2021 autumn and winter fire a kind of boots called “beige boots”, the foreign warm, with large clothes wearing very advanced

The autumn and winter boots must be less than, and there are many clothes that can be matched.

It can be said that if you think that your match is flat, then try to match a pair of boots, absolutely let your match look at the high-level and good-looking, so this autumn and winter, learn the match of boots, the trendy sense is the letter.

Wear tired of black boots and too beautiful white boots, let’s take a look at a more gentle, gentle beige boots.

Wearing the beige boots, the style is gentle, such boots are not bright as white, it is difficult to match clothes, and will not be as dark as black boots, always as a supporting role.

The beige boots are soft and like the feeling of water, and it is also suitable for those who are gentle, more inner women. Such boots are put on, and the whole person seems to have a soft feeling, it is very suitable for little girls.


Then the problem wearing the beige boots must solve the problem is the problem of coloring, because the beige boots are matched in what coats, which is the key to the overall matching style. So let’s talk about color.

Color rule 1: all white!


If you don’t know how to color,

I want to wear a lot of fairy, then you can try the whole white coat + beige boots, so we do it, very fantastic.

Color method 2: Add a little bright color

If we wear, you feel too monotonous, and all the best is a bit, then in autumn and winter, we can use the good-looking accessories to increase the colors.


For example, a good-looking scarf, white coat + beige boots such a thousand gold oil combination, almost in any style of scarf, how to match, can also increase the level of matching.

Coloring rule 3: elegant yellow suit

If you feel the long-colored coat, it looks too much to die,

Then you can try more elegant, high-level, have a suite of the sunset, such coats are short, and it is also suitable for small skeletons of skeletons. It is not only very famous, but also gets rid of the troubles of the shirt.

Autumn and winter wearing tender yellow is definitely the existence of fried streets,

Such colors look very warm, very autumn and winter.

Color rule 4: classic black and white match

If it is a beige boot, then it can be matched according to black and white, because the beige is very close to the white, which is partial yellow than white.

So the beige boots + black coats are also very good, and this is not easy to obey, very good to imitate. When we choose a coat, we will generally choose a coat jacket. In fact, the styles are very good, and it is very sensible.

The above mentioned the color matching of the coat, then let’s talk about how to wear the beige boots, some of the LOOK can refer to it.

LOOK1: White Scarf + Gray Coat + Beige Boots

In the autumn and winter season, you can put a lot of stacks together, so our match is OK as long as you follow a color system;

Gray, white, beige these more similar colors are mixed together, and there is a gradient beauty that looks particularly advanced.

LOOK2: Deep Gray Coat + Color Size Skirt + Beige Boots

If you wear boots in autumn and winter, if you pursue advanced feelings, you can try it directly to wear, so wearing any leggings can’t match, and then wearing sexy and thin, and the ankle is fine.

The beige boots are still very monotonous, so we can match some dark and colored clothes to increase their lives, and the colored skirt will be very attractive in autumn and winter.

LOOK3: White plush coat + black tights + beige boots


There are two kinds of boots of boots, first is a round boot, such boots are more classic, more soft, suitable for most wearing.

Another one is the boot of the V word, such a style is more lively, more youth, and more personal, not easy to hit the shoes, you can try it. Autumn and winter chooses a furry coat, and it is very warm and warm.


LOOK4: White Plush Hat + White Coat + Beige Boots


This full-white dressing, like snow, very fairy, very goddess, and the boots also have a little high, such styles can increase, increase the gas field.

For those who are small skeletons, they can also make them better, white is a very fascinating color, so when we choose a white coat, don’t choose a large version of the 型, h-type small The version is more slim.

Ok, today’s dressing of the coat of autumn and winter + a beige boots said, when we wear a beige boot,


First of all, pay attention to their color, because coloring almost determines the style of matching, but also pay attention to some good-looking wear, these wear can be moved directly, and for lazy people, it is also a kind of benefits.


Look at this article, is it a lot to learn?