How does suction hood? Style parameters are optimistic

The history of smoke hood in our country is not long, but the development speed is not slow:

In 1984, my country’s first row-cutting hood was successfully tried in Shanghai, and the yield was only 629; as of August 2019, my country’s home absorbed hood production has reached 21.556 million units.

In more than 30 years, the suction hood has been playing from a strange novelty, becoming a homework electrical appliance for households, and has become the most important “kitchen filter”.


01 sucking the cigarette, keeping health

What is the suction hood? Before answering this question, we must first understand how terrible kitchens when cooking.

First, harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide during the combustion process are released.


Second, harmful substances such as PM2.5, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organics, ROS, and oxygen free radicals are included in cooking.

The cooking method is safe, but in the process of fried cooking, the PM2.5 value will soar to the original 8 times to 20 times, from the start of 38μg / m3 from the beginning to 787μg / m3, pollution explosion surface!

These hazardous substances will not only cause skin rough age, but also cause damage to our respiratory system, and even the lesions in the body.

Kitchen air pollution has become a maximum health hazard after hypotension, smoking and alcoholism, and Chinese food is bursting, frying and other practices, it will generate a lot of harmful substances in an instant.

The kitchen that cannot smoke exhale and you are almost harmful to your direct smoking.

, Critical damage 100%.

Therefore, how to efficiently discharge the kitchen cigarette has become a problem that must be solved, and the oil absorbing hood is the key to solving the problem.

02 product model small knowledge


To understand the hood of the hood, we must first learn how to view the product specification model, which is not eye, but the amount of information is quite.

As shown in the figure, the specification model CXW-200-AB01 is translated: kitchen equipment clasping hood range – Main motor rated input power 200W-product feature serial number is AB01.

Among them, there are three ways to emissions in the hood, W represents the outer row, X represents the cycle, and L represents the two types.

The home oil-cured hoods we usually see is basically row, he feeds the following and everyone’s discussion, it is mainly outside.


03 basic style model of home oil absorbing hood

The basic style of the oil hood has the following: top-absorbing, side chaotless and integrated stove, the problem of integrated stoves, feeding will be separately shared in the later period, which is temporarily placed.

▼ top-absorbing – Chinese

The Chinese style in the top-absorbent is China’s earliest tobacco style, which makes a deep-cavity shape for the problem of Chinese high-cigarettes, and the smoking effect is better, and the installation and post-maintenance are relatively simple.


Its problem is that the noise is large, and the deep cavity is difficult to clean, it looks more depressed, like a large and deep suspension box.

Most of the traditional Chinese width is around 710 mm, suitable for most cabinets, the height of the bottom distance on the bottom of the table is preferably 570-670 mm, and the specific dimensions are shown.


This traditional Chinese is not very common in the physical store. If you don’t have the value of the value, mainly focus on the ultra-low budget and better smoking effect, you can also purchase on the network, each road is low 150 yuan, big brand is also between 500-1500 yuan.

▼ Top-suction – European style

Containers in the top suction are around 2002, and as the European and American modern kitchen is popular, they are beginning to have a big trip to China.

From the earliest T-European suction hood, it is almost become the standard of Chinese kitchen, in order to cope with the real situation of Chinese menstrual cigarettes.

The European width is mainly 895mm or 900mm, and it is recommended to install the size of 650-700 mm from the cooktop pan rack.

The European price span is increased, from thousands to thousands of yuan, the general family choice is mainly divided into two grades, about 2500 yuan, about 5,500 yuan.

▼ side suction

Around 2007, a new product that is different from the top suction enters people’s field of view – side suction hood.

There are two differences between the side suction and the top suction: First, the side suction smoking port is located on the side of the wall, the smoking path is shorter; the second is the unique “smoke separation” technology, which can greatly reduce the amount of fan oil.

PS: The cigarette separation technology refers to the physical separation of the cigarette at high speed by the filter plate, pour the oil in the filter plate into the oil tank below the filter plate, and the fan discharges the breeze.


Side suction hoods from the earliest stainless steel ribs to the current full glass panels, the size and type have increased, and its status is also from the original indifference, it is now inconspicuous.

The routine sizes of the side suction hoods generally have three types of 745mm, 795mm, and 895mm. It is recommended to install the installation size 350-450mm from the hobs.


