is. Later, I was invested in “Prince Primrit” before he remembered that since then, he began to rush straight. In fact, Zhang Tian loves to have an outstanding acting. Her shape is really beautiful, giving people a feeling of dust, especially the body is tall, let people can’t help but look more!


Recently, Zhang Tian, ​​I shared a group of photo photos, and her shape in the photo, a black long-standing hair was scattered on the shoulder, and the hair was not on the right, forming a half-shielding effect, let her The face is more small and exquisite. The face is elegant, like the beauty of it, it is a self-confidence of his skin, and the five senses are three-dimensional, and there is a delicate smile on his face. It looks more and faded.


Zhang Tian loves the upper body is a light green sweater, a slightly loose version, can modify the body line, so that the upper body looks more slim. And the sweater comes with a moving breath, wearing the sky love, so that she has a feeling of youthful, the lower body is a pleated dress, and the green tone is also a new and sweet feeling, and the pleated model is rich in visual Effect.


The skirt of the skirt is relatively long, and it has fallen to the position of the calf. It is slightly revealing a small cut leg, slender and straight, more tight feelings, and the perfection of the legs from the details. A pair of pointed leather boots, color tone is elegant, wearing on her feet, visually stretching the lower body proportion, plus a black windbreaker, the whole person is highly provoked, the gas field is also very good.

Women’s temperament and body are equally important, long-lasting fitness can harvest your body, but temperament is still trying to work hard, but there is a way of movement, you can have a fresh and sweet temperament and a graceful figure, that is, yoga, let’s come together have a look!


LOOK1: thin back


Holding this part is not easy to exercise, and if this part has a fat, it will give a feeling of a tiger’s bear waist. We need targeted exercise, yoga is a good choice.


The elbow supports the body inserted, then the upper body is straight or not, the legs remain straight, the left leg points up the sky, and the left leg is reduced to focus, keeping parallel to the ground.

It is still the elbow support, so that the body is inverted, then the upper body is straight, tightened back the muscles, so that the legs remain close together, then reducing the height in the direction of the abdomen, keeping parallel to the ground.

The left leg exhibits a bow on the left, and the right leg is straight to the right side, and the upper body is bent to the left side. After keeping back straight, then let the left hand on the left leg, the right hand is straight upward, five fingers.

Tiger, the first is that both hands are straight, the legs are standing on the yoga pad, then the head is lifted, and the body also shows a certain curvature, raising the left leg and raised the left leg. .


LOOK2: thin arm

The arm is as important as the woman, and the thick arm makes you look like a man, so that you will no longer have a woman, so we have to practice yoga, lose the fat on the arm.

First relax, stand on the ground, then tilt forward, let the body keep parallel to the ground, then double-handed, exposed the forefinger, and the left leg is lifted backwards and keeps the posture.

Wheel, first is the posture standing in the legs, then straight straight backwards, slow down the waist to support the elbow, the body forms a ring of a ring, then force the lower abdomen, legs straight.

Standard elbow stereo, both hands supported on the ground, then bend the elbow support, keep the upper body straight state, the legs exhibit a straight line with the body, keeping a close-up, do not show any curvature.

For Zhang Tian Ai, it is possible to do whatever you want, even if you don’t worry-free clothing, you can wear very slim feelings, which must be attributed to long-term fitness. The yoga style introduced in the small dense is a simple and easy fitness method. The slimming plastic effect is very outstanding, everyone insists on exercises!