Mengniu held a laboratory to promote lactic acid bacteria in Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

On August 8th, China Xinwang on August 8th, Mengniu Group celebrates the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hohhot. At the meeting, Mengniu announced the joint innovation laboratory of lactic acid bacteria and formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Inner Mongolia Agricultural University. The two sides will establish and maintain long-term stable sustainable cooperation models in the fields of strains development, lactic acid bacteria, and their commercialization, talent training, and continue to explore cooperation potential. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, COFCO Group and Mengniu Presencing leaders attended the signing ceremony.

Mengniu and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University will jointly set up a joint innovation laboratory of lactic acid bacteria


“The people take food for the sky, the food is the first”, and the breast industry is an important force to promote the “healthy China” strategy. As a leading enterprise in the domestic dairy industry, Mengniu has always been responsible for the promotion of national health care, and adheres to the top probiotics research technology resources in promoting probiotic core innovation and industrialization.

In order to strengthen the core technology of lactic acid bacteria and its application, the development of functional probiotics and products suitable for Chinese intestinal health, Mengniu launched the relevant autonomous research innovation work, cooperation with Denmark, France and other countries Advanced and extensive technical experience in formulating sorghum screening and product standards. In 2011, domestic lactic bacteria strains with independent intellectual property rights were in the Mengniu, breaking the dilemma of domestic dairy companies. ” Mengniu and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build a joint innovation laboratory of lactic acid bacteria, surrounding the establishment of world-class lactic acid bacteria resource library, developing probiotic strains and fermentation products suitable for different populations, and launched probiotics fermentation milk to human intestinal bacteria The goal of the intervention of the group continues to work hard.

Industry experts pointed out that Mengiu’s success in Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, not only hope to expand the new pattern of lactic acid bacteria with my country’s independent intellectual property rights, but also more suitable for the current status of the Chinese people’s body, health function more improved yogurt products crucial. Inner Mongolia’s scientific and technological power, in terms of probiotics research, especially in Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in the study, development and utilization of lactic acid bacteria resources. Mengniu will adopt this cooperation, lending the rich probiotics resources and advanced research results in Inner Mongolia, returning home inner Mongolia, making more contributions to the development of my country’s dairy industry.

As a dairy industry born in Inner Mongolia, Mengniu grows from the prairie in 20 years to the whole world, and has got consumers’ full recognition and good feedback from the market. In 2017, Mengniu has been steadily ranking top ten global dairy industry, and the low-temperature milk products have won the first market share for 14 consecutive years.

In the future, Mengniu will adhere to the “consumer-centered, become an innovative and leading 100-year nutrition and health food company”, continue to support the transformation of the implementation and achievements of the various parties to research projects, use practical actions to build health, nutrition, high quality Dairy products, realize brand responsibility and philosophy of promoting national health.