Net red baby skin care product Nuo must detect illegal substances, producers claim to be active

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Pharmaceutical Supervision and Administration announced 68 batches of samples unqualified makeup products, including 4 batch of infant products from Net red brand Nobi. The test results show that the infant infant product contains impaired substances such as imparazole (antifungal), benzolaum (anti-allergic).


On the afternoon of February 29, Nobustix released the relevant instructions that it was initially identified as the raw material storage of raw materials suppliers, and all raw materials were placed, and these batch numbers were all recalled.

In September last year, Nobi has been informed of 21 defects and issues by the State Food and Drug Administration, ordered to stop production, including the “partial production area layout in some production area, possibly introduced into pollution”.

Nobi brand Brands Reply to Red Star Journalists on March 1, it is precisely because the landscaping caused by the unreasonable layout of the last enterprise. Its product producer Guangzhou Tengyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tencepse Biological”) official website shows that the company has established cooperative relationships with more than 100 well-known brands. It is a professional cosmetics.


Nobi Baby Skin Care Products is detected from disable substances

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On February 12th, in the unqualified cosmetics announced by the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration, “Nobi” product specifications include gold and silverflower baby repair cream 18g / branch / box, detecting illegitimate illegal Kangzole 1.20mg / kg; Two batch of baby treasure children’s specialties 20g / bottle / box, the date of production is November 19, 2018 and on April 6, 2018, Bennera Ming, gramps; baby treasure skin cream 13.5g / Branch / box, 233 mg / kg of benzole, 319 mg / kg of gramazole.

↑ 广 Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration announced on February 12th Nurse inventory unqualified products

The official WeChat on February 29th released the “Notice of the French Product Incident of Guangdong Province” said that the four batch products released by the drug supervision department are the products produced in 2018. The product is produced. Sample products, because the product production has its strictness, even if there is a problem with problems, the samples of the product cannot be replaced, so that the products of each batch number can be tracked and traceable, and the company’s subject matter for each batch of products Samples have been managed.

At the same time, Nobi is said to detect that the substance contained in the detection is not hormone, with imparazole, ketozole, gramazole, etc. belongs to antifungal antibiotics, benzoramine is antihistine, anti-allergic effects The normal effective concentration of these substances is 1-3%, i.e., 1kg (1000 g) paste contains 10 grams to 30 grams to play the role of the substance. 1G = 1000 mg. The unit was founded in this unit of 409 mg / kg, the minimum content was 1.2mg / kg, below the minimum effective content of 240 times to 8000 times, the professionals can understand that this content does not have any effective Role (also included).


It is understood that “Nobi” was established in China in 2008. The company also established Switzerland Cosmetics International Co., Ltd., and its official introduction Switzerland is used to learn and dock Swiss research technology. It is said that the company has established cooperative relationships with more than 100 well-known brands, and has become a professional cosmetics. Its foundry includes infant washing, mask and other categories. There is no relationship with the Swiss New Cosmetics Company.

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On the afternoon of March 1, Mr. Tengyu Biological Business Dai Dai said to Red Star Journalists that the factory only made cosmetics production and processing, and “Nobi line” is a brand promotion, four years ago, Tencepy biological resale is given to Nuo boss. The “Nobi Xing official micro” public account shows that the brand is affiliated to Guangzhou Nobi Trading Co., Ltd. The sky-eyed investigation, the Tengyu Creature has changed the legal representative in March 2016, and is currently the same as the representative of the company’s legal persons.

Nobi line manufacturer shall be ordered by the Food and Drug Administration last year.

On September 2, 2019, the State Drug Administration has issued the flight inspection of the Tengyu Biology. It is said that the company has 9 serious defects, 12 general defects, including 5 varieties of 5 varieties have expired, and expired raw materials such as The fridge has no clear logo, and it is not stored in a unique area; the production area layout of the enterprise is unreasonable, and pollution may be introduced. Finally, the company will stop suspending all cosmetics production and sales, seriously dealing with the company’s suspected illegal violations.

↑ National Food and Drug Administration released on September 2 last year

On August 1st, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice that the Nobi Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Treasure was detected by Tengyu Bioma Production, which was unqualified product, which violated the “Cosmetics Health Supervision Regulations”. Regulation.

For the Nobusti Branch of the State Food and Drug Administration notified, the brand of Nuo Brand said at the time, the first time launched the recall of all products of the batch, and immediately sent the relevant batch of factory Testing the national institution, the test results are qualified. “The unqualified batch products detected in the Jiangxi market are very likely to be the market’s Nobi counterfeit products.” It also suits the investigation and decision cases of the previous counterfeit “Nobi” products.

The National Food and Drug Administration issued on August 5 last year


On February 25 this year, the Jiangxi Provincial Drug Administration also covered 7 batches of samples unqualified product list, including 3 batches of branked baby skin care products, and detected disabling material ketozole in related products. Noshaxing, etc. However, the note information is displayed, and the Tengyu Creator denied the production of the batch of products.

Nobi Brand Family responded to Red Star Journalists on March 1, after the last rectification, the company has achieved a new production license on December 10, 2019. When the regulatory department came to check, there was no problem to continue production. And after more than 100 tests. As for whether it is looking for the production of Tencepy Bioelectrics, the Nobustic brand has not answered the phone.

Red Star Journalist Yuan Ye Lu Yanfei

Editor Chen Cheng