Side-changing price range is similar to Europe, from thousands of yuan to 10,000 yuan, the general family chooses about 3,500 yuan.

▼ top double draw (L-type European)


On the basis of the top-absorbent side suction, the manufacturer has innovated the top double-suction hood, which is also a roughly understanding.

It combines the side suction and top-type, each of his duties, and the side sucking mouth absorbs the smoke from the source. The top suction will have a clean cigarette, and the main “smoke zero escape” is bursting. There is no pressure in instantaneous cigarette.

One disadvantage is that the volume of the suction hood will be larger, and if the space is small, it will not recommend it.

Representing brands such as A.O. Smith, the price is about 7,000 yuan.

04 Parameter instructions not understand

Understand the specification model, understand the basic style, next is to learn to view the parameter manual, completely refused to be fooled.

▼ air volume

How is the smoking effect of a suction hood, mainly watching the air volume.

The air volume is the suction of the oil absorber hood,

The larger the air volume, the stronger the smoking capacity, can effectively prevent the cigarette from spreading in the kitchen




The air volume is not bigger, the better

Generally do not exceed 23m3 / min, because the larger the air volume is, the larger the noise, which will lead to the temperature of the stove, and the flame is unstable, which affects the efficiency of cooking, and even wigs are not guaranteed.

From the actual use, it is better than or equal to 17m3 / min, and 20-23m3 / min is very excellent. Most of the current market in the market is basically 16-22m3 / min, and can be adjusted according to different needs, which fully meets the basic needs.

Of course, each kitchen size is different, not to say a standard of choice:

In the case of a common 7 ~ 8m2 enclosed kitchen, the air volume of the oil hood can reach 18m3 / min during daily cooking; if you like to be fried, the air volume is preferably 20m3 / min.

If it is a semi-open kitchen, it can increase the air volume of 5m3 in the original demand.


If it is an all-open kitchen, he feeds that you must be a western professional household who doesn’t love to fry. Or I will not be fired at home.

▼ wind pressure (nominal wind pressure)

The air volume is determined whether it is possible to suck the cigarette in time, and the wind pressure determines whether it can discharge the cigarette smoothly and not inverted.

The past cigarettes are directly in the outdoor, while the open outdoor pressure values ​​are relatively stable, so there is no requirement for the wind pressure of the suction hood.

Nowadays, there are mostly non-spacious public flue. When you go to the meal, the pressure on the flue is constantly rising, and it is easy to cause the cigarette to fill. If the wind pressure of the hood in the home is too low, you may be The meals in the left neighboring.

The wind pressure of the suction hood should be greater than or equal to 100Pa in the current national standard GB / T 17713-2011, and the industry will refer to 400Pa and more to the wind pressure.

In actual use, Xiaobai teacher said at least to choose wind pressure in 300pa, the greater the better

Especially in the case where the real floor is high, the actual residential floor is low, and the windy weather is mostly.

▼ maximum static pressure

The wind pressure solves the problem of oil in the oil smoke in the operation of the oil hood, how should I do when the oil hooky is not working?

In the operation state of the suction hood stop, the resistance in the flue is the maximum static pressure. Its high and low determines the anti-pouring capacity of the suction hood in the undouked, the greater the pressure, the harder in the public smoke, the harder Run from the pipe to your home.

▼ noise

The national standard specified that the product nameplate or instructions allow only the sound power level standard noise value, but he feds that many merchants still write the sound pressure level, and then the small words labeled the sound pressure level they wrote. If you want to know the sound power level needs We own + 14db.


When the national standard specified that the noise sound power level must not be greater than 72dB, the change in the sound pressure is 58dB; when the air volume is greater than or equal to 12m3 / min, the noise power level must not be greater than 73dB, and the conversion is also called the sound pressure level. It is 59dB.

▼ full pressure efficiency

The full pressure efficiency refers to the ability to utilize motor power efficiently, generally more than 20%.


This value is the important indicator of our comprehensive efficiency of the suction hood, the higher the value of the same effect, the more efficient in the suction hood is efficient.

▼ grease separation

It refers to the ability of grease from the oil in the cigarette. The national standard is at least ≥80%, in which aspect, the effect of the side challenge is generally better than the top.

▼ odor reduction

This indicator typically includes two types, normal odor reduction and transient odor reduction.

