10 sets of boys in summer, recommended: How to wear a good look and refreshing in summer?

Lazy little white don’t wear! Watery! ! !

Directly rude full set! Give you!

5 style, 10 full set

Clothes, trousers, shoes, accessories have

Hurry and come in and copy the copy! ! !

Parental level! The class of relatives is given to you!


(1) Simple basic payment

Boy’s wardrobe advice:

Pay attention to efficient, quality and basic funds.

Wearing a small white + lazy dressing principle:

1 Pick each piece of clothing


Must be easy

Can help daily

Fast completion


2 must also have a good quality to support the style, as far as possible

In the valid budget, buy quality is best


First set: white t + jeans

use of color:

“Blue + White” = Refreshing Colorful Color Combination


Match analysis:

This color is like a combination of blue sky and white clouds, giving people unlimited sunshine with clean feelings, white t + jeans, is the girl’s coming, the “neighboring family is worn” in the romance novel!

Single product analysis:


– – Jacket

Pure white round neck T-shirt, essential funds for each boult

Basic money must be selected!

250g heavy Xinjiang cotton

32 gaute is tight

Double thick spiral neckline

This high-cost T-shirt, put it in the mall, “selling hundreds”

But this family only sells 66 yuan, really giant heart! ! !

– -Pants

This jeans are

Version, color, zipper

Absolutely exceeding other brands of the same price

This is the “countless YKK zip chain” I saw in the price of 100+ prices.

Because YKK is the nasal ancestors of the zipper, representing industry standards

General AJ, SuPreme, Nike, North, these big cards will be more common use YKK zipper

The quality is not said, the price is also n times of other zippers.

Will cost + for details in this place, this trousers are absolutely worth buying!

– -shoe

Soft insoles, soft and comfortable soles

How is the elasticity, look at the moving from above

More retro flavors than small white shoes

But more, different types of pants can hold HOLD

– – Accessories

This whistle necklace is still very calendared

Can look at the boss’s developer diary


Second set: white T + casual pants

Similar colors

: The whole is a simply refreshing BOY feeling


Very soft, color clear, suitable for spring and summer,

White + lower body khaki + brown match is the most classic

Big-name color

, The lower body chooses a casual pants type, which is modified, and it echoes the color of the shoes.

T-shirt belongs to a small logo solid color series

It is different from a general solid color T-shirt and carries


Ecetic gene of solid color T

It is worth mentioning that this T-shirt is

Double thread roller craft

Generally, it will have this design for the usual brand.

To make this

Crafts are not only troublesome, and the cost will also be a little higher.

But the advantage is:

Very durable, strong anti-deformation ability

– – Pants

The version of the cone pants determines the use and style of the item.

Foundation, leisure



Suitable for thighs

Boy, the foot is tightened and more clean.

Add 2% spandex elastic fiber, compared to cotton fabrics more difficult to deform

At the same time, reduce the tightening bandage, clean and easy to manage

This version of the shoes are very popular in South Korea.

Legal leg

Extended leg lines

The effect is very powerful!

It is evaporated in evA foaming.

Soft wood deodorant

Increase the comfort and foot feel comfortability

Simple fundamental


I recommend 2 stores you to buy

Quality assurance, version guarantee

Basic style store – nine or six:

Suitable for buying pants! Good quality!

Not a foreign brand, the US version of the US version

According to the version of Chinese boys


Slim, not close, trousers, hip circumference, waist circumference is just right!


Quality, I also tested you.

Can’t stand the ball! Not Written! Do not shrink!


Always buy this boy who can’t buy a suitable pants must collect this! ! !

Basic style store –

Liberty Kostume

The clothes are mainly simple and simple atmosphere, not Zhang Yang!

The simple basic commuter is high, the outline design is completely clean and profitable.

The T-shirt of their family sells only 69 yuan

Use 230g rack (elastic) fabric production

It belongs to our Chinese Xinjiang Long Flush Cotton

Quality is really good!

