Down to serve Jingshen 68-year-old Zhao Yazhi, so wearing white down jacket, wear yourself in 20 years old

In the winter single product ranking, the lenient rate, the white down jacket is in the top, the mall, supermarket, streets, and other occasions, can see the white down jacket. So, the problem is coming, why do everyone love white down jacket? Is it the best? Or is it the milky? The answer is not, but because the white down jacket has a variety of charm, satisfying a lot of people’s wearing demand, even if it is aged, white down jacket can also be created. Drapping only 68-year-old Zhao Yazhi, so wearing a white down jacket, wearing himself into 20 years old.


First, how white down jacket is molded

The white down jacket itself does not resemble the age-up effect. We want to put it out of the young feeling, you should start from the aspects, below, let’s take a look at Zhao Yazhi how to match the white down jacket.

1: Lake Blue Sweater

“White down jacket + sweater” is not very unsteady, basically everyone passes so, is a rareity is the color of the lake blue sweater. The blue blue belongs to a blue, between blue and green, because the hue is close to the lake color, so, anything to make a single product with this color, there are more or less refreshing, lake Blue sweater is no exception. And under the lining of the white down jacket, the lake blue sweater is refreshing, which in the visual effect.


2: Small black pants


Women with good body will often look young than the peers, so I want to make myself become young, I have to show a good figure. As for how to show your body, we can learn from Zhao Yazhi and choose small black pants. The small black pants version is tightly fitted, which can highlight the leg lines and hide the legs. More importantly, while small black trousers, while weakening the white down jacket thick, it seems that the upper body shape is also extra slim.

3: sunglasses


The looks easier to expose a person’s true age, so Zhao Yazhi has chosen to wear sunglasses. Just, you need to pay attention to the shape of the ink, there is a small size, there is a narrow, if you want to hide the age with sunglasses, you must choose Zhao Yazhi’s large and wide style, which can cover half of the face. It makes people can’t see real age.

Can wear white down jackets so older, visible, Zhao Yazhi really plays tender. It is necessary to remind everyone that Zhao Yazhi will not play tender, and the other style is very good. If we don’t believe, let’s take a look.


Zhao Yazhi’s other style

Gentle wind

“Knitz + Hirmingshirt” is a recognized most gently wearing, no matter who wears, you can have a gentleness. However, there is a little need to remind everyone, it is not difficult to wear “sweater + half-length skirt”, it is difficult to show the feeling of fashion. If you haven’t found the method yet, try Zhao Yazhi’s oblique waist punctuality, fashion style.


National style

The national style is a very difficult clothes, like this style of girl, you can learn from Zhao Yazhi, choose “V-collected + embroidery pattern + chiffon sleeve + slim version” dress, show the oriental classical charm, see Have a good look.



Minimalist is a lot of people like clothes, then how do I deduce a simple wind? The easiest way is to choose a white dress, wearing a white dress, wearing a white shirt and white dishes, as long as the whole body wears white-oriented, you can make a minimalism, why is white as all colors The source, bring your own simple charm.

Regarding Zhao Yazhi, I will introduce it here. I hope that through the above content, everyone can put the white down jacket out of the age-proof effect, everyone can drive the warm and soft wind, the national style, the simple wind.

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