Beihai Ranch: Self-cultivation of a glass of yogurt begins with milk source

Can you remember the Rongzi?

When the last Rongfang poppy is a broadcast, the “hidden corner” is broadcast, the long-faced white net brother, but the abdomen is not. But this time is hot, not because “belly”, but because of height! At the age of 15, Rongfai has taken up to 1 meter 82, which makes many “uncle aunt” in “disability line”, and can not help but eat inner roar. “What is the child eat now!”

“Milk is drinking.” Rongfan said in a TV show.

Indeed, milk, nutrients are not expensive, have always been high in price, all countries have been strong, such as the United States issued the National Student Lunch Plan Act, stipulates that students must include 240 ml of liquid milk in each meal; China is early At the beginning of the 21st century, the Temper Wen Jiabao once said: “I have a dream, let every Chinese, first is a child, you can drink a pound of milk every day.” Milk, not only the nutritional value is high, but some degree The meaning of the national strategy of the rich national strength.

A large number of scientific research has proven that milk is rich in nutrients such as milk protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Eight amino acids (referred to as “essential amino acids” [1]) are also contained in the milk protein. Undoubtedly, milk is a high nutritional value.

However, not all people are suitable for direct drinking milk, “lactose is not resistant” makes many people love to milk and hate. According to statistics, lactose is not resistant to all parts of the world: Northern European people 0% -15%, China and European people 9% -23%, American caucasian 6% -22%, while Asian (East Asia) lactose is not resistant The proportion is up to 95% [2]. The reason is that there is no lactase in the human body to decompose milk lactose, which causes symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating after drinking a lot of milk.



In fact, yogurt, more suitable for extensive people drink

Yogurt usually is fermented by milk, lactose in milk will be broken down into lactic acid and other organic acids, reducing the possibility of lactose intolerance, and probiotics in yogurt also help intestinal motility.


At present, yogurt on the market is divided into two kinds.

One is a low temperature yogurt, one is a normal temperature yogurt.

Low temperature yogurt is fresh raw milk through a sterilization, then adding fermentation bacteria fermentation, no sterilization treatment after fermentation, enabling probiotics to survive, after the fermentation is completed, low temperature storage transportation. It is necessary to perform “Paprid heat treatment” in the fermentation of yogurt, which will kill the probiotics.

Therefore, the greatest difference between low temperature yogurt and normal temperature yogurt is that there is a large number of “live probiotics” in low temperature yogurt, and there is no yogurt. Nutrients in low temperature yogurt are more likely to be absorbed by the human body, and the probiotics contained can also promote intestinal stomach creep and more friendly to the human body.

(Beihai Ranch Yogurt)

Want to drink a high quality low temperature yogurt

You have to read the “past and present”

Here, we only pay attention to use

Yogurt in fresh raw cattle fermentation

Those yogurt made with “recovery milk” (that is, the milk powder often said) is not in the category we discussed. A cup of yogurt, should choose fresh raw milk for raw materials, but want to get stable supply, high quality, enough fresh raw milk, in China, generally need to find large scale, systematic, modern natural pasture, let the cows are comforting The environment is scientifically breeding, producing high quality milk.

Looking at China, there are not many above pastures, including Aoyian Ranch is one of the representative pastures. As a national pasture originating from Singapore, Australian Ranch has begun to establish and operate several thousand dairy cow level pastures since 2009, focusing on building high quality milk source bases. If the dairy uses fresh raw milk produced by Australian Ranch, it is equivalent to half of the body standing on the quality of the podium.

(Australian Ranch Photo)

Willing to pay a high quality, you can win consumer trust

Beihai Ranch, as a new brand in the low temperature yogurt, also noticed the advantages of Australian pasture milk source. Different from other brand costs, the Beihai Ranch has reached a strategic cooperation with Australia (Dongying Australia) pasture, and continues to obtain high-quality milk source for Australia.

Create delicious quality yogurt with better fresh raw milk.