I suggest you support it ~

(2) Sunshine sports wind

The third set: polo + casual shorts


: Neutral color black and white ash is a common kind of boy, a comfortable dark gray polo shirt, with a light gray five-point shorts, color clean, and very simple eye-catching.

The clothes itself are basic paragraphs


In the details: the snowy mountain embroidery stickers in the chest



“Bench Embroidery Process”

Fine and thin, no clothes around clothes are wrinkled around

In the version: also breaks the impression of traditional ancient board polo shirts, appeases youthful

– -shorts

The trousers is the most comfortable trousers.

The shorts of the trousers are more! There are many scenes


Daily simple casual sports can be hold!

169 yuan “dissolved” canvas shoes

From Japanese small brand

Match shorts, workfalls, casual pants


Can wear four seasons

It is better than the general canvas shoes


(About 2-3 cm of the sole)


More soft


(First layer leather shoes + foaming sole)

More design


(Dissolve irregular shoes, really a bit cool!)

The fourth set: blue T + gray pants

Color use: blue + gray high color matching

: One-to-body Nordic

Blue short T

With one

Gray casual shorts

, On

White stockings

Modified ankle, then step on a pair

Gray blue colorful shoes

Easily brighten the skin.


– -Jacket

Blended fabric selected by the product,


Fabric characteristics: hand feel smooth, flat, flexible; anti-wrinkle free,

After the handchol is pinched, there is no obvious crease.

Color color


Getween blue, self-contained cold white leather filter, surrounded by cooling, and grabbing the mirror!

Match the gray pants very taking!


Can wear the third set of gray shorts

A set of trousers with 2 wear, save money is also convenient!

The upper is a large-scale hollow mesh, stitching with anti-velvet leather

Not only has a level of feelings

The flexibility and wear resistance of rubber base is very good.

The sole is up to 4.5cm, so you easily “high people first”

(3) Simple version of the work

The fifth set: T-shirt + workfall

Color use: black + gray

This is a set



costumes. Milk gray t-shirt in the movie theme, multi-pocket tooling pants used in special crafts,


The overall Level is invisible! Take a pair of exaggerated ball shoes and function wind black bag, appear

Shuai is low-key.

This is a print logo short sleeve,


Leisure retro and typical

There are 3 colors, white milk, gray and vintage green

The clothes are complemented by the print color and have certain




, Like it ~

260G flat cloth grinding fabric

Style firming base, a narrow version of the narrow row

The whole look is very favored

– – bag

Quality is very good, the shape is also cool,

Crocodile PU skin with bag cover, waterproof moisture

If you are quite big, you can put down a ipad

Sunshine Sports Store – Lu Xiaohu

Most of their family style

Give people a sunny, clean feeling


Girls are this

“Physical education” wear


Sunshine, exercise, clean


This is why sports is so popular with such a welcoming reason.

Sunshine Sports Store – PSO

Many stars in China are wearing

This brand!

PSO design is a very comfortable type

Also have a bit refreshing, the taste of the sun

Inside the tide

PSO price is definitely the people

Pants cost is basically 100-300 200 more

The upper is also in 200 or so autumn and winter is also 300-400 fluctuations. It can be said that it is very conscience!

Sixth set: tooling shirt + shorts

Color use: military green + black

Take one piece

Black t

Set of a cityboy style


Army green short-sleeved shirt

And one strip

Black color multi-pocket tooling shorts

And adding detail with a functional function with a substantial function.

– – Top (inner)

Take the T-shirt of the Madden home

42 yuan, 67 yuan two pieces, this price

Can also make 100% cotton, collar sweatparet design, two needle spiral collar

It’s really “conscience my life”!

– – Top (jacket)

Outdoor worker jacket

Entit! Cityboy’s “Summer Wear”


Woven fabric woven process, 100% cotton,

And the garment fabric is passed

Pre-shrinking treatment

, Washing is not easy to deform. Chest

Climbing design


For embellishment, the details rise,

Easy Hold City Day, street wind!

Pants two sides

Double pocket

Outdoor machine, retreating tooling leisure



Mid waist waist design

,as well as

Loose version of the design

It is simply not reasonable to modify the leg shape!

