Men’s most commonly used belts, but the gentlemen is not a choice …


One of the most commonly used accessories of men, the belt has taken a panties for a few centuries. But many times, pursuit of relaxing, leisure main melody is a double-edged sword, let everyone get the so-called dressing and liberation, it will inevitably put some problems will be inverted.


For example, is the belt for decoration or practical?

Maybe you will say, this problem is stupid to the extreme, will anyone care? What’s more, with the changes in social aesthetics, it seems that there is a difficulty of bailment.

But in my opinion, whether the strap is still a belt, there is no great evolution in practical and aesthetics, for the gentlemen, the belt is more likely to choose.

Wear belt, what is the matter?


I believe many of the original intentions of the belts are simply in order to take the pants. Second, it may be a beautiful view, even get a letter big buckle, take some, and dazzle.


But the reason, is it not because of the situation caused by the waist and waist circumference?

Simply want to use skin to adjust the trousers that it is not in the body, it is not particular (bypass, “, especially for the gensy, the fineness must pay attention to.

When the belt contracted the pants to the obvious loose waist, the level is biased, and the excess fabric is eliminated, and the pants are also destroyed.


So, if you come on your belt, it is recommended that men’s men’s men’s men’s tailors adjust the waist, customizes, can have sufficient communication space, if it is a size, the right-handed outrageous pants, nor is it simple to use Wild belt can solve things …

If you have understood the practicality of the belt, it is necessary to make a prerequisite for sacrificing pants, and it is not difficult to understand why gentlemen is not a good option.


Of course, the position is not firm enough to be convinced of its convenience, plus the prevalence of the increasingly casual dress and low waist pants, and the existence of the belt is a matter of course.


It is not to say what to deliberately criticize the belt, just hope to clarify your true needs before choosing men’s items, as for what choices, or depends on your own actual situation.


It is a must-have accessory by everyone, it is a factor, just in my opinion, more is based on the convenience of adjusting the waist circumference.


Just like the most basic rice, the change in satiety will endorse the waistline increase, then just unlock the belt buckle to make an elastic adjustment, do not have to pay with the pants to prevent jokes, nature is obtained. Favor.


To ask my opinion, the strap is undoubtedly the best option for fixed trousers, and can keep the clean trousers, it will not be easy to loosen by the shoulder.

Secondly, it is necessary to remove the strap but can keep the clean waist and adjust the waistline.

If it is used to using it in common, low waist pants, then the belt is indeed one of the solutions. Or want hollywood-top such high waist trousers, no adjustment, can also be slightly fixed with fine waistband.


How to choose a belt

Developing to now, the flowers of the belt are naturally changed, in general, nothing to consider from materials, colors, styles.



Choose what kind of belt of belt, still have to be able to send it to the use scenario that you can send it, can be roughly divided into

Push belt


Casual belt

Two categories.

Dressed belts are usually only used



As a raw material, it is the belt we are now talking. Top-faced


Mainly, after another


To make it, the crocodile skin, the python skin, etc. of the jumping, the python skin is relatively small, and the driving difficulty is sufficient to be flexible.


Leather is the most commonly used natural raw material in the clothing industry, accounting for about 70% of total world leather production. Although it is generally called cowhide, it is actually a variety of processing methods, and the category is also quite, like common back is the first layer of cowhide, calf skin and horse skin.

Among them, the outermost outermost layer of leather is called



The second is two-layer skin, its toughness, and gas permeability are not as good as the head layer.

As we all know, the first layer of skin is one of the best leather standards, which retains the granular layer of the natural epidermis, which is composed of a subtle fiber layer and the transition layer, and the skin is full.

The second-layer skin, the three-layer skin lacks the epidermis, which is usually covered with a colloid, and then simulates the natural texture close to the native epidermal after the pressing process.

This type of impeller is not as good as the nature of the original head layer, which can only be coated with a specific raw material and processing processes.


As for the horse skin, don’t see the appearance of the word “horse” think that I am wrong, the landslide is actually a leather leather for making a horse reins.

For this movement of riding, the horse will be extremely frequently pulled with the trace of the head when running, plus the protection of the horse riding, and naturally the toughness and durability of the horse refinement is relatively harsh.

Therefore, the lace skin with high fiber density is excellent in durable, and the oil is also quite rich. It is equipped with natural old effect, a lot of retro 绅 装 爱.


British Royal Royal Leather Brand J & E Horse Reese Belt


It is said that the leather is good or bad, and the leather belt is gently curved. The worse the leather pleats, the higher the leather level, and the level is lower. The leather belt is based on European, such as Italy, Spain.


Let the belt are not just a belt and is one of the highlights of the gentleman.

The horse peel is stronger than the hardness of the leather, wear-resistant, but relatively expensive, like a hips, like a touch, there is no need to say more, and the benchman manufacturer of the horse hips is mainly the American Horween and Japan Xinyi, etc. .

If the frequency of wearing is high, I personally do not recommend the choice of the horse hip belt. Whether it is low, the durability of this raw material is low, the cost of loss of natural water is high, for lazy cancer men, it is not one Easy.

Through the leather belt made of phytopic tanning and other plant tanning agents, the ingredients will naturally skin, and the gloss of the belt will also evolve over time. Like the belt with double-sided leather sewing, the double-strand car craft may wish to pay attention, these measures can enhance the belt a certain durability.

Although the belt is consumable, it also needs to be naturally vertically placed in the ventilation to avoid deformation to ensure its service life.

Most of the casual belt is the main, and the two is relatively, the weaving belt application scenarios, the unique texture is also suitable for creating a bright spot of casual shape, rich in elegant atmosphere.

If you want to pursue a style, Anderson’s like Italy is good, the leather quality and the process have guarantees, but more importantly, it is injected into the design elements that meet the modern aesthetics, and the journey is not expected to be blocked.





Plain, the less belt, the finer of the belt



Formal, business hours choose the dark color surface will not be wrong, especially black, needle buckle.

The foundation of the base, I believe everyone has already known,

Belt and leather shoes are preferably kept similar or even consistent. But in my opinion, this is only based on the uniformity of the franchise, and the idea of ​​maintaining one sense.

In fact, the daily leisure style is not too limited, even if you use different colors from top to bottom, it will not necessarily have a sense of violation.


Black and brown have always been the most robust color, and the exaggerated color match is probably only in the Pitti battlefield.

Because the belt is located in a position that is easy to focus on, it is also connected to the color matching of the upper body and the lower body. Xiu’s belt is recommended to use casual dress with jeans, card pants.


Usually, the belt will have a dimension, plus 2 on the size of your net waistline, 2, for example, 32-inch waistline, then the belt corresponds to 34 inches. Generally, the buckle fastening position is the median of the belt, such as a total of 5 buckle eyes, the buckle is in the third buckle eye.