Can the leather seat can be installed?

What is the reason for adding a seat cover to the leather seat?

Some car owners bought a new car with a leather seat, but in order to


Prevent leather aging, wear, avoid summer hot winter cool protection ass to ensure that the seat is dirty, and the seat cover is different.


Based on these reasons, they will add a cover for the leather seat.

The above says the viewpoint of installing a seat cover, and the leather seat can not install a seat cover, and some friends have different views, let’s look down.

Can the leather seat can be installed?

That first, the Valley is coming out,

I personally think: There is no need to add a seat cover to the leather seat.

The reason is below, I will analyze slowly, let’s pass one.

1. Seats will pass harsh test when designing research and development

In fact, the seat is durable.

Was harsh test during design development, as long as it is not malicious, it is basically able to accompany the vehicle throughout the life cycle.

2, may affect airbag pop-up


Some airbags on some models have a side airbag, which is the SRS or AIR BAG logo on the side of the seat. When an emergency occurs, the seat cover is wrapped in a strict, and the airbag may not be open.

It can only be fried in the original place.

When an accident occurs, it is unable to effectively protect the passengers on the car.

So when you buy a cushion, if you

There is a side airbag, Zui, don’t choose the whole package,

That is, we say all-inclusive seat cover.

Therefore, there is no need to reserve the airbag burning interface in the seat cover, so it is also very important.

I want to say, where there is a safe airbag, ZUI is better nothing.

3, reduce the seat friction, there is safety risks

In addition to the above,

Some of the material cover friction coefficient is low. For example, when you add a silk, it is not enough to have a brake, it is possible to cause the car to slide down from the seat,

The neck may also be twisted, there is security risks.

4, the leather seat is not easy to manage

Many people are afraid that the leather seat is blurred, so they only set the seat cover. In fact, leather seats

There is no imagination, as long as we usually care, it is possible to clean up when there is stains.

In fact, the leather seat is more dirty than the general fabric seat, but also benefits from the characteristics of the cortex, it is more likely to be tested.

For ordinary dust and stains, just wipe with clean rags, it is very convenient.

If you want your skin, you can do something wax, or for coating maintenance on the surface of the leather.

5, some cheap seat covers harmful to health

According to some laboratory data, some cheap seat covers not only have odor, but there are many volatile substances that are harmful to physical health.