Children’s furniture brand recommended Disney children’s furniture price is generally

If you plan to buy furniture to your child, most people will choose children’s furniture, hoping to keep children reserved a pure, the following is the recommended brand recommendation, many people will pay attention to it, such as very curious Disney Children The price of Disney is generally?

First, children’s furniture brand recommendation

1, Shi Mengbao X.M.B

Xim Mengbao is a famous trademark in Fujian Province, which is the first furniture brand that enters children’s subordinate shopping malls. Choose depressed wood-colored materials, humanized planning, let child funny and safely combine in home.

2, more love A-OK

I love children’s furniture first brand. Through scientific theories and planners’ fine research, we will announce the promotion of furniture brands in all aspects of jurisprudence, creativity, and love, etc. Since the love of many children.

3, Songbao Kingdom

The Kingdom of Songbao was established in 2013. The brand has always adhered to the operational philosophy of “shopping mall demand, talent training, and all-in-life”, and initiative to have a healthy home life in China, in the domestic children’s industry leading position.

4, Ya cool music

Ya cool is a brand of Xuzhou Wanxin Furniture Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies integrating, producing and selling. It is a famous brand of children’s furniture.

5, Disney

Disney Children’s Furniture my country’s children’s furniture is only a formal licensee, specializing for children to create a comfortable furniture living environment, and their furniture products are rich, and children like it.

6, Freesha Flexa

Flaisha is an exclusive agent of Danish children’s furniture, specializing in children’s furniture brand companies, is a famous brand in the line, and the practical use of furniture production is a trusted furniture brand.

Second, Disney children’s furniture price is generally

Disney Boy Children’s Bed SX020301, Market Price Reference 1260

Disney Motor Mobilized Children’s Bed SX040501, Market Price Reference 3390

Disney brand furniture high-end Mickey Cool Prince 1.5m children’s bed, market price reference 2338

Disney Pink Princess Dream High-end Children’s Suite (Children’s Bed + Bedside Cabinet + Wardrobe + Desk Set), Market Price Reference 6102

儿童家具品牌推荐 迪士尼儿童家具价格一般是多少

Disney Cartoon Mickey Kaifa Children’s Plate MIC-A18B-135, Market Price Reference 2690

Disney Winnie 1.2mk cool roaming children’s furniture WIN-A01B-1, market price reference 2990

Disney Cell Mickey Mid-High Children’s Bed MIC-A09-10, Market Price Reference 2490

Children’s furniture brand recommendation, you can come and see which brand of products is more in line with your actual needs. What is the price of Disney children? Its price difference will be relatively large. If other brands can be seen, you can see that Disney children’s furniture is relatively high, you can consider your own economic ability.