50-year-old middle-aged man, buy down jacket to remember “6 principles”, wearing it without old

For most middle-aged men, winter styling is relatively simple, mainly with comfort and warmth, after taking into account fashion, natural, down jackets have become a monotenized monumental male winter must.

Why do you say a man, the more you buy a down jacket?

Although the down jacket is a classic foundation, for the 50-year-old man, in addition to the appearance is no longer young, the body has begun to change, so it is necessary to consider their age, body and temperament when buying down jackets.

In this issue, come and talk to you 50-year-old men to buy the topic of the down jacket, don’t be used by merchants and shopping guide, just remember this “6 principles”, you can buy the down jacket that best suits you!

01, the version of the down jacket can not be loose or too tight, suitable for the best

Most middle-aged men buy down jackets There is a misunderstanding: think that the loose version is relaxed, the better the shape of the shape. In fact, the down jacket will be too loose or too tight, affect the dressing, warmth and shaping effect, or wear bloated, either a small family.


Tips: Papers, favorable down jackets are best for middle-aged men, not being restored, not more fat, and help to match.

02, the length of the down jacket can not be too short or too long, the lap position is most suitable


The length of the down jacket directly affects the overall dressing effect and shaping effect. For middle-aged men, the length of the down jacket cannot be too short or too long. Excessive low down jacket is not enough, and will give people a sense of force to convex the waist line for the sake of high, too long down jackets, and it is easy to crush high.

Tips: Middle-aged man should choose the middle long down jacket in the 2-3 cm position in the knee, and properly expose the leg line to achieve increased effect, and it has also improved warmth.

03, the color of the down jacket can not be too bright, wear more bloated

The color of the down jacket does not affect the stylish feeling, and it also determines the shaping effect. Most middle-aged men’s body is a bit blessing, and the colorful down jackets are easy to expand, wear more bloated, thus exposing the body short board.


Tips: Try to choose a lower base color down jacket, like black, dark blue, etc., simple and generous, and help to modify your body.

04, the elements of the down jacket should not be too much, not enough to wear

The down jacket is also advancing with the times, not only has a rich style, but also in the design. But for middle age, there are too many down jackets that are fashion elements, such as the seemingly tough and handsome caravan down jacket, actually unwaped.

TIPS: Suitable for middle-aged men’s down jackets, elements can’t be too much; compare, the wearing is more advanced.

05, the collar of the down jacket Do not bring hair, it looks very cheap

In order to pursue warmth and fashion effect, many of the down jackets with fur collar design will look warm, it looks warm, actually wearing it is very bloated, the middle-aged man in the neck is more unfriendled, directly can’t see the neck, Visually, it is severely lowered the size.


Tips: The jacket of the down jacket is a detail but cannot be ignored. It is recommended to choose a small stand-end collar, no collar, lapel or ordinary hooded, simple and generous.


06, the downs of the down jacket should not be too small, easy to be old

In recent years, quilted down jackets have been like many people, and this down jacket made from quilted crafts, there is also a drawback: the demaptry is too small, it is easy to be old. For middle-aged men, this kind of downcomer is not the best choice.

Tips: The down jacket is maintained between a certain distance, and the derivative is pulled width. It is also more atmospheric, and the upper body effect is fashionable.


All in all, not all down jackets are all, especially for middle-aged men, choose the down jacket, and choose the week, choose the right place, and the dress is not old!


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