Sun Yizhen’s bag is too suitable for commuting, 3,000 to 50,000

Say, Sun Yizhen’s new drama “39” did you see?

This drama is also known as

Korean version of “thirty”

He told three stories that three girlfriends are about to enter 40. The drama is broadcast, and the 4.4% super high ratings in South Korea are set.

As for the plot, just hahaha; however, everyone understands,

The plot is not enough, wear to join


Sun Yizhen plays a dean of dermatology, the whole style is full of style

Intellectual charm

It is very high. Today we come

818 her bag in the play

, Add some inspiration to our cabinet.




Sun Xian is

Valentino South Korea’s brand ambassador

. This is not, a few days ago, she also issued a preheat picture of the brand 2022 autumn and winter.


Therefore, many bags in “39” are from Valentino.

For example, when drinking with friends, a black is mixed.


Valentino Stud Sign rivet calf black bag

. Positive is gold logo,

Inner mile is a tounarian


Large cousin Liu Wen


Also have the same bag, with white shirt jeans, simple and casual. Pay attention to this chain, it is the iconicity of V home

Rivet element


,Very cool.

This bag is still quite high, and Sun Yizhen has returned once in a white dress. Price

20,000 yuan

(Weak spit a slot, now how is a small bag so expensive ?!)

She also has a back

Tong series shoulder bag

Some of the shape, with two shoulder straps, can be used as a shoulder package. Sell



When I got to participate in the concert, Sun Xian went on white top with black bow tie.

Valentino vsling bag

Match. The single handle is elegant, and a small one is very practical. The price of small 20,000 is still reasonable.

The same bag Sun Xian still has a green green. However, individuals think it is still black and better.

This wallet in the play is naturally from V home,


The color of color is very classic, and the two rivets add a detailed feelings and will not exaggerate.

Pricing price about 4,000 yuan

Classic buy one can be used for a long time.




Belgium Delvaux bag

Also in the play, this brand is also one of the ladies.

Delvaux was founded in


It is also early, which is also the most old high-grade leather luxury goods store in the world.

Belgian royal royal package

▲ Before the Belgian Queen Paola, he often packets with his house.

When I met the male, Sun Xian slashed back.

Water blue Le Tempête bag

It is the easiest striped shirt and white trousers. I like this.

Value package with daily wearing

A sense of conflict, looks light.


This bag is designed by a well-known Belgian architect. Inspiration

Sailing boat

The smooth line is designed with a unique metal buckle, and the sea breeze is blowing, and is always full of strength.

Sitting on the sofa to play games, wear a dark blue shirt and open skirt, and match the same paragraph

Rice white Tempête handbag

This color is also the most classic color, more advanced.

Small 40,000





Speaking of low-key luxury big names, I must be less


Top Leather Brand – Moynat

It is also a long history of French old name, history than Goyard, Louis Vuitton is also early.


The style is not only advanced and very low, always adheres to the line of the small workshop, even the store doesn’t open, the entire Paris is only one store, sometimes

Money is not necessarily bought


Sun Xian’s only

Limousine Box

Black calf leather bag, even if it is quietly placed on the sofa, it is also unable to ignore the existence. The trapezoid is designed with low-key luxury gold buckle design, simple advanced.


There is also a black model.


It is the most classic package of his family.


This bag is actually designer for good friends –

At the end of the 19th century, the famous actress in the Paris Drama World Gabrielle Rejane Design

The bag is naming with her name, history is quite a long time.



When I saw a show, I made a black model.

Li Qin

Take the same paragraph when I take the airport.



Very young stylish.


Xiao Zheng also, my this is

Gray gray 35

. Everything is fine, it is a bit size too much. Everyone must remember, buy 30 enough.

Three to 50,000

Enter, look at the bag size.


Tory Burch

In addition to the lady brand, Sun Xian has had a lot in the drama.

Light luxury bag

Such as this

Lee RadziWill handbag in Tory Burch


. This package is from the brand 2018 autumn and winter series,

Black mustard yellow

Color retro and advanced. Her color has already been warned, and students who like black can poke their party links.


The name of the bag is being

American society is famous

Lee Radziwill

. Many people may not be familiar with this name, she is

Front of the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy sister

And also

Actor, interior designer

Jacqueline also said that many classic styles are recommended and guided by sister.

At that time, I was launched, I got a praise, I have a few small friends.

Zhang Yining

With a large, hillful style; her shape is also very suitable for the workplace white-collar Copy.


There is also a MINI number, a small little and very delicate, suitable for taking the shaped recess. Small 6000 into.


Salvatore Ferragamo

Women essential Salvatore Ferragamo


Of course, it will not be less.

Sun Yizhen’s light color

The Studio handbag

It’s too gentle temperament, and the front metal lock with iconic gancini deduction, simple atmosphere.

The bag is stiff, but it is not heavy

, Oblique back, portable, suitable for white-collar workers. The price of 10,000 seven is a conscience price.

Gong Li took one when I took the airport.


The same paragraph suede

The package is soft, so the capacity is larger, and it is quite appropriate when it is a travel handbag.

In addition to solid color, this also

Color color design

, Liu Tao, this brown black and white three-color stitching, I like it, you can match the clothing according to three colors, it is easy to wear.



This is only a blue white knitted jacket

Camel bag


Swiss 100-year brand Bally

B-CHAIN ​​Beckie half a month. Brand logo B buckle design with round circle, color Hin is good,

Eight thousand left and right


The price is also attractive.

Shoulder straps can be free to adjust long, when doing

Oblique backpack or underarm

It will be all right. He Ni took a black model, the texture is quite good, and it is not easy to hit the bag. Black This is still discount, rush!



There is also a brand of private people in the drama, that is, French national brand

Sun Xian’s back

Mademoiselle oblique backpack

The dark brown is equipped with a distinctive carving, with a Valentino camel windbreaker, meaningful and elegant.

Zhou Dongyu

When I took the airport, I also had a black bag with the same paragraph.

She still has this longchamp

Burst red envelope Roseau bag


The color is what I like.


Spotted gray, with classic silver bamboo buckles

The whole handbag has a very stereoscopic.


More than 3,000

The price is also very suitable.

Zheng Xiyi


Also have a similar style Tott package, the treasure blue is very conspicuous, and simple with the down jacket and black Leggings are very grass.




Sun Yizhen has a lot of black bags in the play, but my most happiness is this.

Alaia Sidi 39 package

. Designer Alaia


Female beautiful lines


As a creation inspiration, I have seen the most fascinating Tott package. Heart-moving ~



French legend designer azedine alaia

I believe that everyone has been heard. He is known for “bandage”, is a king of the name of the close-up, his work is mostly high, and the streamlined tailor is not worthless.

The bag of his house is also an absolutely, Xiao Zheng also has a

Alaia’s Tott Pack

Laser carving pattern is superior, cortical bag

Make the same colorful and delicate like lace

. More detailed than pure black bags, and the capacity is very large, and each time you go back, you will be linked. 20,000 can’t be priced, it is really a conscience.

After writing, the vision of Xiao Zheng Yu fell by 300 degrees, which returned to rest. I hope everyone likes it.