Story: There is no medical doctor in the property, please come to the play, and the first night of amniotic fluid is broken.

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Hua Dan

Yongfu Palace has recently called a play team.

瑄 瑄 is nearly close, winter production is not easy, but also moved abortion because of the previous days, leading to fetal production difficulties.

Shu is anxious, busy calling to the imperial doctor, and finally the doctor is Wang Hao, and the Niang Niang is a prenatal depression, thinking too much, want to relieve only comfortableness, and will benefit from the fetus. After Shu Wei listened, it was invited to invite Kyoto’s best spring garden team to come over.

When he went in Nanyang, he went to the palace. It’s blamed, in the first night of her, her amniotic fluid is broken, and the birthday is ready to stand at the bed. When she sangs the emotional time, a crisp cry is ending through the night sky.

Birth is a queen.

Shu is like a jewel, especially the grandfather, especially Xunyuan, but also rewards gold, but also gives a house, the scenery is unlimited.

The strange song is heard from the women’s mouth of the palace. It is said that the face is beautiful, the eyes are in autumn water, and I have seen it. A good scorpion, sing people, liver intestines.

Just I didn’t expect that the flower is actually a man.

Specifically, it is still the old man.

That day, strange songs were gone, but they came back to the palace women to whisper: “God, it is Gu Lang, Yu Lang …”

She is curious, there is a person who is squatting down in front of her, the shape is long, the face is beautiful, the eyes are extremely beautiful, and the eyes have been dyed, but the people of the people are seven.

If it is not his voice, when it is really mistaken, he is a woman.

“The grass people Gu Ning see the little master, the little main Wanfu Ya’an.”

The strange song looked at him, why didn’t you think that the boring hoist was a flower that was discussed in the palace. For so many years, his appearance seems to have never changed, but he is less than a little bit of emission, and it’s more late.

Purples wishes, she suddenly returned to God and called him to get up. “Mid listening to the palace to mention Gu Jiulang, today see it, fruit is really extraordinary.”

Gu Ning did not have a chance of the low state, laughed: “Thank you, the big is praised. The little master is elegant,

Holy pet

It is really extraordinary. “

Mono Song, smash, there is no matternt time. At this time, the aunt of the Shoukang Palace came, and after the strange song of Fu Li, Gu Ning said: “Shu Tai is waiting for you.”

Gu Ning Dynasty strange songs again, and he left. I just went out and went back and I looked at the strange song.


His words like a spring breeze, light fluttering: “Seeing the little master, the grass people have always a sense of familiarity. The child’s sex is like a hide friend, she called … Plum.”



This is only called, and it has not heard many years.

At that time, she was still falling, and she did not have the current body. She still falls, she looks like to love, very well. Therefore, when she went to the town of the country to serve the Shu, who had once, she watched the people.

But that is later, she first saw Gu Ning, but also earlier.

She is only four years old.

That day, he came to her yard. I also brought some dried fruit in my hand. I looked at the Mei Mei laughed: “We just move here from Henan, Gu Ning this child is only six years old, from small The mother, the sex is lonely, I am busy with rushing, I will ask you to take care of it in the future. “

Falling Mei Mei’s heart, self-adaptation, busy calling Mei coming out with him.

That is the first time she saw such a beautiful little boy, although the expression of Mu, it was more beautiful than flowers. The skin is like a snow, the chin is sharp, and the end is slightly tight, beautiful and handsome.

She smiled and sent a milk tone: “Ning Ge, my name is Yu Mei.”

But Ning, but wareged to retreat, and ran out coldly. Falling Mei is good, not angry at all, pull the calf to chase him. But where she chased it, I lost it with the river, I still accidentally fell.

She has been looking for a long time, and she did not see the shadow of Gu Ning. Until the bird was shot, she told him with him.

He torn the buns into the bulls, and he was a bird’s bird, in the roof forest, those birds made him a circle, and the appearance was more than the gods.

She saw some idiots, I didn’t dare to make a sound, and I walked over. “Ning Ge, you are here.”

The boy is going to go, but she saw that she walked, she stopped, and she kneel down her feet. “You fell?”

She nodded, but the eyebrow is bent out of the moon, “Ning Ge, not painful, really.”

However, at that time, she saw his arm hiding in the sleeve, all of which took a shocking whip, loudly: “Ninggo, your arm!”

She has not touched, and she was opened by him, “Going away, it is not your business.”

Gu Ning ran again.

After returning, I arrived at his house, and I still had a few herbs. Although she is young, she is good, she remembers that Luo Uncle, the next door is to apply this herb.

It was that, she saw a woman tangled Gu Ning, she didn’t know where to come, and rushed into the door. The woman did not dare to hit her, and she had to take the door with Gu Ning.

She is smart, soon, I understand that it is the back of Gu Ning.