As the name, the two refers to the ability to reduce the abnormal smell of the indoor, but “normal” is the ability to synchronize the smoke hood when the odor is continuously quantified. It reducs the ability to reduce the odor in 30 minutes, national standard requirements ≥90 %; “Instantaneous” is to open the smoke hood when the odor concentration reaches the maximum value, which reduces the abilities of odor in 3 minutes, and the national standard requires ≥ 50%.

▼ energy efficiency rating

Not much to say, the level is definitely the best.

The energy efficiency of the oil hood is graded in full pressure efficiency, standby power, shutdown power, odor reduction, and oil emission limit. A total of level 5, which is the highest level of energy efficiency, and national standard GB 29539-2013 specifies the energy efficiency of each grade product. Value should comply with the following list.

The above several are essential projects in the instructions of the oil tanker, understanding them, and buy half of the smoke hood.

05 free and washing or self-cleaning?


Free and wash, self-cleaning, don’t remove it

▼ freezing


Free, washing, it is exhausted, that is,

Strengthen the physical properties of spare parts, optimize the overall structure design

One is not allowed to enter, strengthen the structural closure of the smoke hood, optimize the separation of the oil smoke, thereby reducing the oil and invading the inner cavity; second, it is not allowed to stay, use non-stick oil coating, so that the oil faded rapidly in the inner cavity, reduce Adhesion sticky in the inner cavity.


If you don’t let go, you are not allowed to stay, try hard to build a “King Kong of King Kong”.

Representing the brand as the boss.

▼ Self-cleaning

Since cleanliness, it is automatic maintenance, that is, one-click operation, so that the oil hood is on the inside impeller, volute, etc.

The person who is difficult to touch by the human hand is cleaned.

For example, some new suction hoods come with a smart assistant function. After using a period of time, the machine will take the initiative to ask us to do internal self-cleaning, then we only need to press the cleaning button.

On behalf of the brand, the brand, including Siemens, Emperor, and Beauty. The Siemens mainly baked the oil through high temperature, and the Emperor and the United States are mainly rinsed with high temperature steam.

Whether it is a free and clean or self-cleaning, it is not possible to ensure the percentage of the inner cavity of the oil absorbing hood. They only extend the clean cycle and service life of the internal spare parts, reduce the quality of frequent disassembled smoke. question.

It is to know that oil scale accumulated in the oil-proof hood will not only affect smoking exhaust effect, increase noise, bring safety hazards, will continue to volatilize harmful substances after heat, harm our health.

Therefore, daily cleaning and professional disassembly is unpacking.

▼ Daily cleaning maintenance method

In addition to the removal of surface oils in the next few minutes, I also recommend it to clean up regularly every week according to your own frequency of use.


Cleaning smoke hood housing

The outer casing can be scrubbed with a neutral detergent, and then washed with water to wash thoroughly. The whole process is flush instead of direct use of water, otherwise it is easy to lead to water inside the suction hood.

2. Cleaning the oil cup

The oil cup is easy to remove, generally a plastic material, avoid soaking with strong alkali, avoiding steel wireless brushing, other non-special precautions, anyway, it is not expensive.


However, for the sake of clean, we can apply some cleaning and wrapped a layer of plastic wrap in the oil cup in advance. When you need to clean it, you will find that most of the oil is isolated.

3. Cleaning the oil net

In the container poured into warm water above 60 ° C, then poured into the washing and 1/4 cup of bass, stir evenly.


Put the greasy filter into the water is completely covered, soak for 15 minutes, gently brush the surface of the oil net with soft brush, rinse, and then dry or dry with a towel.

4. Ten years of stubborn oil

The hot air with electric hair blows for about 30 seconds against oil, and the oil will slowly slowly, then use the scouring cloth to clean and clean it, and can remove part of the oil.

Recently, there is a very hot household steam cleaner with a small partner tried, and ask for sharing experience!

▼ Professional disassembly

After a while, it is generally a year or so. If you feel that the smoking exhaust effect is declining, the daily treatment is invalid, and you can remove it at this time.

Please find a professionally, if you do not install or install it, you will affect the following effects, even bring inexplicably jitter, unusually increased noise.


Professional disassembly is generally between 50-200, and it is specifically to see the area of ​​the hood and the displacement of hood.

06 purchase

In fact, the technology of smoke hood is very mature, as long as it is not a product of too poor quality, no matter whether the top-type side suction, the core function of the smoke is not big.




