“Ningxia Red” visits revelation: “Qinghai Red” how to be more exciting

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Highland clean ecological environment, ultraviolet radiation, low temperature, drought and other geographical conditions, so that Qinghai is a unique natural advantage in nutrients and efficacy. Holding this high-quality “life” of this red industry, we have to take the “quick turn” step, can avoid the embarrassment of resources and market weakness, so that this large eco-economic forest is the biggest value?


In the “Fourth Medal Industry Expo 100 Media Ningxia Tour” theme interview activities, the reporter captured the same “red industry” in the back of the “Red Industry” in the “Red Industry”. Reasons for the widespread rock behind the gap

Ningxia, Wanmu Jingxiu, June, Huaying.

The “4th Mediterranean Industry Expo 100 Media Ningxia” The theme interview with the Ningxia Forestry and Grassland Bureau, Ningxia Forestry and Grassland Bureau, Zhongwei Municipal People’s Government, Ningxia Daily Newspaper Group, held in the beautiful Yinchuan, Nearly 100 reporters from hundreds of the country’s 100 media interviewed the achievements of the development of Ningxia industrial development, and experienced the charm of the cultural culture.

In just a few days, the reporter walks together with the media in the land of the Yellow River water, and the deposits of the red dragonfly, exploring the factory production of the fresh fruit, and the sweetness of the red mood of Zhongning County The red fruit and culture are connected to the Qinghai media from a water, the same Western media people, and put the “different” and “same” “different” and “same” development of the two provinces and districts, and think about the future space and direction of “Qinghaihong”.

The Qinghai in the world’s four major pure land, has the most ranking of the most superior sun, air and land, the minerality, the world recognized “Jubao”, the Qaidam Basin, and it is also called “Nobo Hong”. The vast oasis, not only the paradise of red, not only the largest base of the nationwide plants, but also the largest base of the national organic 枸杞 production scale, here is the sun and moon essence, Mu Kunlun aura, high-quality, large fruit, more than 70%, 枸杞The quality is called “China Boutique”.

However, although it occupies the advantages of planting placement, planting scale and quality, “Qinghai Red” is aware of the “Ningxia Red”, and even wrapped into “Ningxia Red”. There is still happening.

“The market influence of Qinghai is not in the main reason for Ningxia, the industry promotes starting late, lacking the right to speak in the sales terminal market.” The person in charge of a deep farming industry in Qinghai is in charge.

So, is this only here?

Due to geographical factors, Qinghai is a unique characteristic. There is less pests and diseases in the cold Qaidam Basin. It is used in production, medicine, and fertilizer. This is a major feature of the “Jubao”, the special characteristics of Qaidam, also develop organic production. Get a unique condition.

Not only that, sufficient illumination time, rich and unique soil resources are also environmental factors suitable for growth. The relative humidity is low, the ecological environment is clean, the water, soil has no pollution, no pesticides and heavy metal residues, so that the quality of the 枸杞 is the highest standard in the international industry. At the same time, Qaidam is long, so that the output of 枸杞 has a large particle, high sugar content, and good characteristics …

According to data shows that in recent years, the planting area of ​​Qinghai has stabilized more than 700,000 mu, which is the first largest area in China. How to make planting scale and industrial scale match, give full play to the largest value of this ecological industry in our province, transform the resources into economic advantages, and there are many in Qinghai.

After cleaning, the dry rack is placed and then processed. Photography: Tan Mei


Ningxia Enterprises launched a magenta mask with raw fruit. Photography: Tan Mei

There are also “seventy-two changes”

In the past, 枸杞 mainly appeared in the vision in the field of dried fruit, however, at Ningxia 4th Crystal Industry Expo at June 20th to 25th, beer, facial diaphragm, etc. .

After recent transformation and development in recent years, Ningxia is gradually “jumping” to protect the temperature cup. The products have extended to health products, food, skin care products, and the functional products such as sugar peptides, 枸杞 flavonoids are entered, product added value, market The recognition is greatly improved. How to extend the industry chain, develop medlar derivatives, Ningxia’s practice is also known for the province.

In recent years, the province and Gansu have vigorously developed the 枸杞 industry. Although the beginning of development is rapid, on the one hand, the Ningxia Industry has brought huge pressure and challenge. On the other hand, the increase in the production of the fruit production caused a large price of dried fruits. Falling, causing losses. According to the data, domestic dried fruit is 60 yuan per kilogram of 2015 to 20 yuan per kilogram of 2018, and the end of 2020 will rise to 36 yuan per kilogram. “The lowest price of the international market is sold to $ 6, and then cut a price per ton. Zhao Fengchun, deputy general manager of Ningxia Quantong, said that the company is engaged in the export of the company for 18 years, the peak export amount is 50 million yuan per year. But in recent years no longer do the dry fruit trade.