And some things are also learned.

For example, the woman is his wife, and he is his woman with Qinglou. After his mother died, he went home by him. Can not have him, often carrying his husband, and smash him.

They ran to the hills, she carefully applied herbs in his arm and his back, four-year-old little girl, how to take care of people, but she is extremely serious, afraid of it hurting him.

“Ning Ge, after you play you again, you will come to my house. My mother is very good, I will take care of you.”

When she spoke, her eyes were bright, her dress is old, but it is relatively cute.

Gu Ning looked at her for a long time, she said: “Okay, plum.”

After that, they became intimate, becoming friends, although she fell into the town of the country, she rarely met in the summer, but as long as she had time, she would take him to find him.

Two people have grown together, even if they are far away, they have more people.

Mono songs recalls this, flowing for a while, since she became a strange song, it has been more than seven years, and she has already died early, and her Ninggo has become a stranger.

They can’t go back.

3. Dedication

The strange song once again saw Gu Ning, and the Shu was invited to go to the Voice of the Voice.

She doesn’t understand the play, I have first contact or because of Gu Ning.

At that time, he was killed by a gangster in the business travel, and he sold him to the theater afterwards in January.

Although Gu Ning doesn’t love a song, he has to learn under the torture of the class. At that time, he sang at all, there was no talent, let alone the scorpion is not good, often being killed by the class.

After a few years, I finally have some results, but it is just a martial arts role. Where is it like now, Hua Dan Gu Jiiro is alarmed the imperial city.

At this time, the “Peony Pavilion” is singing “Peony Pavilion” on the table, and Gu Nang is Du Li Niang, the eyes of the gods, and the hand is the case of every colorful movement with the book. Everyone is just right.

I don’t know if it is a strange illusion, Gu Ning suddenly looked at this side. His eyes appeared to stop in a moment, and then gently moved to the face of books, and MANCHO. ” Once the body of Qianjin, once he assourested his wife, don’t bear the heart. “

Then, he suddenly poured out the dust falling in tears.

Thousands of jogues, only this sentence is so straightforward.

The strange song listened to the heart, meditation, but I don’t know why.

The fun, the sky is black, the strange song is coming out of the Temple, when I walked through the Royal Garden, a figure suddenly passed. The purple care is cut, and when you catch up with the black shadow, when you have a strange song, Gu Ning came out of the rockery.

Some strange songs are surprised: “How is you? What are you doing here …”

But see him smile, step by step, and suddenly. Unlike the lingering of singing, he is cold and cold in her ear: “The master, the grass people know who you are.”

A strange song, I’m going to understand what is what the meaning is, but it is inevitable. She originally fell in the identity, except for the Queen and the dead Shu, no one was clear. How did he know? Is it a Shu?

Shu Taiyi not only knows his identity, but even her relationship with Gu Ning is clear. She is always not dealttage, this time I use Gu Ning, is it to deal with myself?

The strange song is not allowed to retreat, cold and ask: “Do you want to do?”

“The little master, the grass people can do it? However,” Gu Ning smiled and smiled. “If you can follow the promise of the year, I will let you go.”

“What is Cheng …” She didn’t finish it, a pill was plugged into the mouth and phalounted straight. She stared angryly at him, “What do you give me?”

He is also a smile, “The little master will know later.”

The intensity of strange songs, but it also understands that things have come, returning to the heavens.

Soon, the body has a reaction. She thought that he was poisoned, and she didn’t want her to be a fire. The heat was uncomfortable. Ming is winter, her body is hot, and her eyes began to blur.

It is not possible, can’t, don’t.

In the confusion, she bite hard and strives to keep myself awake. A strong desire is full of body, and you will also pay attention to any etiquette.

It’s unclear in your mouth, “Ning Gong brother … I am uncomfortable … so uncomfortable …”

At this time, Gu Ning did not point her, and it could not move. Looking at her eyes like a silk, cheeks blush, his eyes are slightly, will not be in the past, for a long time to turn, the sound is a fatal confusion, “A drunk spring mountain can be drunk, the little master, How is it in Yunyu with me? “

Dot a strange song of the hole, at this time, it returns to God. Her lips are bitten and DC, and the words are struggling. “You … dare … this … this Lord … is …… “

Suddenly, a bright lamp fired here, and the strange song was busy.

Gu Ning did not solve the hole, and the ambiotic effect in the strange song was the strongest. This scene was just a small eunuch of the lantern, and the man was terrified, and Gu Ning took him into the ground.

“If the little Lord is known as the emperor, can you live? However,” Gu Ning evil once again, and suddenly said, “If the Lord promised my master, it is given you now. “

“Ninggo ……… I promise you …”

I took the medicine, and the stranger leaned against the rockery. Script, she returned to the look of indifferent, staring at Gu Ning’s face. “How can you become now? Shu is just using you.”

