It turned out that there is a low-key, name is a down jacket.

貂 样

Taihu Pai

The winter is particularly cold in the winter, and there are several blizzards under Jiangnan, and the temperature dropped to the freezing point.

The Lanheli of the Finance, a mink coat, Tingting, come to work, instantly in a group of down jacket cotton jackets, a focus.

The orchid is tall, pretty, shorter, a few days of the weather, a long hair of a maroon, wearing a brown, a brown mink coat, lining a chicken heart leading green tight bag hip cashmere skirt, reveal Holding white neck, feet a pair of brightened brown tap boots, the graceful god, like a lady in the Republic of China.

Some people say that the most attractive women’s attention is lace and fur.

In those few days, fur became a hot topic of women.

First try the fur coat of the Lan, anyway, many people have a mirror in the concealed place, women wear fur coats in front of the mirror – however, most women do not wear fur..

Several women in the sales department wear a mink dress, there is a storm, and a few beautiful people were wearing the best. Jing has always led the new trend of the company’s clothing, and immediately decided to buy a mink coat like the land.

Where is the brightening orchid coat bought? what brand? how much is it?

The refreshing blue space is handed over with the sales invoice and clothes tag.

At this point of view, smart sees have seen the door: It turns out that the company’s clothing company is just a real estate, which is often going as a sales manager.

So, Yi did not know how to find the fur company, but also bought the same mink coat with Lan, but the price is much, it is said that the price of the price can buy a gold bracelet for Week.

The elite coat in the same kind of mink coat in the company, it became the second focus. Everyone praised youth’s beautiful cry. It seems to be more beautiful.

More eye-catching is the story of the threatened coat, the same clothes, so many cheap! Earn a big gold bracelet! Sure enough, the beauty of wisdom is better!

Lan seems unreasonable, saying a certain day: “Who can buy tens of thousands of clothes will be cheaper little money? In fact, this kind of dress is wearing a stylish, you have to match it. Leather coat, riding a battery car, don’t weird? “

Everyone didn’t ring, and the atmosphere was a bit embarrassed. Jing is a woman wearing a bumper on a mink coat. The yan’s money is in the house. Her slogan is to buy it, and the car will be depreciated. If the fool does not buy a house to buy a luxury car.

However, the words of Lan said that it took a few days. One morning, Jingwei wore a mink coat opened a new car to go to work. This time, the beautiful woman is brought, but there is a little bit of touch with the land.

In fact, don’t go to the price, you have no use, and you will grow up. Just like people who love, don’t regret it, don’t go to the other side, we must pay for your choice.

Jan Qiong, a room with the Lancome Department, is a martial martial art, a mink coat of the mink coat, and the discussion of the mink of Lan and Jing, she only smiled, never comment. He is often wearing a blue down jacket, jeans casual shoes, can’t see luxury a little bit.


Just one day, the company organized everyone to go to the mountains, don alien, ridden, rustic down, everyone found that she wore a small fur.

At first glance is high-grade goods! White mink hair, it is rich in gentle and soft, so that there is a stunning feeling.


The thicker screamed, rushed over to see Qiong’s hauff shoulder, study for a while, and the mobile phone photo online inquiry, the people played a ghost face: Qiong sister’s little shoulder, more expensive than our coat!

Qionghi smile, don’t make trouble, eat food, which is so expensive, clothes are just warm!

Later, there were a female colleague to take the car together to go to the manufacturer to bought the skin coat, and then, the leather city has opened the leather city, and there are several fur rows, so the rest time for noon, the woman is going to pick her herish.

The ward, the more and more women often in the office, the three characteristics of “wind blowing skin warming, snow falling skin, soiled, the rain falls”, It is a good thing in winter.

It is said that the property company has a revolutionary Liu Manager, height 156, weight 165, and I bought a mink coat that it was said to be a fracture in a certain day.


The stylus of this mink coat can be described in the following keywords:

Mao is thick. Black brown mix.茧 shaped. Hood. Lantern sleeve. Many long paragraphs.

Such color and style, the set is in the bodies of Liu, can’t think of … bears.

I can’t help but fortunately, I have been able to have a clear understanding. I don’t have to buy fur with great flow.

People who have aestheticity really can’t buy fur. Because of the general mink coat, wearing a blessing woman is basically like a bear. But wearing a high-quality beauty body, it is basically a lady. Although the skin is good, it is very personal!

Manager Liu is probably for a long time for the mink coat, almost wearing the coat, work, sitting, and sometimes people who are not enough by Liu, personally wear.

Some people think that she is not good to wear a mink coat.

Liu Yi’s mentality is good, thinking that those who don’t look good is because they don’t have the heart of the mink coat, it is not worth it. Wear your own breach, let others get sad!

This day, I took a big snow, and I walked through the mink coat, and I went to the small road in front of the floor with two employees.

Yu Manager wrote a front building. I didn’t expect a wolf dog in front of a certain unit of the building. As soon as I saw two employees, I suddenly god and fierce. At this time, Liu Yi smashed the iron shovel when the dog roared in the two staff.

The dog was hung at the time.

After a few seconds, the dog ran!

Later, Liu Yi did not only pass through the mink coat, and later popular and soft cashmere coats, the woman wearing a mink woman was less, but it was occasionally said that the past, and smiled for a long time.

It turned out that there is a low-key, name is a down jacket.