Very good one-layer necklace

A thick chain + a thin chain, one top two, self-contained design,

I have to say, if you don’t match it at all, then choose it.

The t-shirt of the round neck, the sweater doesn’t have her.

A super practical one is absolutely not wrong.

(4) Light cooked gentleman

Seventh set: black polo + milk apricot


Color use: black + shallow card

Match analysis: light cooked wind

A set of matching, wearing you is soft


~ Light color pants


Bright eye

Do not have too much stimulation for visual, which is beneficial to weaken a sharp feeling of people, add more points




230g cotton double yarn fabric

A Polo shirt!

3 colors are actually very good

Moderate thickness, good dreamer

The surface of the surface is handled, the feel is soft,

Splendly comfortable, three-dimensional

This is a pants that cannot be missed!

Light, breathable, wearing cool

With black, gray, brown, shallow card, dark brown 5 colors


Made 4 types

There are cone pants, also doing straight pants, nine strokes, and tip pants

Suitable for all legs!

The original picture is NB’s shoes, I don’t recommend it.


I recommend domestic cheap old shoes.

The eighth set: T-shirt + trousers

Color use: black + Morandi blue

A simple top

Morandi blue short t


Black casual trousers

A pair

Black low-top Martin boots

, With Moradi and black throughout the whole.

260g heavy Xinjiang long velvet cotton T-shirt

Thick but no loss


Take care of comfort and guarantee

Confucian and durability

Color is simple and comfortable, clean and generous

It is the tapered casual trousers mentioned earlier.

Really really!

The version is really really modified!

Classic, but when

Martin shoes is definitely your necessary style

The boss adds soft plastic at the mouth, avoids grinding

I feel very soft to the foot, more than a hundredteps you deserve!

(5) City street wind


Ninth set: tide T + tooling shorts

Color use: pure black match

The trend of forever or out of time is black ~ Don’t miss this black top, the upper body appears

. The black t-shirt is combined with the tooling trousers, strengthens the street, super cool.

250g knit cotton fabric

Striped and skin-friendly MAX,

Loose version

Ultra high identified printed

Awards are time to printed, simple generous

Fight street pattern combined with simple text print


Like the breeze of the street, don’t miss this!

Slim fabric with three-dimensional pleated large pockets

Straight pants, elastic waist design

Also added

Two stereo pockets

Design, the details are directly full!

Five-degree length

Medium wrap design

, Can improve the knee in the visual

Let the legs present the gold ratio, and if you want to be high, please close your eyes!

Have excellent back elasticity and slowingness!

Big concatenation is a hard rubber,

Wear resistance is more advantageous!

These three constitute an appearance cool old skate

Running no pressure! Super handsome! ! !

Tenth set: tide T + tooling shorts

Color use: Black and White Classics


Comfort full of comfort

A set of matching! The dark color match, the focus highlights the print, the street feels full, the double-ring big print behind the clothes is very futuristic, supporting the full set of eyeps.

Simple round neck loose T-shirt,

Detail is full

Future is full

This is a

Don’t have a unique

Design T-shirt.

The chest is a deformation print with brand themes, if the hidden


Behind the big double-ring pattern echo, walk in the street is extremely eye-catching


Pants with the ninth set is the same pants

Add a lot of light breathable feelings

Ok, today’s set is over.

If you have any doubts about wearing

Can directly believe in me








use of color:

use of color:

Match analysis:

Match analysis:

Match analysis:

Match analysis:

Match analysis:

Match analysis:

Match analysis:

Match analysis:

Single product analysis:

Single product analysis:

Single product analysis:

– – Jacket

– – Jacket

– -Pants

– -Pants

– -Pants

– -Pants

– -Pants

– -Pants

– -Pants

– -shoe

– -shoe

– -shoe

– -shoe

– -shoe

– -shoe

– – Accessories


– -Jacket

– -Jacket

– -Jacket

– -Jacket

– -Jacket

Shuai is low-key.