“Oh, now …” He smiled and unscrupulous, he must be a face between his face. ? “

His eyes are more scary.

“When you die, I want a knife to have a result, but they tell me, you don’t die, just changed a body. Do you know how happy I learned? I think no matter who you become, as long as you are still You, it’s enough. “He went to her corner, and said,” But why do you want to be a small master, is you also a woman who climbed the branch? “

Make a moment, his tone is close to mind, “Meizi, I know that you are not, I can forget the past, let me go, go far, you said that you have to marry me, you said that you will never leave Mine. You see this, I have been staying around. “

He quickly took out a red pasiary from his chest, excited: “This is the Pat you gave me when you gave me, you said that you will marry me. Plum, let me go, is it good? “

The red Pat is indeed she sent him. At that time, her greatest wish was to marry her and became the most beautiful bride. Unfortunately……

Unfortunately, things will be violated.

Mono sang looks down, faint: “This is now the emperor, you don’t say anything. You still have to take me to see your master.”

Add another sentence: “These palace struggles have not been mixed, this master will advise you, stay away from the palace.”

4. Transaction

The candlesticks of Shoukang Palace have a translucent, and the entire yard is like a day, and the ancient tree of the green is like a hook, it is solemn and elegant.

Shu Tai Yu apparently prepared the tea of ​​the hospital, looking at the strange song, holding the beads of the beads slightly, indicating that she sat down.

Just enter the temple door, the strange song smells an inexplicable aroma.

That is the extension, inner doubts, gradually in winter, what is the bug in this day?

The strange song did not leave the seat, and the tribute to ask: “The Taibu Niangniang is open to see the mountain, what does it need to be doing?”

Shu Tai’s end of the tea, take a while, and sweep her at the end, “I really have a good time, you have done a long time with the mourning family, always don’t lose win, the sorrow must admit that you are really smart. But … but … The woman in the palace is too intelligent, and it will be a disaster. “

Mono smile, “I still have to rely on the palace in the palace.”

“Well. The mourning family is not difficult for you, as long as you have alive, the little eunuch will never open the mouth. Of course, you can refuse, just the emperor …”

“Taizhi mother please say.”

“There is a powder here, you only need to add the queen soup, she will be mad. Morning home does not need her life, but she is normal, but the day is never sitting on the next day.” She saw it Mr., continue to say, “Do not do it, all with you. Is her crazy, or die, I want to be clear.”

It turns out that strange songs are laughing in my heart.

Shu Taiyi didn’t know how to learn her true identity, and did not hesitate to use Gu Ning and her old feelings, staged a crazy snake, and wanted her to expose the old things, and listened to Shu.

All the purpose is to let her take the Queen to pull the Queen.

However, Shidu knows that she is deeply with the Queen’s sister, and how can it easily tell? I am not afraid that she leaked this thing to the emperor?

Turnthetically, his handle is pinned in the hand of Shu, it is not afraid to disclose.

Shu was the move, it was firmly settled.

Reading, this, strange songs have passed the drug powder, the lips, “I will want to be clear, Taibei’s wife is waiting for the good news.”

5. Jun

In the early morning of the next day, the Qian Dynasty has passed the bad news.

The emperor has recently divestable government affairs, and these days are in the Qian Dynasty. When I didn’t want to come in this morning, I actually saw the emperor’s face and pale, I didn’t wake up, and I was busy looking for Wang.

After the diagnosis of the Wang hold, the look is dignified, and it is not willing to say diagnosis.

Shu was rushing, he was broken and said: “Your Majesty … Your Majesty This is a chronic toxic medicine. It has long been half a year. The emperor is usually watching the color. … His Majesty … His Majesty He will … “

When this is, everyone is full of souls.

The emperor is poisoned, this is a big event for the national community. If there is case, this Jiangshan is easier.

Shichen immediately blocked the news and the Mons people who managed the government did not disclose half points. She said that Li Xi said: “The emperor is non-small, and there is a non-track-free hiding in the palace. For the sorrowful family, no matter which palace, if there is suspicious or suspicious person, all bring!”

“喏.” Li Xi collected the palace to check.

Soon, there was a court to report, saying that I found a pack of powder in the sleeping hall of Yu Xuan, and I didn’t dare to take the powder back to the Qian Dynasty. Wang holds an inspection, it is indeed a poison.

Mono songs have been brought, she knows that the emperor is poisonous, and there is always the risk of life. She can’t stop it, rush straight into the hall, and the emperor is lying quietly, the breath is weak, pale, and she is inexplicably tears.

How can he … how can you … first she?

He said that he would give her a lifetime. She is still very long with his road. How can he eat? She must not sit still. (Work name: “Deep Gongji: Playing the snake”, Author: Lin Wei. From: reading a story app daily, see more exciting)

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