Wear a pair of old running shoes, the 13-year-old boy still dreams become Asian flying people

Little you, your dreams; run, eager to go farther; let me love, illuminate your front road direction! Deep visits, listen to the wish, donation equipment package, open public welfare lessons … Jiangsu Radio and Television Table Heading Media News Center jointly established Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, Jiangsu Women’s Federation and Jiangsu Development Sports Foundation launched special planning “and you together · Firefly playground “, Take care of healthy and happy childhood!


In Jiangsu Taixing City Yuanzhu Primary School, after school, you can see a black and thin little teenager, run on the playground. The boy is called Cai Kecheng. It is 13 years old this year, and his father, grandfather lives. Three years ago, the father burst stroke, lost labor capacity, and the burden of life was pressed on the 80-year-old grandfather. The sensible Jiacheng has never been Zhangqou to adult, and a aunt sent him a pair of sneakers. He still worked hard.


A boy who is busy like a little adult is called Cai Jie, and Dad, grandfather lives in this small courtyard.


Three years ago, the small court had just finished, and it has not been renovated. Dad will fall. The mother left home, and the family of happiness went to one corner. Since then, running, it became a way of Helong to relieve unease.

He said: “From the third grade, he started running. At that time, I found that it was more extracted. After you go home every time, you will run half an hour on the no one.”


After school after school, I will fix half an hour to train myself, and then add the collective training of the school track and field community, and the running scores of Jiacheng are flying. “When I arrived at the Taixing Games, I ran 200 meters before running three, and I ran first in school 1000 meters.”

The reporter asked him if he wanted a wish? Kaicheng A: “I want a more good sports shoes.” This is because, in the sashimi of Jiacheng, I can’t find the second trotting shoes, and he will never open to Dad. The little teenager, became firm in the day of the day.

In recent years, the Yuanzhu Town Government took the initiative to provide this family a monthly payment of more than 1,000 yuan. In addition to helpers in life, the three aunts also helped the Jiacheng a renovation of the house.

After learning that Jiacheng’s wish, the reporter also deliberately prepared a surprise for him: a pair of running shoes. After trying on, Jia Cheng is very happy and thank the reporter.

After school, Jiacheng started training in unmanned playground. This pair of new shoes, being boy as the most beloved baby, received the shoe cabinet. Jiacheng said: “I hope that I can become Asian flying people like Su Bing, for the country!”


Like Jiaban, this group of energetic children come from Taizu Primary School. Nearly 900 students, children and left-behind children more than half of them. Children have obtained in various sports competitions, trophy, are all collected by schools. This is the honor of the children, and it is also the pride of this rural elementary school.

Maji, Magi Liang, a president of Yuanzhu, told reporters: “Our playground is used in the first and medium-sized bamboo, there are several basketball racks, and there are some simple horizontal bars, parallel bars, others basically have no facilities.”

Without your own playground, other sports facilities have also been old, but the enthusiasm of children’s sports is not reduced. During the high grass, they ran quickly. This is the happiest time.

Everything is persistent, all love.


Strive to run, to the place!

There is no decent sneakers,

Can not stop the pace of Jia Cheng forward;


No flat football field,

Can’t live in children to the green field yearning.

Come on, small teenagers,


I hope that you can become a “flying man” in your own heart.

“With you, Firefly playground”


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Sports brought to children not only a healthy body, and there is a strong will, unity and cooperation spirit, etc. These are valuable wealth on their future.

“With you together · Firefly playground” public welfare action is to light more light for the children.

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Firefly playground

This year, we must send some sports materials for the country school, special school difficult children, send them some public welfare courses, strengthen their body and soul, and help them get closer to their dreams, come together!


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