Creative coat rack, create a beautiful home

Home, it is the private space of our daily life, and it is also the harbor of the rest. A whole, beautiful home, need us to dress up every corner, but often ignore the unpreparent hats. In fact, a high-value harecapk stand, not only has the original clothing storage function, but also the role of decorative home.

Creative landing hanger

The horizontal flooring coat frame is designed, and the wooden structure is safe and strong. The unique tree shape, let the clothes, bags, the use of the practical and artistic beauty, integrate the elegant natural charm into the home life.

Solid wood wall hanging harach


This is a clothing shelf that can be placed directly on the wall, a hook of metal material, safe and secure, long working, and uses a vertical wall more savings. Multi-color optional, harmonious with your home improvement style.


Simple bamboo solid wood coat

With thick bamboo materials, the coat racks made, strong and solid, environmentally friendly, and will reveal the natural nature. The appropriate folding can be carried out according to the placement space, which is more convenient. The bottom powerful storage space makes the storage have become simple.

Floor-standing bamboo hat

Widen the thick base structure, which has a good loadmability while stability. Choose natural alpine bamboo, which is more safe and durable. Simple installation design makes your girls can easily get it. It’s better to hang the second wear clothes.

American Country Creative Coat


This American cloak holder has a variety of use functions, which makes it easy for multiple storage, and the following structures are convenient to place some commonly used materials and books. The top hook is solid, and the single hook can be worn for 16kg. No matter from practicality or decorative, this hats can meet your needs.


Living room wall-mounted coat rack

If you don’t like the place-style hare, you can choose this wall. Use bamboo production racks, strong, warm and simple, emit fresh atmosphere of nature. Simple design combines the hat hook and the rack, and the fresh style can make the walls to get rid of monotonous caves.


Nordic Original Mural Hanging Hanger

The material of the solid wood is firmly stable through the shelf, which shows the northern European simple refreshing temperament. Featured rubber solid wood, hard texture, more significant. Details highlight quality, finely polished smooth round horns allow you to be scratched by sharpness when you use.


Japanese floor walnut wooden hat


This Japanese-style coat rack, simple shape, but also very catching people. Brunette walnut is a steady and deep. Five roads, no matter anything placed at home, you can have complement. The big space gives a larger space for hanging clothes, but also a more comfortable and tidy living space.