Summer is here, the super thin denim dress is worn, these styles are fashionable and thin.

In the past two years, many fashion brands have begun to launch the new denim dress. Since last summer, the denim dress is full of fire. In fact, there are also many denim long skirts, but the short-term denim dress push After the market, I broke people’s awareness of the denim dress, and a time cowboy dress became another hot single product. Summer is here, the little sisters put the super thin denim dress!

First, from this classic retro, you can have a leisure long dress, this dress does not belong to the hot sale, but there are many people in this type of dress in the past five years. The reason is that it is too thin too much. Taller.


The sisters know that the high waist lepy jeans is very high. In fact, the display of this dress is not as high as the high waist leaps, long skirts are very elegant, don’t say extra flesh on the thigh. Even if the meat on the calf can be easily covered, the brown belt of the waist is easy to concave “Modern Queen” effect, the important thing is where the belt is in, where is the leg, where to follow, at any time, ” Switch the legs “, so start this kind of denim dress guaranteed only to earn!

If the previous dress can be officially casual, then this denim dress is more official, but the sisters, but if you go to work or participate in the conference, the party can wear this skirt. Go, to ensure you stress the group.


The most distinctive thing in this skirt is that its bubble sleeves are designed. At the same time that can cover the “worship”, how many girls can envy, the sisters know, once they have “Straighten shoulder”, the whole person’s temperament is coming up, then there is another pair of middle tube Martin boots or small shoes, you can domine!

Compared to the previous bubble sleeve design, the highlight of this dress is designed in its bow, such a neck design, “one game”, one can construct a V-collar model, see the neck of sisters Repair, the other can look very sweet and beautiful, then take a color bag, when you go out of the street, someone will ask you to ask you!

If the sisters are afraid that the little flesh on the belly can be started, the style of the dresses can be made in this dress is a bit similar to the extended version of the shirt. The waist is not tightened. The small meat, as for the length of the skirt, don’t be too long, too long, will look at the whole person, very drag.

I really feel that the sisters of the waist is a relatively tender waistband. But the sisters remember that this belt can only serve as a decorative effect, even if they are tie, don’t truly tighten it, so I can wear it more A little slim.

Finally, the three we need to introduce, the sweet-scented suggestive dresses last year, there are several major characteristics of the cowboy dress that have just been popular last year, that is, the neckline must leave a blank shape of the shape; sleeve The feeling of point microphone sleeves, fluffing: the skirt is naturally exhibited into a formal skirt.


The designers designed new products cannot escape the above three characteristics even when trying to fuse the cowboy elements and ordinary cloth. To be true, this kind of skirt is shorter than the long section. Compared with the long section, the short cowboy dress will be more likely to be some, see the dress of the small sister wearing this dress, the whole person Simple and generous and gentle temperament is that the first love goddess is ok.


But some sisters may have questions, and the little sisters wear short dresses, but the high sisters have wearing short dresses, and there is a little less coordinated. Sisters don’t worry, a pair of stockings can be easily set, with the bowl of the cowboy, there is a feeling of Japanese girls! The sisters try it!

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