One thing to read the jacket, all the clothes are far more powerful than you think

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Recently, there are many snow-on-snow screens in the country, and the southern cities such as Guangzhou, Fujian, etc., just enter the autumn, facing a variety of temperatures and climate, integrating wind, waterproof, breathable, warm in one, one of the jackets, absolutely able to talk about it Today, Xiaobian this article talks to everyone ~

What is a jacket?

The noun, the noun, everyone must be unfamiliar, just take the beauty group of daily ridicule, hungry, and the employee is already familiar enough. Jackets This kind of apparel is created by foreign invention, and it is generally a hard shell, which is a basic equipment in high altitude mountaineering activities.


Subsection, the jacket is roughly divided into two categories: soft shell and hard shell. Both of these varies cover all the types of jackets we have seen, whether it is a leisure jacket wearing everyday, or a professional jacket, it is applicable.


The soft shell jacket is more like the advanced version of daily costumes, and it is possible to prevent both air and air and breathable compared to ordinary clothing. From the design, it is more relaxed to the city than the hard shell, suitable for the city’s daily and commuting, can also deal with the general outdoor scenes, such as the suburban camping, short road mountaineering.

The hard shell can be called “clothing,” can stop powerful wind and rain, tear and 剐, can not only deal with harsh weather, but also to the inspection of outdoor jungle bushes, rock climbing and other environmental tests to protect the body . Then the difference between the two will be obvious, although the softness of the soft shell is not as good as the hard shell, but the dressing is indeed a slightly better.


For practicality, the jacket designed by three-in-one style is the primary choice for most people. It can be disassembled according to different climate disassembling, select the most comfortable wearing state, such as the current season of southern cities, with a wind, Single-layer wear can come to the windproof effect, while in the northern city, with intimate down liner and fleece, warm up. Of course, there are currently many single-layer jackets, there are also self-contained liner design, which will also recommend the corresponding items to everyone below.

What are the functionality of jackets?

Speaking of functionality, that is, this article should talk about the most important! The above has been mentioned – windproof, waterproof, breathable, warm these characteristics, how is it did? Let’s talk about it in detail!


Having these functionality mainly watching fabrics, the most widely used Gore-TEX fabric is currently developed by GORE, as you often in the Comfortable Price Article. “With Gore-TEX, this Value “or” Is this with Gore-TEX? Is there a jacket recommended by GORE-TEX? “

The intermediate layer of the GORE-TEX fabric is a microporous filter of EPTFE while adding a PU layer, and is combined with the outer layer and the liner with this film to form a typical three-layer structure, which combines waterproof, windproof and breathable. Features, so it can be said that the use of this fabric has largely represent the functionality of the jacket. Compared to Gore-TEX fabrics, its advanced version is Gore-TEX Active, facing higher-level sports projects, more breathable. Gore-TEX PRO is even more powerful, high-end protection, such as outdoor branded ancestors, will use this fabric.

In addition to GORE, BHA Altair’s EVENT fabric is also wide, using a Direct Venting Technology + EPTFE filter, no PU layer, can be directly ventilated. In addition, there are also Conduit, Omni Tech, Memo-Tex, Power-Tex, Hydro-Dry, Weathertite, etc., and the characteristics of these fabrics are waterproof.

With enough wind and breathable, the warmth of the jacket has been greatly improved than ordinary clothing, and the spring and autumn will wear, and if we look with a fleece or down liner, the effect is greater. The above materials are also professional-level, which can be effective for the friction of rocks, trees and daily lives.


Which jackets are worth buying?

At present, there are many mature outdoor brands on the market, such as the beginning ancestral birds, mammarks, mountain Hao, land-mouse, north, and domestic gradually developed Kaili, Pathfinder, etc., there are nice to different scenes. Product Series. The following small series focuses on the product characteristics and the in-vehicle heat, and pay attention to the value of the reference.

1, Arc’teryx Bird Beta Ar Hard Shell Jacket


The Beta AR Alpine Jacket of the beginning ancestors is essentials all-weather series, suitable for many needs of mountaineering, hiking, skiing, etc., is a hot series of clothing wearing a multi-scene wearing. Beta AR fabric uses GTX professional GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable fabrics, AR, ALL AROUND, in response to harsh weather environment, belonging to the advanced model of the LT, the wear resistance of the fabric rises, this beta ar jacket is The classic model of the bird family.

2, Mammut fierce

CONVEY three in one



This jacket is a three-in-one detachable series, and it is also a hot style in the station. With Gore-Tex Paclite fabric, it is equipped with excellent waterproof and breathable technology 2.5-layer housing, Paclite partially enhanced gas permeability, packaging and lightness. The Velcro system preform system is more convenient, and the underside bieceramine is maintained.

3, Thenorthface North 1994 Replica NF0A4R52 Jacket

This jacket uses the Future Light waterproofing technology fabric developed in the north. It uses a nano-spinning process and a nano-stage pore, which has been added to the film of the fabric, strengthens the gas permeability and strong water resistance of the clothes. However, this jacket is a single-layer design. If the winter is wearing in the north, it is best to match the downholip, the north is also unveiled by the star, not only professional, but also the two models compared to the front. However, it is relatively high as a single layer.

4, Columbia Colombia WE1155 male three-in-one jacket

Colombia’s jacket naturally can’t be absent. The above has been mentioned in the fabric. This technology is from Colombia – Om. It can reflect and store thermal energy, improve warmth effect, and the Ome · Waterproof technology can provide good waterproof and moisture absorbing performance. Omhemil has always been the main technology, strong functionality, this three-in-one design system, is also a good choice.


5, Rab Latok Alpine Jacket


Bab’s down jacket has always been very concerned, and the jacket is also. This use is an EVENT fabric mentioned above, with a waterproof front zip, and a fully adjustable wiring cover. The designer designs the hat to be able to bring into the rock climbing helmet, the tie rope and adjustable cuffs of the hem can be breathable or sealed, the zipper at the arm can maximize heat dissipation, which is ideal for outdoor wear.

6, Kailas Kaili KG110385 three-in-one jacket


In recent years, domestic outdoor brands have been more mature. Such as Kay Rock, the use of FilTertec technology, the waterproof index reaches 8000mm, which can withstand the finest waterproof and breathable fabric, the inner layer adopts -35 Siberian refusal water row, wind and warm. From the appearance, its design can also bring a fitful fashion.


7, Decathlon Decathlon 8315526 Men’s Jacket

As a daily brand Decathlon, the daily brand Decathlon, there is also a good jacket. The fabric used in this paper can reach 5000mm, the anti-riot rain can reach 4 hours, the intermediate layer adopts a filler sandwich and a shake velvet lining, compressible, and the warm effect is also good. In fact, for most cities, such costumes are sufficient to meet their daily needs.


Nowadays, the product line is endless, the optional jacket brand, the style has a lot, and the price is from hundreds to tens of thousands. In fact, from everyday wear, usually does not require the functionality of the beginning ancestors high-end series, and Xiaobian’s outdoor friends are usually only worn in harsh outdoor activities. So everyone chooses, according to their needs, according to their own demand, choose windproof, water, warm, if they are willing to spend a higher price, I also recommend that everyone will go outdoors, truly experience it. Powerful functionality and outdoor fun!

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