The North Sea Ranch and the strategic cooperation of the Australian pasture have to say that it is forward-looking and strategic. For 3 years, the North Sea Ranch has received a lot of attention in the low temperature yogurt market.

The sales of Tmall low-temperature milk products in March this year were more competitive.

It is enough to indicate that the North Sea Ranch has sufficient attractions, and it is fundamentally.

Beihai Ranch is willing to pay high quality

At the beginning of the establishment, it locked the high-quality milk source of Australian Ranch, letting your yogurt king country can build more amazing yogurt products for consumers on a more solid foundation.

(Aoyian pasture cows)

The Beihai Ranch cooperated with Australia (Dongying Australia) pasture, pasture base cow group from Australia, after years of careful cultivation, improved Holstein group. The variety of dairy cows is strong, high milk production, high milk nutrients, strong disease resistance, and fresh cow milk proteins produced by 3.2-3.3%, fat content 3.8-4.2%, more nutrient ingredients, better taste 3].

Self-owned factory empower products innovation

In addition to locking high quality milk source, Beihai Ranch also invests 130 million yuan in Shengjian plant in Zhangzhou, Anhui Province

Among them, 80 million used in purchase of advanced production equipment, creating 3 advanced yogurt production lines.

Beihai Ranch Zhangzhou has a great strategic meaning,

On the one hand, the initiative increase

, Can control the product quality from the source; on the other hand,

More flexibility

, Convenient for new product development to meet the multicultural needs of consumers.

(Beihai Ranch “strong” yogurt)

Some people say that 邂逅 酸 酸, just like people like, the difference is only “starting from the value, loyal to character”, and the former is “starting from the value, caught in taste.” For the majority of consumers, especially young consumer groups, the color, the value, taste, and health is the most ideal yogurt choice.

For the fish and the bear, the North Sea Ranch insists that it originated from the natural raw materials and ingredients, and there is no compromise in the taste. For example, the latest strawberry stream cheese yogurt, contains two core elements of milk and strawberries, with a large granules with a large granular strawberry fresh fruit, and then inject the cheese dirt, the heart, and the grain is present.

“Dessert” known as no burden

, Let people enjoy the delicious fun of eating the current cake, don’t worry too much calories.

Gem bowl packaging is extremely identified, and it is more attractive to the eyes of young people. From a health perspective, only 86kcal in the 100g strawberry is in the heart, the heat is not as good as one-fifth of the same weight.

(North Sea Ranch Strawberry Dimming Cheese Yogurt)

Not only that, but the North Sea Ranch is LP28, rich, color, daily yogurt, is also a high-quality, good taste, high-quality yogurt, and quickly become a new favorite of young people.

It can be said that a small yogurt carries the pursuit of the North Sea pasture to the quality, the promise of health, insists on taste, and the consumers.


Do yogurt with your heart, conquer professional review taste buds


High-quality milk source plus advanced production line, creating yogurt production upstream hard strength, creating healthy and delicious yogurt, conquering many consumers’ taste buds and heart. The Beihai Ranch Yogurt conquered the International Taste Review Institute (ITITETE INSTITUTE, referred to as ITI, located in Brussels, Belgium,

A professional judge known as “Global Food Line”) has a total of 4 international delicious medals.


The Northern Sea Pasture has been: Beihai Ranch 0 sucrose 1L family compromise yogurt, North Sea pasture strong sour milk, Beihai pasture color flavor fermented milk (water peach flavor), North Sea pasture LP28 sugar fat new habits yogurt.

(Beihai Ranch Yogurt)

In the future, Beihai Ranch will continue to explore new processes, new products, new tastes on the basis of locking high-quality milk sources and perfect supply chain closed loops, will be healthier, delicious yogurt, and send them to the Chinese table.



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[2] Science Squirrel will “lactose impermanence”

[3] Liu Shuang: “Imported Australian Holusan Cows and China Holstein Dairy Outlook, Reproduction Performance”, 2014








(Aoyian pasture cows)