Second, when considering which brand is selected, we can refer to the brand ranking in the years.

If your budget is sufficient, I will choose the Square and the boss, try to choose a big brand with a certain market share, whether it is product quality, after-sales service is more guaranteed.

Specific models, feeding, I intercepted the latest rankings, everyone can refer to the same.

In addition, we mainly consider three points: will not hit the head, it is not good to clean, enough is not beautiful enough.

Will not hit the head:

We can see the height of the rice people according to the home. If you have a meal, you can choose the top-catching; if the height is above 1.8m, select the side suction.

It’s not good to clean:

Don’t talk about the self-cleaning function of the machine, single-sided suction is more convenient from us.

Not beautiful enough

: If the kitchen is large, the layer is high, or the open kitchen, or the open kitchen of the smoke is usually a top-catching, of course, the most important thing is to be personal.

Finally, if you are waiting for discounts, then at least

Determine the oil-proof hood and cooktop model before designing the water and electricity line, and the size is good


Otherwise, you may have trouble for your post-installation.

07 installation consideration

The specific installation is given to the professional master, he feeds only a few considerations here.

▼ Install time point 2 times


The first time is the embedded tobacco pipe, usually in front of the kitchen ceiling, remember to add check valves in the public flue port, you can buy it in advance, or ask the master to buy, refer to 100 yuan.


The second time is the installation of the oil absorbing hood after the cabinet installation is basically the final stage of the decoration.

▼ The flue port is ready

The connection between the public flue port and the tobacco pipe must have to do a sealing treatment.

This connection port will generally cover up, although it is invisible, but money is not saved.

If you are lazy, you can’t pass through your smoke, you will find that you will always use the home in the future, and there will be a variety of mosquito mosquita rhinestones.

▼ tobacco pipe avoids too long or bending too much

The tensile length of the smoke hood is 1.5 meters, the longest should not exceed 3 meters, because too long is too much to cause the cigarette emissions.

▼ check valve

Commonly known as anti-smoking treasures, it can prevent outdoor oil into the room.

Many smoke machines are standardized to bring a check valve, but that is used by the connection of tobacco machine and the tobacco pipe, and it is not very good, let alone the function of fire and smoke.

Therefore, we’d better purchase an additional flue check valve, mounted in the joint of the public flue port and the tobacco pipe, two check valves plus the smoke machine itself maximum static pressure value, that is, triple guarantee, refuses the cigarette.


The check valve comes with the checker is very simple. It is two films that belong to a natural air-conditioning in the working mode. The disadvantage is that it may generate the oil-cured cigarette after a period of time.

There is also an electric dwelle check valve that optimizes many of the problem of adhesion and cleaning through power-driven seals, which is more expensive.

08 other little coups to reduce the smoke

▼ Fried food does not immediately turn off the hood

Fried dishes at least for 1-2 minutes, and can effectively discharge the remaining smoke.

Of course, there are now many suction hoods have been retracted with delay. It is this. This is the case.

▼ Sikger hood off the door to strengthen the kitchen ventilation

After the hood is stopped, you can open the door and windows. Oh, how much will be a bit of smoke and resurgent, guarantee ventilation to be fresh.


▼ With new oil cooking

Use new oil to cooking, the kind of ripe oil that is blown with meatballs can not use it, it is too easy to smoke.

▼ Don’t choose to stir-fry, fried, over, fire-fighting

The oil temperature required for various cooking methods is different, and the temperature of nearly 300 degrees is required, which will inevitably produce a lot of cigarettes.

▼ oil temperature “80% hot” fried

When cooking, when the cigarette is not obviously generated, put the vegetables.

Each grease is different. In the past, there are more crude oils or fried ripe oils, often start smoke at 130 degrees; now the pure grease, the cigarette point is generally around 200 degrees. This temperature is not only easy to destroy nutrients, but also more harmful substances in the resulting fumes.

Cooking is a thing that is still hurt, it is necessary to think about what to do, but also prevent the harm of the smoke.

No matter who is cooking, buy a good suction hood for TA, which is actually useful than the cold as warm.

The common problem of the oil absorption hood, I will share it here, if you have any questions, you can give it a message ~

By the way, in many oil-proof hoods, there is also a integrated stove with a suction hood and stove integration, which has been a long time but has not been able to heat up in the market. Today’s space is too long, we next time Talk alone.