Men also want to fly, PICK leather seven groups of matching skills, let you be handsome unusual

Leather handsome and fashion, is a cool single product. In the autumn season, a leather jacket is sufficient to keep warm. What is men’s leather to match more? For men who are too lazy to dress up and down, they can use the match to better pick.

What are the men’s leather dressing and ways? 01, jacket shoes + hooded sweater + jeans, energetic, more youth fan. 02, locomotive leather + shirt + bottoming shirt, laminated match, handsome and fashion. 03, jacket leather + bottoming shirt + casual pants, leisure is very handsome cool. 04, locomotive leather + small high collar bottoming shirt + loose jeans, handsome.

01, jacket leather + hooded sweater + jeans, vitality, more youth


The jacket is a leather, there is a little waist, wearing more profitable, showing youthful vitality. The matching of hooded sweaters, exudes youthful, injected motion wind into it. With the straight jeans, you can make your legs more straightforward, stretching leg ratio. This kind of dressing is full and very handsome, more youth, and it is also a biased dressing style.

02, locomotive leather + shirt + bottoming shirt, superimposed, handsome and fashion


Lucky clothes, more, more metal elements, and handsome-eyed style. This leather jacket walks a more handsome-cool route, which can be superimposed in a shirt and a pure color strip. Different colors are outlined, and more handsome and fashion. Of course, it is generally recommended to choose a light-colored system. The bottom of the shirt is a dark system, which can be modified, and it will not seem to be so bloated.

03, jacket leather + bottoming shirt + casual pants, leisure is very handsome cool

If you like the look of the simple wind, you can give your own subtraction appropriately. With jackets, they are directly mixed with a slightly thick bottoming shirt, which is enough to resist cold winds in the autumn season. The lower body with casual pants, Martin boots, and the casual is very happy. Whether it is daily wearing, or commute, you can choose such a match, and the casual is very handsome.

04, locomotive leather + small high collar bottoming shirt + loose jeans, casual

Locomotive leather and jeans is a more casual style. After all, the jeans comes with a leisure style. If you want to be more fashionable, you can also smash your trousers, properly expose an ankle. Not only more highlighting thin legs, but also more casual. The upper body is a relatively simple match, handsome locomotive leather, with a small high-necked bottoming shirt, will not let the cold wind into the neck, more warm.


05, locomotive leather + shirt + straight jeans, leisure handsome with a little art style

The locomotive leather and shirts have a handsome and fashionable style, and a bit of a bit of literary breath is a styling that is more biased towards the casual wind. The loose white shirt is equipped with a Korean tie, and there is still a lot of differences with the business shirt. This shirt is more casual, with locomotive leather handsome tensile wind. Take the dried jeans, look more difficult for your legs.

06, lamb hair clothing + bottoming shirt + casual pants, keep warm and handsome

If you are also afraid of cold, then wind-resistant and warm lamb fur clothes become a better option. Very thick style, full of security. With a conical pants, generous, forming a visual shrinkage. Let the overall shape don’t look so bloated, keep warm and handsome.


07, fuel integrated leather + white t-shirt + wool pants, casual is very comfortable

Leather in the fur, the warm effect is also very good, but it will not be as bloated like a lamb hairy car coat, so it has more possible possibilities. The least fit is to directly with white T-shirts and casual. The lower body is equipped with the wool pants, and it is very warm and very warm.

Since you know how to match the leather, how should the leather choose?

Find your own style:

Everyone has their favorite style, and it is more important to find the style that suits you, and the choice of leather. For example, the motorcycle wind, the flying staff, suits, suede wind clothes, etc., everyone can choose according to their favorite style.

Identify different leather:

When choosing a leather, the texture of the leather is more important in addition to the style. Leather materials can be divided into pure skin, leather, artificial skin, and the price is different. Of course, the best is definitely pure skin, and the comfort is highly breathable.

Observe the gloss of the leather surface:


Leather Don’t choose too smooth, with a leather clothing of orange leather texture, more advanced models. Because in order to ensure the comfort of the leather and the meat segment, the better leather will have a mild coating, allowing the leather to maintain a soft light.


Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Now you know how the men’s leather should wear and match it? Every day, share the fashion trend of fashion trends, pay attention! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)


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