Throughout the national market industry market, while the price falls, the cost of labor is rising. In this way, the farmers grow a positive and decline in planting base. In addition, 枸杞 is mainly sold in dried fruits, and the added value is not high.

In the face of the new situation, Ningxia has made it from deep processing, technology, brand, etc., cracking on the dilemma of water, soaking, wine and porridge.

“One kilogram of fresh 枸 榨 成 原 160 yuan, but the five kilograms of fresh fruit can only sell six or seventy yuan.” Zhao Fengchun introduced that it is simple and easy to save transport compared with fresh fruit. And it is convenient to eat, and you like it deeply by young people. All the companies that have been doing the trading of 干 果 will begin to transform into the deep processing. At present, the company has formed 10,000 tons of dried fruit and 3,000 tons of juicy juice processing capabilities, and 8,000 bottles can be produced for one hour.

At this point, Qinghai does not make more, it takes a place in the deep processing market. Qinghai Doluo Co. At present, this zero-added non-concentrated reduction of the desert red is 100% 枸 juice, and the quality is guaranteed by high-end consumption people.

However, in the field of deep processing involved in the field, Qinghai still cannot be with Ningxia. At this 枸杞 industry fair, Ningxia launched a pneumatic mask with raw fruit, a pack of 5 pieces of 68 yuan, deeply welcomed by young women.枸杞 口 红, also selling in the tourist group.

In terms of resource utilization, Ningxia is also eating dried squeezes, putting the scorpion spring leaves, summer seeds, autumn pessment, winter tubing, launched flowers and tea, and harvested a large number of office and business brow powder.

At present, Ningxia is engaged in more than 240 enterprises that are deeply processed by 杞. Dried fruits, alcohol, functional food and Chinese medicine drink pieces and other derivatives have more than 100 kinds of more than 10 categories, and the comprehensive output value of more than 20 billion yuan.

At the signing ceremony of the new product release and buyers held on June 24, all kinds of medlar derived cross-border products became a net red and reached 74 purchase and sales contracts, with a total amount of 1.25 billion yuan.

Jujai, Herzec

The cross-border development of Ningxia Industrial Industry, is inseparable from the creation and development of its “red industry” in Ningxia aggregation. This is the maximum experience of mainstream media in Ningxia organized the media. Innovation input is not good.

From the first platform to the Ningxia Institute to Ningxia Innovation Center and the National Medal Engineering Technology Research Center, from the germplasm of the germplasm resources, the variety is selected from the prevention and control, genetic breeding to ecological planting, standardized cultivation, pest synthesis, special equipment The technology combined with agricultural machinery agronomy is developed to new product development … The 杞 industry is in Ningxia.

In this event, we also learned that 12 units of the Ningxia Agriculture and Forestry Sciences and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry were completed for 10 years of cooperation. Ningxia 枸杞 Innovation Center Research found that the combination of 枸杞 compounds can regulate the development of adolescence, improve the old-term lesions, and have prevention and treatment of age-related macular disease, Alzheimer’s disease.

Ningxia has initially formed a research system from the field to the workshop, and then to the laboratory. “The relevant person in charge of the Ningxia Institute of China,” Twelfth Five-Year Plan “, Ningxia Cultivated 59 new varieties, construction of the National Juvenile Engineering Technology Research Center 12 innovative platforms, establish 2 Ningxia Innovation Teams, and cultivate 61 types of scientific and technological enterprises. By 2025, Ningxia plans to implement more than 30 scientific research and development projects, and cultivate more than 10 high-tech enterprises.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Ningxia plans to plant 700,000 mu, and the processing conversion rate is increased to 40%, and the comprehensive output value of 50 billion yuan.

In an interview, from the base to the enterprise, then to the Expo, the development of entrepreneurs and various experts in the Expo and science and technology explore, step by step, you can feel the actions and confidence in Ningxia to create a “red industry”.

Its mountain stone can attack jade! With the power of science and technology, it extends under the forest industry chain, which is the revelation of Ningxia brought to Qinghai. The industry should want to have long-term development, can not only stare at “one acre three-point land”, how to develop more effectively by resources, we have to look up in the market, with small view, Qinghai “red industry” should actively learn from Ningxia gathering Development path, go to innovation, go to create, play high quality resources, aim at the constant upgrade of consumer demand, build a total industrial chain of anti-risk ability, let “Qinghai Red” and “Ningxia Red” and drive!