“Pants” “rich” homotive, Guangdong people buy new pants in the country

Red lanterns, red satin, pink peach, etc. Strong.

Guangzhou Baima Clothing City, a number of brand clothing store posted 100 yuan / piece, a three-fold preferential promotion card, and claims that “one is also a wholesale price”, many of the tide men trend female three or two two or two, with it to sweep the goods;

Tianhe Business Circle, from the afternoon, the public has already backpacks out of the office, go out of the house, shopping with friends and relatives, shopping, dinner;

In the rice market, there are people in many brand catering stores. Some net red catering stores also have a long dragon; Guangzhou Friendship, Guangbai Department Store and other large shopping malls, major shopping centers, have already carefully arranged the New Year’s new year, The couple who went shopping, girlfriends were taled in front of the New Year.

The new year has been, people are happy to welcome the New Year in a variety of ways!

The enthusiasm of the New Year is ignited.

New Year’s Day shopping discount, a size dispatched sweeping new shoes

Guangdong people have a traditional custom of buying new clothes in New Year, which is also a Cantonese Ceremony of the New Year. Many citizens take advantage of the opportunities for major businesses, brands, push new products, and increased promotions in New Year’s Day holidays, shopping for a new year of the new year.


“Some brands sell thousands of yuan in the mall. Now they are promoted, one fold, 20% off, very affordable.” On the eve of New Year’s Day, Yuan Ming approved girlfriend to Guangzhou clothing professional city to sweep, give yourself and Boyfriend bought the clothes, shoes.

At the scene, many brand stores put their sweaters, small suit, thin down and other fashion winter clothes in the perspective position. A brand clothing store manager said that consumers are now in a light luxury fashion, the original design of winter clothing, etc.

Welcome to the new, let go of the red fire, big exhibition.

“We have recently been doing the Spring Festival big, the public’s new clothes sweeping the desires, many consumers are all the size of the whole family,” “Miss Liang, a well-known professional market in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market, Tell the reporter, Mid-a month (December 2021) launched a large number of consumers to sweep the goods after opening “a batch of” large-scale promotions to the public.


“Women’s sales increase, design, down jacket, cashmere coat, etc. The winter clothing is popular.” The above people said that men’s clothing, children’s clothing is mainly based on family women’s consumer procurement, and the original children’s clothing brand is very large. There are many preferential products of “100 yuan 4” on site.

It is reported that in Guangzhou Railway Station Fashion Apparel Circle, main end customers are mainly 80, 90, and their choice of clothing is more preferred for high-quality, personalized, and can share original fashion. At the same time, in the purchase experience, it is also preferred to achieve dual demand for individuality and cost performance.

In addition, recently cold air raises Guangdong, the temperature difference between day and night, the public’s demand for commodity consumption of warmth and cold.

According to people from Guangzhou Friendship Store, after insight into the new market demand, the mall has added cashmere sweater, wool coat, down jacket, down, warm underwear, winter boots, etc., the stock of warm clothing, and increase the recommendation in the store. The brightened new product added in the shelves added fashion and warmth.

Guangdong people have a sense of grand ceremony for the New Year.

“Pants” “rich” Cantonese homonym, Guangdong uses the first year of the year to buy pants

Shopping shopping online can experience a strong Chinese New Year atmosphere, is convenient and labor-saving online.


There is an e-commerce platform, approaching 2022 New Year, users buy clothing, shoes’ enthusiasm, plus the subsidies of new, platform great strength, and fashion clothing sales growth.

From Vipshop data show that the sales of men and women clothing, footwear, etc. have surged, and Guangdong Province has once again showed strong purchasing power: in various provinces, Guangdong Province regularly ranked the crown of the country; China, Shenzhen, Guangzhou bought the top five in the country. Among them, the 90s of Shenzhen, 95 consumers have bought the first national first.

How is Guangdong users to buy new clothes in New Year?

“‘Pants’ and ‘rich’ in Cantonese, buy new pants before the new year, the first choice for many Cantonese people.” According to the platform data, Guangdong users buy “rich” (pants) enthusiastic nation’s first, of which After 90, the consumer is particularly love for sports pants, sports casual pants, the year-on-year increase is 87.24% and 406.06%, respectively.

[Reporter] Luzhi intern Huang Kai Xin

[Author] Lu Zhi

[Source] Southern Newspaper Media Group South + Client

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