Time: Teach you to weave a simple men’s rod needle cashmere sweater (with illustration)

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I haven’t been giving my old United States, just woven a few vests. I decided to give him a woven sweater.

Wire: 27 lp velvet 3 shares, 371 grams


Use a needle: 3.0 (positive), 2.5 (neck) 2.75 (next, cuff)

Tile size: Bust 51cm * 2, length 65cm, shoulder 41cm, sleeve length 64cm

The figure diagram is the imitation of the eyebrows’ work – LingGe,

Thank you for your brother’s sister.

Draw a picture yourself,


Put it together, for sisters for reference ~


Attach the weaving process:


1, after the film: 2.75 needle 178 knit double thread 7cm40 line, change 3.0 needles even 8-pin 170 needles, do not reduce the 37cm, open: 2-6-1, 2-2-1, 4-2-7, co-weaving 96 after weaving arms, 8, 8, 9, 9, the collar 2 should be 2-2-3, Yu 46 pin flat

2, front piece: 2.75 pixably 178 knit double thread 7cm40 line, changed 3.0 hits evenly 8-pin 170 needles, 7 flowers according to the pattern of the pattern, open the same piece. Open the woven 66 line began to leave the front, the middle 20-pin is harvested, the 2-sided needle is: 2-3-2, 2-2-3, 2-1-4, 4-1-3, weaving shoulders The same sheet.


3, sleeves: 2.75 needles 66 knit double thread 7cm40 line, change 3.0 hinges plus 8 needles, plus needle rules are: 8-2-11, 6-2-13, 12.

4, sewing, cuff, suture sleeve

5, collar: 2.5 needles 4 pick 3, pick 148 needles, woven 14 lines double threads after using it, take the closing needle.

• END •

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