Be wary: Nanhong also dyed

Say that the silicone gasket bought today is ready to put the string of the hand and then remove the little honey wax ~ It is the top of the South Red.

Because I bought it back in a few months ago, I didn’t move the elastic rope and opened it in the South Red Rika and found it. . Dyed

Flames with meat red, and then the scenery is really falling. . Mom, scared the whole, the whole line is all white, the color of the South Red is red.

Seeing this post and tried his own South Red Try:

A nine-mouth, a joint area, a hand skewer, a bubble, it is really red. . .

In this case, I speculate that it is possible to be a lot of nine-tone color unevenly, and a certain glue or polishing powder is used. Now there is more deception, our consumers don’t have no fire, can only polish your eyes, buy it, do experiment, if you have any questions, contact the seller return.

Jacky is this special to help everyone find a few pictures to learn the authentication skills:

Dyeing agate processing processes for soaking and high temperature solid color, time is very bad for human skin. The method of distinguishing this dyed South Red agate is to use a magnifying glass to see its surface with a small strip-like color caused by high temperatures. Although it is a bit difficult, everyone should look carefully when picking up South Red agate.


Dyed beads of acid-fritting texture

Many friends know that Quartz rock staining can pretend to be jade, jasper, and green. Nowadays, Qi Yishi is also used as a material commonly used in the South.

Due to the South Red and Macroflocks in Baoshan, the South Red agate beads sold in the market in the market are more matte, which can appear simplicity and there is a cracking. This provides some fake people with opportunities for drilling air – dyeing with quartzstones, then surface matte, diaphragm, and the beauty of the mountains, South Red agate beads. Due to the density of quartzstone, the hardness is comparable to the agate, so this “Baoshan South Red” is very confusing.


Identification point 1 with glare flashlight lightning observation

It’s true South Red, and the lighting is a small red spot that can see the ink dessert, or silk texture. The ink point particles are extremely thin, very uniform and integrated.

Dyed quartz rocks can see a mesh structure due to dyeing and internally fried, and the particles are coarse, and the red is not uniform.

Identification point 2 observe the hole


Quartz rock is relatively delicate, the structure is relatively close, and it is easier to make a rounded punch, and it is not easy to see the corners, and even make the hole effect.



Agate is relatively brittle, and the hole in the hole is distinctive, and even cracks will occur. Generally, the aperture of the agate does not make a concave hole effect.




In addition, it is necessary to remind it that the case where the mountains will have crackdown due to attributes, usually due to attributes, and therefore, they are all uniform, and the whole is very well-known. At the time of the payment or timely search of the relevant appraisal centers as well.


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