Baoan District first plasticized park Fu Yongli Xinhu Children’s Paradise opened

Recently, the New Lake Children’s Paradise officially opened, and became the tenth children’s friendly park built in Fuyong street jurisdiction. This is also the first plastic children’s park in Baoan District, which is basically formed by wood, stone, and sand, truly “pure natural.”


It is understood that as the first street-level children’s friendly park in Fuyong Street, the New Lake Children’s Paradise is located in natural ecology. The four seasons are beautiful, and there is a street area, which covers an area of ​​about 6,000 square meters. Based on the characteristics of the topography and natural environment, the paradise planning and design is suitable for local conditions, and in line with all kinds of natural resource elements, and organically integrate interesting children’s play facilities, it creates a close nature, full, full, release Vitality game space. The new Lake Children’s Paradise From the planning and design to construction acceptance, the whole process is specialized in organizing the Suggestions of the Street Children’s Directors to suggest, fully respect the interests and needs of children.

Listed the new lake wave, the lakeside, the rides in the integration of nature, filled with full feelings. The park has a perceived trail of different textured materials such as wood, brick, sand, wood pile, bark, pebble, so that children feel natural in touch; Car, run, freely explore, and set popular scientific piles to provide fun with interesting lychee; drill climbing tires in the 0-4 years old, children walk along the Ting step, the wooden strips climb the small slide, and enjoy the slide The lake scene, along the slide, and rushing the horse, drilling the tire and other small amenities, the small hand is full of exercise, release full of vitality; build a tree house platform under the big banyan tree, combined climbing frame, large banyan tree It is the “home” who takes the child to take a risk to meet the needs of children pro-proximity and climbing. There is also a sand aquatic game pool, multi-person trampoline, bird’s nest, secret bridge hole, climbing stone, wood pile, a natural activity space for children to provide fun.

“We want to do our best to build more parks for children, filled with their beautiful childhood.” The relevant person in charge of Fuyong Street Women’s Federation, relying on the construction of women’s friendly streets, Fuyong Street and other environments And hardware construction places an important position, and spare no effort to advance. In 2019, the largest community children’s park in the region was officially opened, and the “star park” in the jurisdiction is a “star park” in the jurisdiction. Many children “punch” every day, and they grow up in the happy garden. In addition, the streets also use community zero-scattered, small-scale green space, and built 6 bags of micro parks. In 2021, the Baoan Talent Forest Park, located at the foot of Phoenix, was awarded the “Shenzhen Child Friendship Base”, Fufu Children’s Park, Huaide Community Children’s Micro Park “Baoan District Women and Children Friendly Base”.

For the children’s happiness childhood, Fuyong Street will continue to focus on women’s friendly street construction, implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC, combined with party history education, will “I do practical things for the masses” Really, make effectiveness, build more quality children’s play space, so that childhood dreams bloom in colorful.

Written: Southern Reporter Liu Yao correspondent Lu Yucheng Liu Chenghan

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